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   Music Review : A Wednesday

 A Wednesday
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Neeraj Pandey
 Sanjoy Chowdhury
 Irshad Kamil
 Naseruddin Shah, Anupam Kher, Jimmy Shergill, Aamir Bashir and Deepal Shaw.

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view A WEDNESDAY movie stills

view A WEDNESDAY movie stills

Meaningful and thoughtful cinema is fast emerging as the first choice among multiplex viewer's and it has ushered bountiful of prodigal talents in the tinsel town. A WEDNESDAY, a thought-provoking celluloid work by debutante Neeraj Pandey is one such big example where potential talents have made it in the marquee. Sanjoy Chowdhury, an emerging background scorer (SUPERSTAR, ROCKY-THE REBEL) makes his first splash as solo music composer with couple of impressive soundtracks. Lately there have been musical surprises in this low budget genre flicks (ANWAR, AAMIR, MANORAMA SIX FEET UNDER etc) and this too joins the league. Does Sanjoy Chowdhary prove to be next potential name in the listing of fast emerging music directors? Let's check this out!

Gulzar's prosily ground-breaking work ''Chhayya Chhayya'' (DIL SE) and lately Rabbi Shergill's ''Bulle Ki Jaan'' was the notable melodic attributes that pioneered the lyrical finesse of great poet ''Bulle Shah'' in the marquee. This Sufi traditionalism gets major boost in the introductory track, ''Bulle Shah'', a meaningful melancholic number that glorifies philosophical verses of this great philanthropist with a social relevance in its well scripted lyrical contents, impressive vocals and engrossing ''fusion'' based music. New talent Tochi's modulating baritones in varying moods is sheer delight to ears that makes semblance of imposing background score for the flick. Sanjoy Chowdhury's musical prowess is emanated with a great promise as his melodic works in Sufi undertones invigorates the feel of identifying oneself in the world. Irshaad Kamil's immaculate command over the linguistic verbose comes out as the catalyst that carries the poignantly realistic sentiments to many dimensions. ''Bulle Shah (remix)'' carries the pep and zing to lure pop genre listeners but works impressively as effective promotional feature soundtrack with mild hearted DJ mixing and thumping impulse.

Shaan's energetically vociferous binge in ''Jalwa'', a belligerently orchestrated rock number comes out as another thematically conspicuous number. Its rebellious tones in loud rock musical mode speak volume about the ''jalwa'' (wonder) that comes from one gallantry of a common man in a stream of millions. Chowdhary's changes genres from Sufi fusion to rock music impressively with great command over energizing percussive elements and imposing thunderous marching impacts. It's two in a row from this album that makes maximum impact to create a feel of realistic action potboiler and deservedly depicts the great melodic team-effort.

After two remarkable solo soundtracks, the musical tinge loses its serration and sheen in mediocre sounding ''Nazar Lage Na'', an outdated number by Mahalaxmi Iyer and Shaan. This sluggishly paced romantic number unravels 70's era with placidly played arrangements and routine lyrics. Do enjoy some remarkable singing by both Shaan and Mahalaxmi but the composition disappoints completely in its sullen rendition.

It's time for some really Indi-Pop rock musical stuff that comes in the inspiring voices of Shaan in ''yuppie'' loving soundtrack ''Parwazen''. Despite its urbane-cool rock musical impulse in guitar strumming, it maintains the motivational touches in melancholically profound lyrical and vocal rendition. The remarkable concoction of saxophones and keyboard notes with hand claps in a true blue rock mode might be eye-catching to make it as one noticeable soundtrack. ''Parwazen'' could have been promising attribute in any of Shaan's Indi-Pop albums but still works well in this situation and adds one more impressive addition in Sanjoy Chowdhary's kitty from this album.

''Bekaali'', a loud and unimpressive song in the voice of prodigal Javed Ali shows the ultimate dearth of melodic works of this album. Chowdhary's music disappoints completely with its lackluster 80's music where gifted singer like Javed Ali sounds wasted.

Upcoming music director Sanjoy Chowdhury shows sparks of great promise in a film album that runs mainly on its contents rather than on its melodic substance. A WEDNESDAY has its noticeably prominent features in impressive tracks like ''Bulle Shah'', ''Jalwa'' and ''Parwazen'' that surely showcases the potential of this upcoming music composer.

Rating -2.5/5

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