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Music Review : Khiladi 786

 Khiladi 786
Director :  Ashish R Mohan
Music :  Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics :  Shabbir Ahmed, Sameer Anjaan and Himesh Reshmmiya
Starring :  Akshay Kumar, Asin and Himesh Reshammiya

November 8, 2012 03:49:12 PM IST
By Abid, Glamsham Editorial
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Much before the advent of brands, franchises, sequels or quasi- sequels, like DHOOM or GOLMAAL series, it was Akshay Kumar's Abbas-Mustan directed KHILADI (1992) which kicked off the trend. The film not only established Akshay Kumar as an action hero to be reckoned with but it also led to a series of quasi-sequels like MAIN KHILADI TU ANARI (1994), SABSE BADA KHILADI (1995), KHILADIYON KA KHILADI (1996), MR AND MRS KHILADI (1997), INTERNATIONAL KHILADI (1999) and KHILADI 420 (2000) and Akki became 'Khiladi' for his fans (and he still continues to wear the proud tag!) and one of the top rated stars of Hindi cinema.

All the above mentioned Khiladi films were hugely successful barring the last two which too were average to coverage fares in the end count. Despite the fact that all the films in the KHILADI series had great emphasis on action and especially death-defying stunts performed by the 'khiladi' himself, the music too of all was very popular and in quite a few case, memorable as well like Jatin-Lalit's ''Wada Raha Sanam'' (KHILADI) which has seen quite a few remixes as well in recent times.

view KHILADI 786 stills
view KHILADI 786 stills

It's almost over a decade (12 years to be precise) now that Akshay is back in his most loved and hugely popular 'avatar' as the 'khiladi' and no wonder that his fans are awaiting KHILADI 786 with bated breath , especially after the blockbuster success of 'masala' action ROWDY RATHORE. The film teams up Akki with the once numero-uno composer, Himesh Reshmmiya, (who is also the co-producer, story writer and actor), who is back in form with hits like BODYGUARD, BOL BACHCHAN, OMG OH MY GOD! and SON OF SARDAAR, and one expects a totally 'mast masala' massy album from the composer for this very massy film, quite in line with Akki's ROWDY RATHORE. So let's check out if Himesh delivers as per expectations!

The addictive synthesized signature tune that kicks off the first track of the album, ''Lonley'' (that should have been aptly titled 'O Bawaria'), followed by some trademark Yo Yo Honey Singh Punjabi rap is enough to send the signal that Himesh is in top form, and the song is reflective of his AKSAR days when he ruled the roost. The superb rhythm that he uses is very dance inducive and it continues like that even in the 'antara'. Here in this number Himesh is back to his nasal best (which some might find irritating) singing, at times even excessively in order to take a dig at himself, and it's his show all the way despite some good rapping by the one and only Yo Yo Honey Singh, who joins Himesh in brief interludes. And towards the end Hamsika Iyer too showcases her vocal prowess. One must also commend Himesh for the way he has used the best part of the 'mukhda' ''Teri yaad saath hai' from his memorable composition, ''Main Jahan Rahoon'' (NAMASTEY LONDON) to recreate the nostalgia of Himesh's first association with Akshay. Shabbir Ahmed does the needful with some easy on the lips English, Hindi and Punjabi lyrics. A sureshot chartbuster for Himesh-Akshay!

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The remix version of ''Lonely'' by Kiran Kamath is a typical remix with broken vocals, heightened rhythm and added synthesized beats and is a mere space filler.

Next up is ''Balma'' and indeed Himesh is in top form, as like his previous hit albums, we encounter one chartbuster after another and this time it's a 'surili' Shreya Ghoshal and Shriram duet. A totally ballistic retro item number that pays such a superb tribute to the legendary composer R D Burman that one can even mistake it for one of his originals when the song commences. Superhot German model Claudia Ceisla features in this dance number and sizzles up the dance floor with her 'latkas' and 'jhatkas', and giving her befitting company is lead actor Akshay Kumar who is simply outstanding and Asin's presence too adds to the magic of the song ! The neo nightingale, Shreya has shown her versatility before but never like this as here she is simply brilliant with her sensuous, bindass, rendition in husky vocals complete with 'oohs and aahs'. Shriram too needs to be commended for keeping up and in fact surpassing her in a few parts, especially when he does a RD Burman take off! Sameer's bindass lyrics are the highlight and especially the usage of 'balma' for both the male and female leads is a brilliant idea and turbocharges the song in a big way!

The 'Balma' remix by Teenu Arora is once again a mere space filler with just added rhythm and background synthesized beats, and there was absolutely no need for it as the original itself was quite foot tapping.

Mika comes behind the mike to take the listener's for a ''Long Drive'' that is at best just an average hip hop composition, although the superb guitar and synthesized organ sounds that commenced the song had promised a lot. The lyrics by Sameer too are just routine. However the musical arrangement, especially the wavering guitar strums that form the backbone and hold the song together is the highlight of the track. Mika's rendering of the song too is workman like and he does not put in his usual zest and nuances into the song to lift it to a higher level.

''Long Drive'' 'Bhangra' remix is a job well done courtesy DJ A Sen and DJ Amann Nagpal as the heightened rhythm and the added background Punjabi 'bhangra' chorus with good 'dholak' beats adds to the zip and zest that was missing in the original.

Mansukh approaches Bahattar who is more than happy. TT bhai on the other hand is told to behave like an ACP from Mumbai. When Bahattar and his family come to the city in their decorated truck, TT and his goons are all dressed up as cops. Both families agree to the alliance, but Indu has a secret crush (Rahul Singh) who is lodged in a jail.

The dialogues though juvenile in some parts elicit a genuine laugh. I guess the delivery and timing has more to do with the effect on the audience. Akshay does not go trying too hard, he just moves with the flow having the time of his life. Himesh, who is also one of the producers of the film, has finally realized that a solo film with him in the lead is not a good idea. He experiments as a sidekick and does a decent job. He is even sporting enough to take a dig on his singing style where in one scene you have Akshay blocking one nostril for that nasal twang.

view KHILADI 786 poster
view KHILADI 786 poster

Mithun Chakraborty is showing a flair for comedy. After his performance in OMG OH MY GOD!, he performs on cue, complementing Akshay and Co. Johnny Lever in a brief role as Inspector Bhalerao Kambli lights up the scene. Watch out for his reference to Kejriwal!

With Akshay taking more of screen space Asin gets limited scope. To be fair to the girl, she does what is expected of her.

The music is average but 'Hookah Bar' which comes as the end credits role, is definitely a chartbuster.

If you are not looking for any logic in plot or genius in dialogues, KHILADI 786 is just for you. 

Rating: 3.5

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