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Music Review : Aashayein

Director :
Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Nagesh Kukunoor
 Pritam Chakraborty, Shiraz Uppal and Salim -Sulaiman
 Sameer, Kumaar, Shakeel Sohail and Mir Ali Husain
 John Abraham, Sonal Sehgal, Prateeksha Lonkar, Anaitha Nair, Girish Karnad and Shreyas Talpade (Special Appearance)

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view AASHAYEIN videos

view AASHAYEIN videos

"When life closes one door, it opens another..." Motivational quote as its tagline clearly indicates that its all about "serious cinema" and nothing is funny or humorous about it. Inspired from KK's enthralling number "Aashayein" (IQBAL-2005), director Nagesh Kukunoor aspires title from his previous flick's track and markets through a well compiled musical album, featuring big names in the business. Salim-Sulaiman is the leading composer duo who carries this flagship of this "hope and despair" saga while Pritam and Shiraz Uppal are there to entertain as guest composers.

Low hype, feeble face value and off-beat subject, Kukunoor makes it clear that music will be its frontrunner for creating commercial buzz. Can the assortment of valued names in the credits be able to deliver the quality substance? Can this be another IQBAL for both Salim-Sulaiman and Nagesh Kukunoor? Optimistically fingers crossed, we plugged into its musical contents to find the facts...

Big hopes ("Aashayein") of "feel-good" music makes its first dent as it unravels into realms of ecstatic love bonding in melodic flows of enthralling soft-rock moods in pleasant sounding "Mera Jeena Hai Kya". It's big attribute from Neeraj Sridhar's enthused vocalizations that creates maximum in slender flute notes and gushes of rhythmically paced electric guitar blues and jamming, with "easy-on-ears" wordings by Sameer. Pritam tries to recreate another "Metro" band feel ("Rishtey" and "Alvida" from LIFE... IN A METRO -2007) with extra piano and violin rhythmical patterns that collage affably with percussive elements in varying tones. Despite low on catchiness and being repetitive in its beat-patterns, it promise quality vocal-throws from trusted vocalist and some well versed wordings in its deliverance.

"Mera Jeena Hai Kya (remix)" comes out more like fun-filled Indi-pop dancing beat number with invigorating 80's pop-disco beat fillers. Like countless "club-remixes", it comes out with conventional foot-thumping zest and adds to the commercial factor of the album.

The "yuppie" Indi-pop fervor is maintained in a typical 90's stylized westernized duet track in "Dilkash Dildar Duniya". Loaded with heavy-duty jazz elements, it plummets into format of conventional "filmi" love-track with predictable lyrical settings. Shaan's flourishing vocals catches varied romantic mood with aplomb and gets team-work of shrill-voiced Tulsi Kumar in tandem. The composition(by lyricist Kumaar) works to the situation well and targets urbane youth with its upbeat melodic touches. Like the previous track, it lacks the flamboyance of hitting charts but still Shaan impresses to the hilt with his vocal zeal. The invigorating disco-beat fillers adds to dancing-feast in the "Dilkash Dildar Duniya-Remix" by DJ A-Myth with heavy dosages of saxophones notes interspersed in beat-juggles and DJ scratches. The song adds another decent add-on to the show that promises lovey-dovey moments on big screen.

In year 2009, Pakistani rock talent Shiraz Uppal made headlines with hit track "Rabba" (album- "Ankahi") and now it gets into the line-up of tracks of this album. This Shakeel Sohail's penned track brings out the breeze of romantic nostalgia with flows of engrossing soft-rock rhythmical pattern moves. It's another trendy Indi-Pop groovy feel track with Shiraz's vocals getting the optimum emotions in his composing and singing. Going down memory lanes, Shiraz made resounding presence in "Roya Re" (DHOKHA -2007) that had similar vocal urge and made itself notably present in listing of worthy love ballads. "Rabba" too impresses and makes an impact with his varied shades of emotions and poetic flavors. It will be interesting to view when it arrives with its baggage of emotions on big screen.

view AASHAYEIN stills

view AASHAYEIN stills

Spirit of "Aashayein"! After oodles of mushy romantic thrills, music gets emblematic to the title and gist out the motivational connotations of the lead protagonist in encouraging "Ab Mukhko Jeena". It's been ages to hear Zubeen Garg as he makes resilient present again in his yelling cum booming baritones to deliver out the inspirational feel. Salim-Suleiman talks business and makes it a song sequel to their first chartbusting hit "Aashayein" (IQBAL) with equally resounding orchestral displays. Zubeen's youthfully yore is delightful with graciously worded inspirational lyrics ("Nakaamiyon se darna kya, Jeenay se pehle marna kya, Jhoom kar mera dil ab yeh mujh se kahe, Zindagi hai to zinda dili bhi rahe...) by Mir Ali Husain, setting up a decorum for thematically profound background score number. It's likely to be one of most consequential narrative factor and most likable listening feast in the flick, to energize the feel; there is something supportively belligerent waiting in "Ab Mujhko Jeena (remix)". It's sportive, enthusiastic and hip-shaking in moods, racing chorals matches well with Zubeen's vocals and proliferates out zestful inspirational binge with disco-beat thrills. The best among set of "remixes" so far and surely likable promotional feature for the promos and teasers. Inspirational!!!

There was soulfully mesmerizing undergo in motivationally touching track "Yeh Honsla" (DOR) that made the voice of Shafqat Amanat Ali omnipresent in the climax stages of the flick. Kukunoor's trusted musical aide Salim-Suleiman once again shoulders out the liability of lending melancholic hues to this classically refined singer in "Shukriya Zindagi". Like "Ab Mujhko Jeena", it's inspirationally vocal and poetically narrative ("Sirf ek rang se tasveer hoti kahin, Gham nahi toh khushi ki keemat nahi, Dhoop chaaon hain dono toh dilkash jahaan, Kya shikaayat karein, fursat kahaan...), showing varied shades and moods of life. Mir Ali Husain's lyrics work progressively again and give verbose support to Shafqat's soothing voice and emote out the theme of the flick.
Its brief "sad" in unplugged mode is another beautiful addition to the album
"Shukriya Zindagi (remix)" sounds like anti-climax to the feel of the track, echoing vocalizations and extra-energized disco-beat DJ antics plays parallel to the sentimental appeal.

Salim-Suleiman get into their most sublime mildest romantic musical maneuvers as they pulverize stressful romantic emotions into tender-paced tonality in soundtrack "Pal Mein Mila Jahan". The arrangements are mildly pitched with great attributes from vocalists, serenading out the lovable nuances of "lost-paradise" type of love-separation. It gets the best of singing talents in the business (Shreya Ghoshal and Shankar Mahadevan) in two different versions but with similar tempo, pace and styling. Shreya's slither-paced voice is genteel in expressions, exuding out the transition of phases in relationships with "easy-on-ears" lyrical works. Ditto for Shankar Mahadevan's "male" version that is malleably soft in vocalizations and poignant in tonality. It can't be termed as commercial viable stuff but a classy collector's work that has quality singing attributes. For quality listeners, its something that can be treasured for long and catalyzing narrative add-on in the finishing stages of this love based saga. Worth-a-hear!!!

Amidst the feel of mushy romantic grooves and inspirational hues, "Chala Aaya Pyar", a soothing heartrending solo ballad by Mohit Chauhan, the last offering of the album, adds more substance to the motivational premise. Soft and tender feel is penetrated with piano drills with Mohit's sonorously pensive vocal throws carrying out romantic impulse with rocking grace. Salim-Suleiman's musical ambience has that groovy Indi-pop sentimentalism in its lovey-dovey tonality, a likable musical feel among pop genre listeners. Do hear it again and again to get into mushy ambience and feel the breeze of romance. Lovable!!!

AASHAYEIN is a well-etched compilation of Indi-pop flavored soundtracks with quality singing talents from big-names in the business. Salim-Suleiman, the leading composers of the album makes it an audible affair (if not chartbusting) with quality works in soundtracks like "Ab Mujhko Jeena", "Shukriya Zindagi", "Pal Mein Mila Jahan" and "Chala Aaya Pyar". Even Pritam delivers his trademark work in "Mera Jeena Hai Kya" while Shiraz Uppal's "Rabba" is an added listening asset for ears. As a filmmaker, Nagesh Kukunoor compiles this album well with the finest of talents, delivering out modernized style of rock cum pop style of musical works and giving sufficient "word-of-publicity" through this musical release on stands.


Rating - 3.5/5

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