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Music Review : Ishqiya

Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Abhishek Chaubey
 Vishal Bhardwaj
 Gulzar, Ajinkya Iyer
 Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi, Vidya Balan

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view ISHQIYA videos

view ISHQIYA videos

Without an iota of doubt, last year belonged to two highly respected names in the world of Hindi film music, and they were composer Vishal Bhardwaj and lyricist, Gulzar for their chartscorcher 'Dhan Te Nan' from their trendsetting crime classic, KAMINEY. The nation, especially the youth and children went rapturous and Vishal-Gulzar magical composition could be heard in every nook and corner. Recently it was adjusted the most popular song of the year on a reputed TV channel and one is sure that the song will sweep all the popular awards this year. These two stalwarts of the Bollywood cinema have always come up with quality, soul engrossing music that has succeeded in striking a chord even with the common man, be it MAACHIS ('Chappa Chappa'), OMKARA ('Beedi') or KAMINEY ('Dhan Te Nan'). And no wonder expectations from their next album, ISHQIYA, is quite high, if not humongous. So, let us put the foot on the accelerator and delve deep into its music, rooted in the dark world of 'desi' crime, love and passion, in a movie directed by Vishal's assistant, Abhishek Chaubey!

When three geniuses like Vishal Bhardwaj, Gulzar and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan come together on one platform one can be assured that the result will be a heavenly experience, and 'Dil To Bachcha Hai' is more than that. An enchanting romantic piece that has simple melody woven with intricate wordings that strike the heart - 'Aisi uljhi nazar unse hathti nahi, Daant se reshmi dor katti nahi, Umar kab ki baras ke sufed ho gayee, Kari badri jawani ki chhathti nahi'. And with sounds that are straight out of a Raj Kapoor-Mukesh era, (in the mould of 'Dil Ki Nazar Se' and also from SARANGA's 'Haan Deewana Hoon Main'), complete with the showman's favourite musical instrument, accordion, along with piano, guitar and keyboards, it does make for a masterpiece. Even Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is made to sound more like Mukesh and its an absolute delight to hear him render the number with the usual excellence and elan. The song has tremendous repeat value and will especially appeal to all who love the sound of the sixties. Vishal-Gulzar-Rahat and the whole team take a bow. The song is definitely worth every penny spent on buying the album.

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'Dil To Bachcha-Remix' is a tastefully decorated composition and all credit goes to Clinton Cerejo, who apart from remixing the song, also supports Rahat as a singer. English lyrics by Ajinkya Iyer too are classy and intermingle with the Hindi lyrics and don't seem forced.

Sound of the starting of an engine and honking is a novel way to commence a very novel number indeed and 'Ibn-E-Batuta' sung by the two Singhs, the master singer Sukhwinder and Mika (who is slowly and surely evolving as an artist) certainly belongs to that category. The composition can be called a tribute by Gulzar and Vishal to the legendary Moroccon traveller known for his travails in the early twelfth century. However it's more than a tribute as the two male protagonists of the film, Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi are petty criminals who are on a journey and the song unravels their travails and adventure and therefore the comparison. It's not just a humorous number that has some funny words, as may appear from the promos, but therein lies the real philosophy of life which Gulzar conveys so effectively and interestingly. 'Agle mod per maut khadi hai, Marne ki bhi kya jaldi hai, Horn baja ke aa bagiyan mein, Durghatna se der bhali hai.' Also to a layman, the lyrics, 'Bagal mein joota' might sound strange but that's not so, as in ancient times, travelers used to travel on foot and when they got tired, they would keep their shoes in their sides and keep on with their journey and overcome foot fatigue. Much in the same way, Naseer-Arshad are undertaking a longish journey to their ancestral village and so the lyrics are drawing parallel to the history and present. The highly infectious tune relies more on 'desi' musical instruments like the harmonium, 'dholak' with a good dose of western too like guitar and bagpipes to give it that contemporary touch.

download ISHQIYA wallpapers

download ISHQIYA wallpapers

The song features twice as remixed versions. The 'Ibn-E - Batuta-Nucleya Remix' has heightened rhythm and digitalized sounds which may sound funny but they fail to entertain while the 'Ibn-E- Batuta-Remix' by Jackie V is more like the ones we are used to which are programmed for the dance floor.

Vishal's highly talented better half, Rekha, who made the entire country dance with her 'Raat Ke Dhaai Baje'(KAMINEY) comes behind the mike for the endearing 'Ab Mujhe Koi'. A superb fusion of 'ghazal' cum light 'geet', the number has minimal music in the background, highlighting Rekha's slightly inebriated and husky vocals are in perfect blend with the intense romantic mood of the song and convey the anxiety and impatience of a woman in love with ease and class. Though the slow pace of the song may not appeal to all but musically it's a treat in itself. Besides, it's once again the wizard wielding the pen (we obviously mean Gulzar Sahab) that deserves a bow for the amazing poem. 'Jin dino aap rahte the, Aankh mein dhoop rahti thi, Ab to chhaale hee chhaale hain, Woh bhi jaane wale hain, Ab mujhe koi intezar kahan, Woh jo bahte the abshaar kahan.'

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It's Rekha who has been assigned the task of bringing the album to a super classy end with the semi-classical 'Badi Dheere Jali'. Looks like the song has been especially composed keeping Rekha in mind as classical singing is her forte and she without doubt excels, as no contemporary singer could have done justice to the fine nuances of the highly difficult to sing track. The use of Indian musical instruments like 'Mohan Veena' by Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and also the 'sitar' interlude is simply an enthralling experience .The words of the song are reminiscent of Gulzar's own classy 'Beeti Na Bitayi Raina'(PARICHAY). A class end to a top class album.

In a nutshell, the music of ISHQIYA is quite on the expected lines, the kind one expects from the team of Vishal and Gulzar, but a touch disappointing too, as that probable chartscorcher that has always been a part of their albums is missing. It's situational music that will appeal to a select few and so its commercial viability will be restricted, but here's hoping that aggressive promotion may do the trick. Two songs that deserve mention are 'Dil To Bachcha Hai' and 'Ab Mujhe Koi'.

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