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Music Review : Agent Vinod

 Agent Vinod
Director :  Sriram Raghvan
Music :  Pritam Chakraborty
Lyrics :  Amitabh Bhattacharya, Nilesh Mishra
Starring :  Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Prem Chopra, Gulshan Grover, Ram Kapoor and Ravi Kissen

March 5, 2012 11:37:35 AM IST
By Satyajit, Glamsham Editorial
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In this experimental age of cinema, multiplexes have been flooded with varied genres, styles and format of filmmaking, the recent form to entice is internationally stylized spy-thriller. After the box-office success of Shahrukh Khan's DON 2, Saif Ali Khan's AGENT VINOD is all set to capture every cine-lovers fantasy, as it packs every desired element that sums up an enthralling spy-espionage.

In the musical department, Pritam Chakraborty, who delivered a chartbusting album LOVE AAJ KAL (Saif Ali Khan's last home-production), delivers the music of the flick with the ground support of Amitabh Bhattacharya and Nilesh Mishra , two renowned lyricists in the business. Undoubtedly, exotic international locations, slick action sequences, nail-biting action-chases and equally riveting thrilling plot will be the flick's striking features but still a compelling and entertaining music will be a plus point in the narration of this action packed saga. One really looks for a really enthralling scores from experienced campaigner Pritam...can he do it this time? Let's find out...

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Catching fast with swanky international feel with ''desi'' touches, the first dent is a vivaciously quirky dancing track ''I'll do the Talking Tonight'', a song that can be dubbed as a flashy item-song as well as enticing chase situational track for the flick. For its extremely catchy musical thrives, the soundtrack is reminiscent in rhythmical patterns to two popular international tracks (Boney M's ''Rasputin'' and popular Serbian folk track ''Rose Kose Curo Imas'') and progresses aggressively as another hot-headed dancing feasting track. Energetically pumped electronic synth-beats, crazy guitar riffing and loud drumming with a funky set of 'desi-Punjabi' lyrics are enticing and connects with 'inspired' catchy hook-line and signature tunes to deliver out a really frolicsome track. It brings out an array of singers in the form of Aditi Singh Sharma, Shefali Alvaris and Barbie Amod, where Neeraj Sridhar's leads this crazy singing bandwagon with his style of Indi-pop singing. It's snazzy 'remix' version is emphatically boisterous in pompous drumming and slick DJ antics, a well crafted dancing version in a typical 'club-disco' to enthrall disco freaks on floors. Amusing!!!

From the glittering UMRAO JAAN courtesan's dancing moves to Aishwarya Rai's enamoring ''Kajra Re'' (BUNTY AUR BABLI), the enthralling genre of 'mujra' has entertained Indian audiences in almost every phase of filmmaking. In the hugely promoted ''Dil Mera Muft ka'', Pritam experiments with this genre and tries to add his style of techno-vibes with a strong blend and flavor of folksy vocal flair. Nandini Shrikar, a magical voice behind the success of ''Bhare Naina'' (RA.ONE) gets her second outing as lead vocalist in this track as she is accompanied by uproariously loud Muazzam, Shadaab and Altamash in the backdrop. As far this restricted genre of music is concerned, the song moves well with classical instrumentals but later it is heavily loaded with added electronic fillers, simply to infuse the elements of modernity in the track. Nilesh Mishra's indifferently poetic lyrics suits the mood but hardly creates any major ripples, as one expects from lavishly packed garish 'mujra' song. Fuelled by immense star-value (Kareena Kapoor-Saif Ali Khan), super-hype and commercial opulence, it will surely have its share of advocates, but overall it's an above-average musical effort. Malini Awasthi's sings out an energized 'remix' version, a version that comes with a faster 'beat-per-second' format and enthralls with its racy pace and arrangements. Malini's vocal throws as well as nasal twang are as similar to Nandini's rendition but the arrangements are all-together invigorated to cheer-up listeners.

download AGENT VINOD wallpapers
download AGENT VINOD wallpapers
Remember ''Te Amo'' (DUM MAARO DUM)! It was a lovable soft-rock ballad that appeared and later repapered in different versions in the album and proved to be a formidable benchmark for the flick. Pritam re-charters this path again in ''Raabta'' (meaning 'relation or attachment' in Urdu), a lovable melody that is quintessentially romantic in mood and comes out in varied singing talents, styles and formats of rendition. ''Raabta (Siyaah Raahtein)'', a typical Pritam stylized love duet bring out enchanting sounds of electric guitar riffs that are stringed to perfection in flows of captivating synth beats and Indian classical musical textured flair. Hamsika Iyer's soft and soothing voice is the prime delight of the track that is silken as well as penetrative and gets ably supported by Arijit Singh and Joi. Arijit Singh, the reality talent show discovery who got unnoticed in ''Jhoom Jhoom Ta Ja'' (PLAYERS), gets a major breakthrough in this soundtrack as he is the 'chosen-one' for all the four versions. 'Raabta (Night in Motel)' is the slow and sentimental version with added seductive jazz feel and Arijit's oozing voice, enlightening the mood. Arijit's voice blooms brightest in the male version of 'Raabta', a tender-paced solo track that has effervescently voluble soft-rock elements embroiled in it. This time Amitabh Bhattacharya's poetically prolific wordings (''Meharbaani jaate-jaate mujh pe kar gaya, Guzarta sa lamha ek daaman bhar gaya, Tere nazaara mila, Roshan sitaara mila, Taqdeer ki kashtiyon ko kinara mila...'') have expressive as poignant edges in exuding out the romantic mindset of lovers. Finally, it's the melody-queen Shreya Ghoshal's slender voice that joins the party with Arijit Singh in ''Raabta (Kehta hain Khuda Ne)'', the fourth version of the track. It has primarily Shreya's soothing singing at the front while Arijit's serenades out delightful 'alaaps' stylized singing in the middle interludes, a well-etched version that should be adding desired mushiness and blues in the romantic situations of the film. Overall speaking, Pritam gets the right 'sur' and 'taal' this time to entice listeners and all it deserves is a strong promotional feature to catch the fancy of the audiences. Adorable!!!

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Connecting fast and straight with DJ's desk, a peppy Amitabh Bachchan track ''Jahan Teri Yeh Nazar Hain'' (KAALIA) has always been a hot-favorite dancing number among party-freaks on floors. Reminiscing and rejuvenating this tangy dancing decorum, Pritam creates a similar sounding crazy rhythmical 'conning' feel that has hilarious overtones with a dash of wacky wording in situational sounding ''Pungi''. Lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya paints the funnier ''Majnu'' side of AGENT VINOD, with a strong comical feel; a situational number to add lighter moments in this hi-octane thriller. Mika Singh's playfully loud singing is turning out to be a mass-friendly attribute for light-hearted track like these, and he delivers it again with aplomb. It has a typical Bollywood's 'Qawalli' melodic touches attached to it in back-up vocals of Amitabh Bhattacharya, Nakash and Pritam's supporting voices. ''Pungi (remix)'' is equally amusing and comes with accelerated tempo and enthused vocals, a tailor-made version for promotions and for DJ's desks.

Hollywood's style spy-espionage is the present flavor of our filmmakers, and so there is a huge probability that their original theme based tracks will always be drawing major attention. ''Agent Vinod (theme)'', an enthralling ballistic anthem brings out the likes of James Bond, The Bourne Identity, Mission Impossible series theme based numbers with its own blend of orchestrations going high and low. The soundtrack comes out with plush westernized techno-improvised flair of arrangements with an enthralling 'chase' musical thrust, pitched high and low with loud screams and invigorated hard-metal rocking thrives. Pritam delivers a fairly decent 'edge-of-the-seat' thrilling theme track, an action-packed musical piece that can well be adding pace to the compelling moments of this action-packed potboiler but again no great major shakes.

On the musical front, AGENT VINOD may not be as gargantuan as one expects from its hi-profile and aggressive hype, but still delivers sufficient packs of entertainment. Light-hearted melody ''Raabta'' (all versions) impresses the most while reasonably good tracks like ''I'll do the Talking'', ''Pungi'' and ''Dil Mera Muft Ka'' will be alluring young listeners. It will be really interesting to view all these tracks being accommodated in this high racy action-packed thriller, as now Indian audiences haven't tasted much of internationally styled spy-espionage. An impressive theatrical run will sure be of great help in lifting the spirits of its audio sales.

Rating - 3.5/5

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