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   Music Review : Chamku

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Music :
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Starring :
 Kabeer Kaushik
 Monty Sharma
 Bobby Deol, Priyanka Chopra, Irrfan Khan , Danny Denzongpa, Ritesh Deshmukh, Rajpal Yadav and Arya Babbar.

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view CHAMKU movie stills

view CHAMKU movie stills

Classy mellifluous feel of songs like ''Jab Se Tere Naina'' and ''Saawariya'' (SAAWARIYA) brought the name of Monty Sharma to the marquee, a phenomenal prodigy consistently working in various departments of Bollywood music industry for decades. Monty's immaculate talent has a wide spectrum of presence in Bollywood that ranges from a skilled keyboard player, reliable musical arranger, most successful background scorer and finally to the mantle of music director in Hindi films with the big success of SAAWARIYA. Now, CHAMKU, his second offering comes out as a realistic action packed thriller about Naxalites and outlaws, directed by Kabeer Kaushik (critically acclaimed SEHAR), with an intrinsic feel of ethnic and folksy music in every soundtrack. Despite its peculiar sounding title (CHAMKU) and low expectations, the album promises some quality music in its audio packaging. Can CHAMKU be another SAAWARIYA for Monty Sharma? Let's check this out!

Shreya Ghoshal's outstandingly melodious and sprightly ushered lively vocals in different shades and tones come as fresh whiff of air to brighten up senses and creating an ambience for a delightful love communion in lovable sounding ''Aaja Milke''. Monty's well synchronized westernized arrangements deliver an ethnical ''hilly'' feel in its serene sounds. Shreya's mellifluous vocals rule the show comprehensibly and do feel her sensuous ''alaap'' in the prelude followed by modulating overtones in following ''antaras'' that exhibits her immaculate command over delivering various emotions, shades and moods in one song. Shail's decently delivered rendition works in tandem, making this a 'delightful-to-ear' song. Sameer's appropriate wordings gel suitably with the tranquil love feel of the track but the song completely belongs to the singing prowess of Shreya Ghoshal. ''Aaja Milke'' adds up as another credible offering from the lead female singer who has been ruling the charts for years and this adds up as another proud addition to her praiseworthy hit collections.

Folk music makes their strong dominance as the first among this genre arrives in the form of painfully sounding ''birah'' (separation) song ''Kithe Jawan'' in the voice of Richa

Sharma. It's a fusion based folk song where inspiring westernized arrangement along with traditional instrumental flows collage together to deliver an upbeat background score appeal. The soreness of emotions and varying pitch in Richa's voice is the highlight of the song. Monty's strong inputs in arrangements and Richa's impressive voice should be making this an imposing background score for the film.
''Bin Daseyaa'', another intrinsically folksy attribute comes as ''remix'' version of ''Kithe Jawan'' where relaxed ''lounge'' beat fillers are infused in it to give it poignant shades to this melancholic track. The recurring beat patterns and lounge impact works in tandem with Richa's voice. Both these folk songs are likely to have more takers amongst folk song lovers and are expected to be making a strong melodramatic feel on the big screen.

view DEOLS AT CHAMKU MUSIC LAUNCH  picture gallery

MUSIC LAUNCH picture gallery

The festivity embroiled in rustic folklore comes striking all the way with traditional vows of ''Holi'' celebration in boisterously sounding ''Gola Gola''. Amitrajit Bhattacharjee along with Vaishali Samant makes their vivaciously striking vocal presence through their free-flowing rendition where chirpy wording sets the tempo for the song. Monty's music is big inspiration from tracks like ''Dholi Taro'' (HUM DIL DE CHUKE HAI SANAM) but overall the feel is satisfying and joyous in delivering out the celebratory exuberance.

Monty Sharma makes the first trendy move in delivering out a ''party album'' stylized song where racy electronic sounds, Arabic musical flows impounded with loud energized disco beat fillers and folksy rhythms collage affably to deliver ''party'' feel in song titled ''Trance''.

Sameer's wishy-washy wordings are hardly audible in the voices of Saleem Shahzaad, Soumya Raoh and pop diva Anaida but the outrageously pulsating disco beat sound flows are there to steams up the floors. It's a marketable effort to draw interest from urbane listeners and is likely to having more takers from frenzied party animals.

In terms of sounds arrangements, ''Dukh Ke Badri'', a melancholically expressive number comes as the most impressive song where optimism in life is glorified in meaningful lyrical works. It's a brilliant combination of voices as well as sounds as voices of talented Kalpana, Parthiv Gohil and Shail gels together in a backdrop of rigorous drumming arrangements. In terms of melodramatic impacts, the song reminds of A.R Rehman's beautiful composition ''O Palanhare'' (LAAGAN) but the feel is notably situational and not momentous. Upcoming talent Kalpna impresses immensely with her heartrending rendition that comes out with emotional sounding Sameer's wordings. This remarkable sounding situational song shows congenial amalgamation of soulful chorals, imposing arrangements and pleasant sounding vocals.

Monty Sharma's CHAMKU comes out as decent sounding album where the soundtracks reflect the rustic backdrop of events and characters. Shreya Ghoshal's rendered ''Aaja Milke'' is the finest of the lot and by far the most bankable number of the album. Soundtracks like ''Dukh Ke Badri'', ''Kithe Jawan'' and ''Gola Gola'' maintains the tempo and feel of the flick with quality melodic works. CHAMKU may not be another SAAWARIYA but surely is a reasonable sounding album for folk song lovers. It may not be having big takers from multiplexes audiences but will be finding its major acceptance in UP-Bihar circuits.

Rating 2.5/5

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