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Music Review : Hum Tum Shabana

 Hum Tum Shabana
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Sagar Ballary
 Sachin- Jigar
 Sameer and Mayur Puri
 Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade, Minissha Lamba, Pia Trivedi and Satish Kaushik

By Satyajit, Glamsham Editorial Send to Friend

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Frothy comical endeavors are on the upsurge in B-town and there is no stopping this genre of entertainment as HUM TUM SHABANA, a lovable rom-com, is all set to grip you. BHEJA FRY, a flick about idiotically garrulous crank was quite a laugh-riot, followed by equally rip-roaring sequel (BHEJA FRY 2), all credits to Sagar Ballary's quick-witted directorial excellence that made it happen. HUM TUM SHABANA is the third major offering from him that pitches glam doll Minissha Lamba along with Shreyas Talpade and Tusshar Kapoor in the main leads.

Fresh from the welcoming success of Saibo (SHOR IN THE CITY), talented composer Sachin-Jigar are at the helm of musical affairs, who earlier had impressive track records of composing for flicks like TERE SANG (2009) and F.A.L.T.U. Expectations? Yes, one can obviously expects urbane-centric 'cool n peppy' music from this duo, as they have surprised us all in the above mentioned low profile flicks with their experimentations in sound engineering techniques, arrangements and composing. Comical capers are the desired dosage for entertainment but can music be equally empowering in lifting the spirits of the flick. Let's get straight into the musical madness of this rib-tickler...!

Urbane-jungle comes alive! Party Abhi Baaki Hain (F.A.L.T.U) was quite a riot on the floor and music never stops at the Sachin-Jigar DJ station as pulses races high again in equally rip-roaring and blasting Musik Bandh Na Karo. Highly infectious in hip-hop, rock cum and R&B techno- stylized arrangements, the soundtrack comes like a teenybopper's dancing delightful feast with roaring vocals adding to the pompous show. Anushka Manchanda's snooty 'girlie' rendition fires on all cylinders and so are Abhishek Naliwal and Palash Sen's boyish charms that makes it 'large' at the dance floors. Catering to the urbane popcorn flick lovers, it has funk as well as 'masti' in its packaging with Anushka's brazenly loud voice being its biggest spotlight. Sachin-Jigar's swiftness in radiating out disco-beat grooves with upbeat improvisation rules the show again and makes this another party animal feasting number. Musik Bandh Na Karo (remix) is intrinsically DJ's number where huge dosages of disco-beat fillers packed with DJ spins and beat-juggles is immersed to deliver out a typical pub rollicking feel. Party Feasting!

Cool minty breeze of romantic hues takes its mischievous plunge as Canadian based singer Raghav makes his grooviest vocal appeal in the album's most romantic track titled Hey Na Na Shabana. It has the perfect amalgam of R&B, pop and hip-hop in its saucy arrangements where the catchy loop of hook-line Hey Na Na Na... makes the maximum impact in making this a romantic beach song. Raghav's suave tones are a cool respite, adding to the immensely jovial teasing-pleasing maneuvers with a set of tender acoustic guitar plucks, lovable electronic tuneful synth beats, playful whistling, and all contributing to delightful melodic feel. Hey Na Na Shabana (Party Map Remix) adds punching drum beats, DJ scratches and spins to the magical 'masti' and comes out in peculiar 'club-house' DJ specialist number. Its rollicking fervent dancing decorum works well with singer's varying pitches and makes impeccable impact with whistling and catchy hook-line, overall an amusing piece of DJ's delight. Go for it!

view HUM TUM SHABANA stills
view HUM TUM SHABANA stills
Catching fast with 70's arena rock most blazing theme signature tunes, the next one is a blend of genres again with feel of archetypical rock-n-roll in Thank You Mr DJ. Wooing the DJ culture, this soundtrack too comes in grooming tones for DJ and pitches the naughty nasal twang of Mika Singh as the lead soloist. Sachin-Jigar makes the finest usage of loops of kick-drumming, hand-claps (similar to We will Rock You (QUEEN-1977) that forms a sedate backdrop of this lively fun-filled track. The ballistic distorted electric guitar riffs and percussions elates its prospects for big screen histrionics with svelte Suzanne D' Mello adding feminine touches. For its immensely 'yuppie' thriving feel it may have restricted appeal but overall it's another enlightening youthful number that should be adding vibrancy in situational needs of the flick. Rocking!!!

Resurrecting the folk pop fusion feel of tracks like Rab Milaye and More Saiyan (TEREE SANG) with a strong dash of Rahman stylized Sufi rock, Sachin-Jigar deliver out another winner in impressive sounding Piya Kesariyo. The song embellishes the Sufism of tracks like Dil Se (DIL SE) with folk pop fusion feel and fine set of impressive vocals as its strongest supports. Anushka Manchanda's sultry-cum-suave modulating voice is simply breathtaking as it moves with changing tempos and moods of the track. It has the folksy backdrop of Gujarati folk Kesariya Balma with effective back-up vocals of Jigar Saraiya that gets energized with bombastically profound electric guitar riffs and percussions. Sachin-Jigar maintains top slot again and serenades out another potential situational soundtrack for the flick. Impressive!

Hilarity mushroomed with buffoonery of romantic antics adds to DJ party and creates another furor of happenings in Kaari Kaari. Tochi Raina's deep-throated Punjabi folksy punches sing out funny one-liners and connect sporadically with the characters and situations of the film. Mayur Puri's comical lyrical attributes creates joviality as well as gives ample moments to shake booty on floors. Sachin-Jigar's composition may sound routine this time but still it carries sufficient ammunition to amuse listener, overall a likable fun-filled situational number that should add to the humor quotient.

HUM TUM SHABANA is an urbane-centric fun-loving musical album that promises to add cheerfulness in the madcap happenings of this laugh riot. Sachin-Jigar are impressive and prove once again that they are among the finest in the league of upcoming composers. If one goes by the market trends then soundtracks like Musik Bandh Na Karo will be the next big thing on DJ charts while there is loads of promise in tracks like Hey Na Na Shabana, Thank You, Mr DJ and Piya Kesariyo. Just like the predictable success for composer's previous albums (TEREE SANG and F.A.L.T.U), this one too has lots in store for its prospective listeners, a strong word-of-mouth and aggressive promotion will surely be big boost for its commercial success.

Rating - 3.5/5

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