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   Music Review : Singh Is Kinng

 Singh Is Kinng
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Anees Bazmee
 Mayur Puri
 Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Om Puri, Javed Jaffrey, Ranvir Shorey, Sudhanshu Pandey, Sonu Sood

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view SINGH IS KINNG videos

view SINGH IS KINNG videos

Undoubtedly SINGH IS KINNG is one of the biggest films of the year and the fourth venture from Vipul Shah, after a hat trick of hits, all featuring Akshay Kumar - AAKHEIN, WAQT RACE AGAINST TIME and NAMASTEY LONDON. However, unlike the previous occasions, this time around its director Anees Bazmee who is at the helm of affairs. Most of the earlier films by Vipul did not have high quality music to boast of, though NAMASTEY LONDON (by Himesh Reshammiya) had some lovely, melodious numbers. Since SINGH IS KINNG is an out and out entertainer, lucky music director Pritam has been roped in to compose the music. Pritam is undoubtedly the unofficial numero uno composer today, coming in after a series of hits like JAB WE MET, BHOOL BHULAIYYA, RACE and JANNAT. However to some it may seem (after KISMET KONNECTION) that there is an over dose of Pritam. So let us see what the overworked but extremely lucky music director has to offer in this very prestigious project.

Certainly the most talked about number before the launch of the album, the title track, 'Singh Is Kinng' truly befits the hype behind it. The composition that has the likes of famous American rapper Snoop Dogg, Britain's popular bhangra band RDB and Akshay himself (quite a decent singer after many stints during stage shows). The composers here are Calvin Broadus along with Surjeet Singh, Manjeet Ral and Kuljeet Ral. The song commences with Snoop Dogg introducing himself and other artists; Akshay and RDB, in his own popular style. The track is all 'Punjabi', mixed with English rap, and it's only natural as the film has a singing and dancing Sardar as the lead protagonist. The rap by Snoop Dogg and the repeated 'mukhda', 'Singh Is Kinng' certainly elevates the song to a different level and the arrangements are top notch, to say the least. There is also a reference to the much talked about diamonds worn by Akshay.

After the superlative title track, it's Pritam all way and he starts off with 'Jee Karda'. It commences with a nice electronic guitar rhythm and some good blend of English and Hindi combo singing by Suzie Q. The number is another bhangra based dance track which is totally inspired by Punjabi folk. And so Labh Janjua, (PARTNER) has been roped in to render this number, which also has a 70-style touch to it ( a la Asa Singh Mastana). Rarely used traditional instrument like 'ektara' and also 'manjira' lend novelty value. The song itself is nice and sweet and its picturisation amongst the ancient Egyptian pyramids enhances the song further and it would be a treat to watch on the big screen..

'Jee Karda-Remix' by Hyacinth is a mere space filler and not much care has been taken by the arrangers to make it different. Just faster rhythm and higher tempo and beats that in a way reduce the ethnic Mastana touch!

The king crooner of title numbers, Neeraj Sridhar has been assigned the task of delivering the rollicking 'Bas Ek King' and he has Ashish Pandit, the Bhangra-pop queen, Hard Kaur and Daler's younger brother, Mika Singh to support him in his endeavour. The first version, 'Bas Ek Kinng', has a deadly, lazy rhythm, continuing till the end of the track, one which certainly is an entertainer. The early rap portions and the 'mukhda' itself is quite infectious and have a lot of repeat value. Though the last part of the 'mukhda', which has gained immense popularity (especially amongst children and youth) is inspired by Sridevi's 'Na Jaane Kahaan Se Aayi Hai' from CHAALBAAZ ( Laxmi-Pyare). The rap and reggae portions have been effectively handled by Hard 'Glassy' Kaur, who is certainly here to stay. Her voice has the kind of attitude required for singing these types of tracks. Mika and Neeraj (his voice structure is similar to Akshay's and he sounds so much like him!) combine well and convey that feeling of royalty through their full of attitude and style singing. It may not be a musical gem but it surely has all the right ingredients to end up as a chartbuster and provide for a thumping opening to the film.

view SINGH IS KINNG movie stills

view SINGH IS KINNG movie stills

'Bas Ek Kinng- Tiger Style Remix' is more 'Punjabish' in nature, though the deadly, lazy rhythm (which formed the crux of the original) is missing, as the tempo has been heightened. The remix by Glasgow based Raj and Pops (popularly called Tiger style), commences with a nice, albeit heard before ('Gal Ban Gayee' -Sukhbir) synthesized rhythm, which forms the backbone of the track. Even the rap portions by Hard Kaur are different and a good job can be seen here. This remix is certainly 'gonna blow the lid off' man'!

Next up 'Bhootni Ke', a typical fun-filled all 'Punjabi' number and the situation is most likely a 'Punjabi' wedding as the start of the song has Daler exhorting all with 'Aaj khushi ka din hai aaya, Nikalo mahurat changa, Suit pahan kar ban gaya dulha'. The song is a 'dhamaal' number and Daler's highly energetic and robust singing gives that necessary zip and zing to the number. Do not spend time thinking about the ridiculous lyrics, as itís the norm in most North Indian weddings that the friends and relatives shower friendly naughty lingo (seemingly abusive) on the groom and bride and their relatives. A whole lot of traditional instruments 'dhol', 'taashe', 'nagada' and modern ones too have been used in the 'Band Baja' (saxophone, trumpet etc) dominated track .

DJ Amyth's 'Bhootni Ke-Remix' is not much different except may be for the start. This version has been sung by Mika Singh and although he does a good job, yet he pales in comparison to his elder and more versatile brother. The energy and zest is missing, a very essential ingredient in these types of numbers.

After hearing a whole lot of Punjabi based songs (not that we really mind!), 'Teri Ore' comes as a relief. More so as it has the reigning prince and princess of romantic numbers, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shreya Ghoshal, who team up in this romantic, ode to love. Needless to add that both of them are absolutely brilliant in this 'sarangi' dominated duet that also has some piano pieces. A lovely petal soft romantic track that has a few Rajasthani lines/vocals thrown in too. Mayur Puri deserves credit for the beautiful lyrics!

There was no need to remix the beautiful 'Teri Ore', but thankfully the essence of the original has not been tampered with in the 'Teri Ore Lounge mix' by Clinton and Eric Pillai and has been tastefully done.

Pritam concludes the proceedings with 'Talli Hua', and its the unique combo of Neeraj Sridhar and Labh Janjua, who join hands to render this fast paced number that talks about friends and friendship, though not in the 'Yeh Dosti' mould. Itís a mix and match of Pritam's old hit tracks (Neeraj does a 'Bhool Bhulaiyya' act too). It is a situational number and quite a hummable track though it takes a while to get used to its infectious rhythm.

'Talli Hua-Remix' has been done by Jay Dabhi, North America's greatest South Asian DJ and he does live up to his reputation with a well crafted version. Rapper, Style Bhai joins Neeraj and Labh Janjua here. This version is bound to dominate the dance floors.

On the whole, keeping the storyline and the character of the main protagonist in mind, the album's music blends into the spirit and mood of SINGH IS KINNG. The music will sound better with each subsequent hearing. With the title track already getting popular, wait and watch as Pritam, who has another winner in hand, will once again dominate the hearts and charts in the days to come and against all odds!

Rating : 3/5

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