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   Music Review : Love Story 2050

 Love Story 2050
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Harry Baweja
 Anu Malik
 Javed Akhtar
 Harman Baweja, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani, Archana Puran Singh, Harsh Vasisht

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view LOVE STORY 2050 videos

view LOVE STORY 2050 videos

LOVE STORY 2050, a hi-profile sci-fi love-story proves to be one big hot-spot that finally marks the consequential comeback of veteran Anu Malik in grand way. Believe it or not but after series of disasters, this old-war horse finally makes big splash with this lavish techno-generated extravaganza. Gifted lyricist Javed Akhtar's easy-on-ears wording makes thing even easier, peppier and funkier as albums turns out to be one sure shot super-hit album of this year.

Get set into rollicking 'razzmatazz' on floors as deliriously funky electronic beat patterns, thriving orchestrations and catchy composition sets the floors on fire in chartbusting hit track 'Milo Na Milo (arranger-Tubby-Pari)'. Shaan's ebullience set the mood high with his pulsating baritones that collage vigorously with tantalizing synthesizer's electronic rhythms and thriving percussions. Anu's improvised composing along with upbeat arrangements of stylized beat patterns makes this a true 'showstopper'. Chartbuster!!!

'Mausam Achanak (arranger-Salim-Sulaiman)', a contemporary Bollywood lovey-dovey track comes as sweet surprise for its delightful romantic ambience. Ever dependable Alka Yagnik makes striking presence in her sweet mellifluous flows while Shaan excels out in adding dollops of romanticism in it. Javed saab's coherently communicative lyrical works gives it a chirpy chatter feel that makes it an captivating lovable track. The noticeable factors are Alka's enchanting rendition, haunting backdrop appeal and sauntering chorals that creates overwhelming feel of serenity. Delightful!!!

Anu Malik makes selective move in picking up Kunal Ganjawala's gruffly paced vocals for the dazzling and engrossing dance track 'Sach Kehna (arranger - Salim-Suleiman)'. It has flickering paced electronic rhythm patterns that get spicier with tangy stringed instrumental touches. Kunal's modulating renditions about wooing a girl gels well with the pompous dancing decorum and makes mood frenzy. Anu has another sure-shot winner up his sleeve and do expect it to be rising exponentially on masses after its flashy cinematic display. Enthralling!!!

The ultramodern sci-fi appeal ushered in euphorically enchanting 'alaaps' followed by delightful voices and synchronized contemporary orchestrations marks the arrival of mellifluously delightful number 'Meelon Ka Faasla (arranger- Salim Suleiman)'. KK's captivating voice in somber mood captures the emotions of everlasting love in expressively poignant wordings.. Alka Yagnik's vividly modulating voice in different shades works brilliantly in tandem with enchanting 'alaap' and emblematic signature tunes. The 'sad version' brings shades of tranquility and sobriety in this lovable number through pristine vocals and tender sounding arrangements. Appealing!!!

It could not be anything befitting and momentous attribute to undying romanticism as it comes through the immaculately pristine vocals of promising Shaan in melodious sounding 'Jaane Kaisi Hai Teri Meri Love Story (arranger- Jackie)'. The emblematic feel of LOVE STORY 2050 gets epitomized affably in Javed saab's wordings ('Doori ka waqt ho, ya waqt ki dooriyan, dono mita na sake, Kaise hai yeh daastaan…') and strikes senses through its soothing textures. Shaan's comforting tones in its 'sad version' proves to be an ideal musical piece for all aspiring singers. Do feel the somberness of nostalgic emotions in his mesmerizing vocal flows that comes in textures of delectably poised piano and violin works. This soulful rendition will surely be ranking Shaan as probable candidate for 'Best Male Playback Singer' and do find this number among top ranks on charts in coming weekends. Soulful!!!

Mediocrity plagues to some extent as KK comes out with hip-shaking pulsating disco fervor that gesticulates the arrival of lead protagonist to the stage in 'Aa Gaya Hun Mein (arranger-Salim-Sulaiman)'. Anu tries to experiment by adding strong dosages of traditionalism in creating a 'fusion' musical binge through rigorous usage of 'sitar' and other traditional instruments. The composition lacks the thriving punch of earlier animated numbers but the infectious upbeat arrangements sets the moods high on floors.

Pop diva Alisha Chinai mystifies out endeavors of 'Next Gen' women in her svelte rendition that is heavy on electronically animated orchestrations in 'Lover Boy (arranger- Tubby-Pari)'. It's quizzically penned lyrics sounds more like mystery but the techno-generated arrangements mixed with sensuous vocals promises it to be another visually spectacle alluring number.

LOVE STORY 2050 can easily be awarded as the one of the most promising commercial album by veteran Anu Malik. Despite its futuristic and sci-fi ultramodern outlook, the musical packaging has the 'universal' appeal that will surely be attracting all class of listeners. After the commercial success of MAIN HOON NA and JAANEMAN, Anu Malik makes noteworthy comeback through this album where tracks like 'Meelon Ka Faasla', 'Milo Na Milo', 'Jaane Kaise Hai' and 'Mausam Achanak' will be scaling high on charts in coming weekends. Great Job!!!


Ratings : 3.5/5

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