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   Music Review : Summer 2007

 Summer 2007
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Suhail Tatari
 Gourov Dasgupta
 Ujjaini, Vibha Singh, Gourov Dasgupta
 Sikander Kher, Gul Panag, Ashutosh Rana, Sachin Khedekar, Divya Dutta

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view SUMMER 2007 videos

view SUMMER 2007 videos

SUMMER 2007, a youth oriented flick about five youngsters brings out a different sounding 'yuppie' musical entertainment. Gourov Dasgupta, the man behind the musical madness of hip-shaking tracks like 'Dus', 'Jaaniye' and 'Maahiye' (DUS KAHANIYAN) makes his first promising appearance as solo composer with some lively and upbeat numbers.

Pritam made K.K, Shaan, Soham etc sang to some really rollicking fast paced rock ballads that zoomed into charts but now its multitalented Ujjaini Roy making her way into similar genre with remarkable 'Jaaniye Teri Ankhoke Ye Roshani'. Ujjaini Roy's multifaceted avatar of being competent lyricist and impressive vocalist makes combustible chemistry with blazing hard-rock musical outburst. If 'Jaaniye' (DUS KAHANIYAN) had cardio-video stylized look then this 'Jaaniye' is presumed to be mushy romantic number with enthralling rock-band appeal. Ujjaini makes another incredible move into its 'sad version' where her enlightening voice comes in unplugged modes with subtle textures of soft synchronized arrangements. Impressive!!!

The cloudburst of new talents seems to be making consistent moves as two new upcoming singing talents Sharib and Toshi makes noteworthy presence through their effectual vocal renditions in thematically oriented meaningful track 'Jaage Hain Baad Muddat Ke'. Dasgupta's music beautifully captures the inspirational hues of enlightening with impressive modulating vocals that gets embroiled with enchanting electric guitar riffs and shimmering keyboard notes. The captivating soft-rock appeal gets transcended into 'Sufi-qawalli' modes in its latter interludes. Vibha Singh's soul-stirring lyrical works are beautifully worded in meaningful verses that epitomize the motivational feel of the flick. The number can serve as 'textbook' lesson for all aspiring guitarist in its finely textured electric guitar strumming that comes with perpetual sounding percussions. This presumed to be effective and thought provoking background score proves to be ideal launch for both these promising singers. Soulful!!!

Gourov Dasgupta makes all vigorous endeavors in showcasing ambitious outlook of modern-day youth in rip-roaring 'arena rock' mode thrust in 'I Just Want to fly'. Bonny Chakraborty, Gourav Dasgupta along with Ujjaini Roy and Aanchal Bhatia thrives out boisterously these animated sentiments in enthused hard-rock musical binge. Like ''Jaage Hain Baad Muddat Ke', this number too had engrossing electric guitar riffs that strikes belligerent concoction with thumping percussions and oozing vocals. It's 'remix' version is well mastered , remixed and programmed with enthralling disco beat fillers that makes reverberating impact with booming vocals. This thriving version reminds of hi-tech enthralling number 'Dus (remix)' and do expect some really booty-shaking on floors when it is played vociferous on DJ's desk. Enthralling!!!

After some "cool" rock "masti", mood turns "filmi" with situational raunchy number "Baali Main Sone Waali" in contemporary voices of Sunidhi Chauhan and Gourav Dasgupta. Sunidhi had appreciable outing in "Dekhta Hai Tu Kya" (KRAZZY 4) with similar feel and this too adds to the list.

"Kash Mein Kaash Khone Toh De", a "lounge" feel soft-rock number brings out the communion of friends who are enjoying life as never-ending party. It has titillating soft-rock mode appeal with svelte and impounding resonating sounding back-up vocals. Bonny Chakraborty along with Shweta Vijay delivers out audacity of dreamy emotions in varying pitches that gels well with resonating melodic impacts. The soundtrack maintains its high quality of orchestrations with remarkable electric guitar strumming and inspiring percussions. It's enthralling club "remix" number comes in the form of "Let's burn the sun - Kash Mein Kaash Remix" that brings disco fervor with added beat-juggling and thriving tempo that matches well with vocals and flavor of the track. Enthralling!!!

The final countdown to this rip-roaring musical "blitzkrieg" comes in the form of energizing English rock title track "Summer 2007" where Gourov Dasgupta turns multifaceted by being vocalist, lyricist and composer. The number has typical "arena" rock mode appeal again where one can feel the presence of enthused youngsters dancing and jiving to the beats of rollicking rock music. If you have keen listeners to the likes of rock bands like DEF LEPARD, METALLICA etc then this number will surely energize your moods and senses. "Freedom-Mix- Summer 2007 remix" sounds peppier, zanier and electrifying in its accelerating tempo and thrills as it suits affably to the decorum of flashy discos and pubs. Feel the svelte voice of Shweta Vijay and engrossing Gourav Dasgupta's baritones making all riveting moves in its thumping bumping musical beats. Absorbing!!!

SUMMER 2007 caters specially to Gen X listeners, who crave for something enthralling, engrossing and innovative in Bollywood's musical packaging. It's likely to be attracting campus-capers and teeny-boppers for its blazing rock mode appeal and likely to be appreciated for its different sounding entertaining feel.

Rating -4/5

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