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Music Review : 3 Nights 4 Days

 3 Nights 4 Days
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Devang Dholakia
 Daboo Malik
 Panchhi Jalonvi and Amal Malik
 Hrishita Bhatt, Anuj Sawhney, Farid Amiri, Madhuri Bhattacharya, Sameer Aftab, Pinky Harwani, Sanda Caktas and Areezs Gandhi

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view 3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS videos

view 3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS videos

3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS is an unconventional film, as can be gauged from its title. A totally youth oriented movie, which is based on friendship amongst a group college friends, and how they unite after a long time for the marriage of one of their friend in Goa. This wedding ceremony has a duration of 3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS and hence the title. The music has been composed by Daboo Malik, younger brother of Anu and Abu Malik. While Sajid - Wajid may be Salman Khan's favourite composer duo, but when it comes to Salman's younger brother, producer, director and actor Sohail Khan, it's Daboo who is a permanent fixture in most of his flicks, be it the recent KISAAN or TEAM-THE FORCE. So, let's see what this young talent can offer in this fun filled, dramatic romantic outing.

It's the vastly experienced Sunidhi Chauhan who has been endowed with the honour of rendering the first song of the album, ''Khawahishen'' which is lead actor's Anuj Sawhney's favourite song in the movie. And he is certainly right! Sunidhi is supported by the composer himself, Daboo Malik and her strong delightful vocals are the highlight of the track apart from the racy background electronic arrangements by Amal Malik which never allow the track to slacken. Daboo quite an able singer himself (has a few chart toppers to his credit in the Hindi pop scene) tries to sing like his more illustrious brother, Anu, for reasons unknown. There is also a slight resemblance to the signature tune of SOLDIER. The lyrics by Panchhi Jalonvi are as per the situation.

A totally Pritam stylized dance number ''Sheesha'' brings Bollywood's numero uno singer, Neeraj Shridhar behind the mike, along with queen of item numbers, Sunidhi Chauhan. Must say that Daboo has done a good job of impersonating Pritam's kind of music and if one misses the credits one is sure to mistake it as a Pritam number. The song complete with the usual rap, background female croonings and chorals and the Middle Eastern arrangements and rhythm in parts. The lyrics are a combination of Hindi and English which has made Neeraj popular. A good song to set the dance floor burning and if promoted heavily might just hit the charts with Neeraj's luck riding high.

Amal Malik, after showing his hold over musical arrangements gets behind the mike to present his singing abilities through ''Jaane Yeh Kaisi''. Coming from such an illustrious family background comprising of the likes of legends, Sardar Malik and Hasrat Jaipuri apart from Anu and Abu Malik, its not surprising that Amal does a fine job, he has nice sweet vocals, although more polishing is needed and Anu can vouch for that. The tune though is a letdown. The superb start promised a lot but the song on the whole is disappointing. The arrangements are once again top class, superb guitaring, percussions and some eclectic saxophone sounds spice up the track.

After three racy dance oriented tracks, ''Har Mausam'' is quite a welcome change as the song is a good love ballad. The soft soothing background arrangements consisting of nice piano beats, bead sounds, soothing guitar strums and soft feminine chorals are a perfect backdrop for the love ballad. The talented Soham and sweet as honey vocals of Akriti Kakkar provide the perfect desired romantic touch. The tune albeit is reminiscent of Salman Khan and Revathi's classic love song from LOVE ''Saathiya, Yeh Tune Kya Kiya''.

download 3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS wallpapers

download 3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS wallpapers

Since the film is based on friendship and revolves around the lives of a group of friends and their interactions, we have the track, ''Dosti...Forever'' and it's an all out fast paced, peppy number that has the stamp of free sprit written all over it. Shaan's youthful vocals add zest and Sundhi provides the femme fatale power. The lyrics are once again routine though fit for the situation as they speak about youth and the power of friendship through a good mix of Hindi and English. The song is very much in the spirit of the DIL CHAHTA HAI title track.

Amal Malik comes back in ''Macha Shor'' and it's an all out Amal show as he not only sings but pens the lyrics as well and shows his versatility in a highly rhythmic, situational track. Shweta supports him in a composition that can also be labeled as the title track or the theme song. The 'mukhda' is quite infectious; the Spanish arrangements (Flamingo dance style) are suited for a good dance outing that will make for a nice show on screen if choreographed well.

''Marianne Sorrow'' is a brief instrumental that commences with keyboards sounds followed by heavy duty orchestra and coral bell sounds. The wavering/ uncertain state of mind of the lead protagonist is conveyed through alternate orchestra and keyboards.

More joyous synthesized arrangements, along with background male croonings, suggestive of flashback mode commence ''Dosti Theme'', and it is based on the ''Dosti Forever' song.

''Retro Party'' is once again an instrumental that moves from fast paced rhythm to ball room dancing. The dance inducing rhythm has its inspiration from the Nasir Hussain musicals of the 80s and has that retro feel.

The album ends with the apt ''3 Nights 4 days Theme'' and it's another instrumental that highlights Daboo Malik's hold over music and this time the genre is rock with heavy percussions and hard rock guitaring. Snatches of songs, ''Macha Shor'' and ''Dosti...Forever'' are present.

The soundtrack of Anuj Sawhney's 3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS has the youth in its mind (as Anuj had told us) and is evident from its compositions that befit the situations. The album may not exactly turn out to be a chartbuster but it has a few compositions which if promoted aggressively can work in favour of providing the movie with the right impetus at the box office. However, the marketing and promotion of the film seems to be extremely low key and that can hamper the prospects of the album as well as the film. ''Dosti Forever'', ''Sheesha'', ''Macha Shor'' and the instrumentals are the pick of the lot.

Rating - 3/5

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