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   Music Review : Aloo Chaat

 Aloo Chaat
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :
Starring :
 Robby Grewal
 Rdb, Vipin Mishra, Xulfi, Syed Gulrez
 Samirrudin, Rdb
 Aftab Shivdasani, Aamna Shariff, Linda Arsenio, Kulbhushan

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view ALOO CHAAT videos

view ALOO CHAAT videos

ALOO CHAAT, a ''masaleedar'' comical ride is the new laughing therapy of the season with music that touches many genres and style. Director Robby Grewal showed his ''brownie'' points as ardent music lover in his last flick MP3- MERA PEHLA PEHLA PYAR and now he teams with four different music directors in spicing up this sizzling comical entertainer. RDB comes out as the most audible name in the credits with Xulfi adding sentimental hues with his Sufi rock flair. This album proves to be another stage where two new composers Vipin Mishra and Mehfuz Maruf make their first presence. Despite its low profile and bleak face-value, the album promises surprises with the genre (comedy) that has been so far the most bankable formula of the box office. Can ALOO CHAAT be another spicy Punjabi sizzler for its listener? Can the amalgamation of four diverse composers deliver out the much needed ''dhaamal'' in making this a joyride? So let's test our taste buds in finding out the actual flavor of this ALOO CHAAT...

Peppy, massy and intrinsically promotional! RDB packs some really spicy pop ''masala'' of UK ''bhangra'' mania in creating awareness of the word ''Aloo Chaat'' in rapturously loud title track ''Aloo Chaat (RDB version)''. After making thunderous impulse in title track of SINGH IS KINNG and ''Rafta Rafta'' (NAMASTEY LONDON), this vivacious Sikh boy band goes full throttle with Nindy Kaur's demure tones mixing up well in a commotion of ''club'' remix outburst. This one goes for the Channel V and MTV style of music videos that can really spread the positive word for the flick and is doing the good work so far in the promos.


Cear this; ''Chamak Ke Chandu Chanda Chacha Chamak Chaka Chondh Kar Jayega...'' a tongue-twister prelude that fizzles up frothy mood of slapstick ''chatpata'' humor with upcoming composer cum lyricist Vipin Mishra setting taste buds watery for a spicy treat in ''Aloo Chaat''. The enlightenment of engrossing hilarity gets fastens up with outrageously punching disco-beats and Punjabi phrases that set the mood wacky with pompous thrive. The spicy red-hot flavors of ''Aloo Chaat'' get another sizzling recipe of musical rendezvous that sounds more like ''peeping-tom'' of quizzical events and chirpy characters in ''Aloo Chaat''. Upcoming Vipin Mishra's musical prowess strikes chords with electronic rhythms that get synthesized with precision in westernized pop arrangements. Kailash Kher promises another winner with the mood that sounds as theatrically amusing as ''Chak de Phattey'' (KHOSLA KA GHOSLA). It sounds like a chartbusting double bill waiting out for this pack of title tracks where the feel is not just catchy but also humorously attractive in its rhythmical flows. ''Aloo Chaat (remix)'' conquers more terrains of disco-dhamaka and this one goes out especially for DJ's beat culture and disco-freaks. Enthralling!!!

Robby Grewal's thinks precariously edgy this time as he hires the expertise of the serene melodic flair of Paki rock talent Xulfi in ushering out sentiments of mushy communion of lovers in ''Dhadke Jiya''. Xulfi excels to perfection in modulating out tones that mellifluously gels with soft rock ballad stylized genteel rhythms and notes to portray out nimble but compassionate love chemistry. After hip-shaking ''Laaree Choote'' (EK CHALIS KI LAST LOCAL), Xulfi spells out quality entertainment again in Bollywood music and if there is anything that can cherished for long in this album then it is sentimentally pristine ''Dhadke Jiye'' for melodic ears. Subtly romantic!!!

view ALOO CHAAT movie stills

view ALOO CHAAT movie stills

Life gets a peppery ''n'' spicy treatment of family feuds in love relation with Kunal Ganjawala setting the mood bizarre in situational funky soundtrack ''Life is a sizzling Aloo Chaat''. The song has frivolous moods and situations that get well narrated in Syed Gulrez's simplistic wordings. Mehfuz Maruf, another upcoming composer makes a striking presence with this hilariously conceived number that is going to volubly funny background score in narration of this ''masaleedar'' love story.

Punjabi feminine power roars with delight and ecstasy for pre-martial celebrations with stage set for colorful ''Giddha'' (traditional Punjabi dance) in boisterously festive sounding ''Boliyaan''. The song has traditional rendition of conventional ''Boliyaan'' (traditional Punjabi verses) where RDB proves to be real ''Punjab de Puttar'' in getting all ''sur'' to perfection with energetic flows of ''dhol'' beats. Nindy Kaur turns out to female version of Labh Janjua with dialect and accent that well suits the flair of traditional Punjabi folklore singer. Debutante Aamna Sharif would have not expected for anything better as this zany and animated ''Rang-biranga Giddha'' gives ample reasons to spread colors and emotions on screen. RDB makes this dazzler sobering out into sentimental tones in its second version with decelerated tempo with RDB joining the fun in latter stages in making it special for situational needs. If promoted with aggression, this festively packed ''Boliyaan'' could be next big buzz in coming marriage seasons and can well be new binge among female singers. Entertaining!!!

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ALOO CHAAT spices up it mood with all genres of music and comes like a surprise entertainer in cadre of low profile comical flicks. Director Robby Grewal shows his concern to make it musically special with all four different types of musicians living up their reputations and delivering out the needful. RDB scores the maximum with ''Aloo Chaat (RDB version)'' and ''Boliyaan'' while Xulfi makes a pleasant outing with ''Dhadke Jiya''. Both upcoming composers Vipin Mishra and Mehfuz Maruf add dollops of comical delights with ''Aloo Chaat'' and ''Life is a sizzling Aloo Chaat'' in adding up more ''masti'' and ''dhamaal'' in making this a complete entertainer. ALOO CHAAT comes like Punjabi ''tadka'' in comical moods where the music has the gleam of lifting up the spirits of the flick.


Rating -3.5/5

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