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Music Review : Muskurake Dekh Zara

 Muskurake Dekh Zara
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Som Shekhar
 Ranjit Barot
 Mehboob and Nasir Nizami
 Gashmeer Mahajani, Twinkle Patel, Hiten Paintel & Simran Suri

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A smile costs nothing but gives much, this is an old saying that has been incorporated as the title of a sweet, romantic flick starring promising newcomers Ghashmeer Mahajani and Twinkle Patel. Director Som Shekhar may be new to people who do not have much inside knowledge about Bollywood but he is highly respected in the film circles and has been involved with many successful and memorable Ramgopal Varma films like RANGEELA, SATYA and COMPANY. The all important music department has been entrusted to veteran music composer and famous arranger, Ranjit Barot, who along with veteran lyricist Mehboob has composed the music of this upcoming unusual rom com. Ranjit has his own inimitable style and has composed and arranged music (background) for makers like Ketan Mehta (O DARLING YEH HAI INDIA), Anubhav Sinha (DUS and CASH), Sanjay Gupta (ACID FACTORY) and Pooja Bhatt (HOLIDAY). And lyricist Mehboob has been associated with none other than music wizard, the Oscar winner A.R.Rahman. So, without beating much around the bush lets check out whether the makers have a reason to smile or not via their music album.

Finger clicking sounds, single string guitaring and whistles commence 'Sahi Bola' , a sweet yet sarcastic look at love in the present times through some infectious beats and rhythmic composition. The highlight of the song is its apt lyrics by veteran composer Mehboob, which are simply fantastic as love in the present materialistic world is compared to that in the past . 'Woh din hawa huye pyare, Chahat pe lut te the saare, Ab to daulat bina, Thodi shohrat bina, Sauda dil ka dil se na re.' K. K is excellent as he effortlessly breezes through the number in his own style. The music is a good mix of simple guitar, whistles and drums keeping focus on K.K's vocals to convey the desired effect . The song has it all that will surely appeal to the youth. Its hummable, has identifiable lyrics and above all it can be easily appreciated by all the youths who believe in unconditional love. The promos of the song are already all over the music channels and young Gashmeer doing a take off on Aamir Khan of RANGEELA is immensely likeable.

Its a warm welcome to Shaan's fresh , youthful vocals in the title song, 'Muskurake Dekh Zara' and all credit to Ranjit for choosing him as he is simply superb in this situational number that has such a lovely message for all; smile! The lyrics are situational and semi-philosophical and convey the theme of the film quite effectively.- 'Muskuraye raat ke baad hi subah, Muskuraye kaaton mein phool manchala, Mushkilein to mehmaan hain, Mushkilein to asaan h conveying the mood of the film. ai, Shart itni hai, Ki unpe tu muskaye.' Some lovely thoughts indeed! The song has a nice tempo that is not too fast or too slow and that tempo is kept intact and some lovely background arrangements consisting of a superb display of keyboards, 'dholak', guitar, trumpets, flute and beads provide just the right balance making the song worth a few hears. All in all a nice title track.

The next number, 'Tu Hai Mera Pyar' is soft, slow paced romantic track and the beauty of the song lies in its gradual pick up in pace and the exhilarating climax that is absolutely superb. Raja Musthaque's vocals are unique and expressive as the strong emotion of undying love is conveyed well. Nasir Nizami's lyrics are routine and filmy, so is the situation! The background music takes us back to the music wizard's A.R. Rahman's ROJA and BOMBAY days and we don't mind at all as it's tastefully done in a style very different and unique. The picuristion of the song is absolutely fantastic with breathtaking scenery of pristine hills and valleys.

view MUSKURAKE DEKH ZARA movie stills

view MUSKURAKE DEKH ZARA movie stills

Saurabh Shrivastav, a relatively unexplored singer in the Hindi film music arena gets to showcase his talents in the next number, 'Chandni' yet another romantic offering by the composer and rightfully so, as the genre of the film is romance. And straight away one can say that he is a promising singer with a soft, sweet and youthful voice. The song has a catchy rhythm and some nice lyrics by Mehboob which are so very classy and quite a departure from what we hear in today's times. The beloved being compared to the moonlight etc were heard in the bygone era but then being compared to the heavens is something that all want and love and so its quite a nice way to woo .

After what seemed to be a totally male dominated album, with the first three songs all sung by men, it is a pleasant welcome to the versatile Sunidhi Chauhan who is at her sweetest best in 'Roothe Roothe'. Up till now we have heard Sundhi in mostly dance oriented or seductive tracks but here Ranjit uses her for a 'roothna manana' track, and must add she is simply superlative as she uses her delightfully seductive vocals as an instrument to simply sail away with a nice breezy track that focuses on her vocals . The background music is a nice blend of Hindustani and Western with a lovely display of metallic flute and piano. Once again Mehboob's lyrics are worth a mention as they are jewels that adorn the song -' Tumne hi ishq se milwaya, Humein sabak pyar ka padhwaya, Aankh humein se ho phere.' Simple, sweet and effective!

Some wild Afrikana drums(the kind that Ranjit presented in Pooja Bhatt's HOLIDAY) commence ' Aankh Lagaee' , a highly charged dance track that has a scorching pace and wild rhythm. The music arrangements are Afrikana / Caribbean based with the use of bongo drums and nice synthesized rhythm and rap. Singer Raja Musthaque gets another chance and he is good as he sings with lots of emotions and succeeds in giving the song its unique touch through his different yet earthy vocals. Lyricist Nasir Nizami redeems himself to an extent in this track as the words that he pens are quite interesting and go well with the wild pace and music of the compostion.

The composer himself gets behind the mike for 'Aye Dost', yet again a situational and motivational song that is more theme based and conveys the nice message that the show must go on and we should keep laughing and smiling all the time. Ranjit has sung quite a few times before mostly in the albums that he has composed and singing is nothing new to this highly versatile composer and as always he does an excellent work, sometimes singing even in the hoarse rock mode to convey the charged up effect of the song. . The lyrics are good as in all the previous numbers by Mehboob but it is the piano and guitar work that conjures up a delight.

'Sangam' is a brief extension of 'Aye Dost', as the tune is the same and only the lyrics are a bit different from the original.

On the whole the MUSKURA KE DEKH ZARA audio album does succeed in bringing a smile on the faces of the listeners because of its varied offering ranging from pure romance, sadness to situational and thematic music. There is song for all the moods and Ranjit, with his old buddy Mehboob, has indeed worked hard in providing an album full of songs that are not mere space fillers but go well with the proceedings in the film. The best of the album is naturally 'Sahi Bola' which has all the ingredients of a chartbuster followed by the title track 'Muskurake Dekh Zara' and 'Roothe Roothe'. An album definitely worth a hear and appreciation!

Rating - 3.5/5

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