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   Music Review : Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

 Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Dibakar Banerjee
 Sneha Khanwalkar
 Dibakar Banerjee, Manu Rishi, Kanu Behl, Mange Ram and Amitosh Nagpal
  Abhay Deol, Paresh Rawal, Neetu Chandra and Archana Puran Singh

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view OYE LUCKY! LUCKY OYE! videos

view OYE LUCKY! LUCKY OYE! videos

Dibakar Banerjee's KHOSLA KA GHOSLA proved to be one great trend-setting landmark that opened big gates for parallel cinema makers and further made experimental cinema, a passion among multiplex viewers. OYE LUCKY! LUCKY OYE! his second major offering maintains the decorum of hilarious fun-filled entertainer with the backdrop of real life events and characters. Like KHOSLA KA GHOSLA, this laugh riot too comes out with musical scores with uncharacteristic shades from a struggling music director. Sneha Khanwalkar, the lonesome female musical composer of our generation who made unproductive start with RGV's GO makes noteworthy reappearance as a promising musical prodigy. The album has fun-filled Punjabi lingo soundtracks that may well be working great as background scores and comes out with a bunch of new talents and unpredictable innovation. Can the musical score of OYE LUCKY! LUCKY OYE! be as inspiring as its predecessor KHOSLA KA GHOSLA was in 2006? Will Sneha Khanwalkar be able to fight her way from the ruins of her disastrous start? Let's check this out!

The album makes naughty, mischievous and sporadic start with quick-witted and humorous 'Truckwalaan ka Geet' (song of truck-drivers) in chirpy sounding title track 'Oye Lucky'. Like immensely acceptable massy track 'Chak De Phatte' (KHOSLA KA GHOSLA), it has intrinsically rustic Punjabi affixation in its tangy lyrical, bombastic music and impish vocals. Mika Singh makes another 'Mauja Hi Mauja' in his wayward 'Punjabi' lingo that sprightly showcases the multifaceted persona of lead character 'Lucky'. Sneha Khanwalkar makes impressive make-over of folksy 'bhangra' moods with strong instrumental inputs of loud 'dhol' beats that collages aggressively with energized percussive elements. Dibakar Banerjee along with Manu Rishi and Kanu Behl makes it a lively cinematically profound affair as it mixes and matches all relevant characters and events in the form of hilarious comical punches in the animatedly freaky back-up vocals.

It's 'remix' version comes out special for parties and disco-freaks as it has thrilling disco beat fillers that makes aggressive collisions with loud pitched vocals and thriving arrangements. The aggressively punched 'remix' version will be proving to be big boon in flick's promotion and will be making major presence in forthcoming marriage season.

Labh Januja's peculiar articulated baritones are a big rage and the similar sounding bucolic Punjabi feel gets another discovery in the form of Des Raj Lakhani in traditionally amusing 'Jugni'. The age-old Punjabi folklore of 'Jugni' is emancipated with ethnical verses that are penned affluently by Manu Rishi and Kanu Behl with strong blends of engrossing verbose punches. Sneha Khanwalkar makes it a special 'Punjabi' album treat as she strikes another probable hit with this enthralling 'bhangra' beat number. It has that special 'UK Bhangra' rollicking feel where booming western arrangements makes hullabaloo with 'bhangra' beats (similar to Malkit Singh, Bally Sagoo's tracks) to create an everlasting commotion on floors.

This 'bhangra' bombshell by Des Raj Lakhani and party gets aggressive 'disco' make-over in its 'remix' version and the outcome is even flashier and pompous. The tantalizing electronic beat patterns and echoing impacts with resounding DJ claps and scratches makes it an everlasting discotheque track that will be making its way big in flashy dancing lights.

view OYE LUCKY! LUCKY OYE! movie stills

view OYE LUCKY! LUCKY OYE! movie stills

'Tu Raja Ki Raj Dulari', a predominantly folksy number comes out as extremist form of experimentation in marquee in the voice of traditional Rajasthani singer Rajbir. It can be proclaimed to be expressively loud background score that has its setting in romantic shades with backdrop of rustic surroundings. It brings out the name of Mange Ram as the lyricist as he pens down a traditional folklore that are emoted out in typical Rajasthani dialects. One can hear similar soundtracks in the 'roadways' transport vehicles as it is targeted specifically for this special sect of listeners. It will surely be a tough thing to digest for urban listeners but will probably add new sect of listeners for its peculiar rustic touches.

The jovial moods of 'Jugni' strikes back with Punjabi hilarious bangs but this time with backdrop of urbane-friendly upbeat musical moods of hip-hop in 'Superchor'. Dibakar Banerjee along with Amitosh Nagpal makes another lively presence as lyricist in peculiar sounding 'Superchor' that well describes the traits of street-smart 'chor' (thief) and his adventurous lavish lifestyle. New singing talent Dilbahar impresses with his rustic Punjabi singing flair and falls in the league of folk singers like Des Raj Lakhani and Labh Janjua. The number comes out as quizzically sounding background score that will be engrossing added elements in the narrative flows of the flick. Like 'Jugni' and 'Oye Lucky', this mass-appealing Punjabi number has the strong party-feasting thrust that will lure bountiful of young listeners.

Punjabi cultured musical fest continues with concluding track 'Hooriyan', an ostentatiously vociferous track with shades of 'qawwali' and disco outbursts infused in 'bhangra' beats. Brijesh Shandilya, another volubly thriving singing talent along with Himani Kapoor sings out this pompous track that reflects the festivity of happy-go-lucky occasion. It has situational feel where one anticipates a marriage celebration but the arrangements lacks the existing 'bhangra' flare of the album that can really set the floors on fire. Dibakar Banerjee along with Amitosh Nagpal gets their acts together in delivering out an appropriate situational number that can well be eye-spectacle on big screen.

OYE LUCKY! LUCKY OYE! is a well devised Punjabi album rather than a contemporary Bollywood musical work that brings many unheard new talents in the marquee. It goes out especially for a special sect of listeners who cherish the feel of folksy 'bhangra' musical culture on big screen. The album brings out an undiscovered youthful Punjabi feel of rejoicing in tracks like 'Oye Lucky', 'Superchor' and 'Jugni' for pop genre . Upcoming composer Sneha Khanwalkar rises from the dust of GO and makes noteworthy presence as promising composer with this album. It will go strongly with the flick's promising box-office results but added to it has the bankable 'bhangra' zing that will be added advantage in pulling out big surprises.

Rating -3/5

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