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Music Review : Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum

 Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum
Director :  Sachin Yardi
Music :  Sachin-Jigar, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Meet Bros Anjaan
Lyrics :  Mayur Puri, Kumaar
Starring :  Riteish Deshmukh, Tusshar Kapoor, Neha Sharma, Sarah Jane Dias and Anupam Kher

July 9, 2012 01:11:19 PM IST
By Satyajit, Glamsham Editorial
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Nonsensical, nonsensical and now even more nonsensical...! KYAA SUPER KOOL HAIN HUM, sequel to mad-cap rom-com KYA KOOL HAIN HUM, proclaims itself to be prankster-friendly 'sex-com' and promises to be in cadre of successful sequels in weeks to come. Fuelled by hilariously profound love-chemistry and comical gags, this entertainer has flashy cum funky musical scores to its credits. It has range of composers to enthrall, from experienced campaigners (Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy) to the most promising prodigies of B-town (Sachin-Jigar, Meet Bros Anjaan), the scenario is looking really interesting. Cheeky lyrics, funk-licious beat music with host of reliable names (Sonu Nigam, Kailash Kher, Vishal Dadlani, Daler Mehndi, Sukhwinder Singh and Neeraj Sridhar) in the credits...will they make it a 'Kool' combination this time? Let's check this out...

Revitalizing the colorfully alluring feel of a true 'slapstick' comical entertainer, the first track 'Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya', a 'howlariously' penned track, showcases the true hilarious gripping feel of this rom-com. Vishal Dadlani's extra excruciating vocal throws in modulating tones matches well with techno-funk electronic fillers. No thinking caps for this track as now the mood is completely nonsensical to core. Mayur Puri's humdrum lyrics go extra miles to be nonsensical ('Arey koi nahi tujh si hi-fi, Arey ae Gucci mein naha ke tu hai aayi, Tune aisa kiya scratch ke dil tujh se hi attach...') and fits well into the funny caricatures. This Sachin-Jigar's electronically techno-improvised work has a typical 'Brit-Pop' disco feel and is fuelled with extra energized percussions that are mixed well with peppy electronic fillers and screechy feminine chorals. It's frothy 'remix' version is equally rip-roaring. The added pulsating 'club-remix' disco fillers with enthralling beat-juggles are optimally mixed to deliver out an exciting dance-floor feisty treat. Aggressive promotions, multi-colored opulence, flashy costumes have already contributed well to the credits of its track and its flamboyant on-screen display will surely be an added bliss. Go for it!!!

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Melody Bug (????) hits Crazy-town! To luxuriate out mushy romantic moments in a jovial mood, 'Shirt da Button', a cool 'n' cheeky soundtrack comes like a musical ornament that not only amuses but also delivers a peculiar 'shayari' of its kind. Hear this - 'Teri shirt da main taan button soniye, Baalon ka tere main haaye clip ho gaya, Chand se bhi zyada sohna mukhda tera, Dekhte hi dil ye slip ho gaya...' (lyrics-Kumaar), epitomizing a hilarious but romantic take on women adornments, accentuating out the desired humor-quotient even in supple tender moments. None other than commendable Sonu Nigam lauds this frothy and fun-filled lovable number that should go well with funky caricatures of the male leads. Meet Bros-Anjaan's composition has contemporary Sufiyana 'qawalli' tones in the middle interludes that lend a desirable 'thehrav' in this jocularly pitched number. The supple toned ambience in arrangements gives it a true blue romantic feel, serenading out the much needed soothing calm feel. Sonu Nigam delivers it again and this time with a strong humorous tinge that should promise a trendsetter for latter slapstick entertainers. Kailash Kher's supremely folksy textured voice is the 'chosen one' for the 'Shirt da Button (version 2)'. As compared to the original version, it's more sedate, classical and ethnical in tones, arrangements and orchestrations. This version has more intrinsically Sufiyana pitched 'qawalli' works and makes it a more emotionally suited background score material. Whether it's Kumaar's well etched humorous wordings or composers ably pitched orchestrations (both versions), it's a deserving romantic score that should be adding to the flick's promising credentials, a probable chartbuster in days to come. Impressive!!!

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Going with the mass-friendly raunchy 'item-song' trend, the next soundtrack 'Hum toh hain Cappuchino (UP)' comes like a trendy cum funky rehashed version to Shilpa Shetty's ever-popular 'UP Bihar Lootne' (SHOOL). Once again, no thinking caps to be employed to enjoy this as wordings are wishy-washy but vocals too sound more like a pack of garrulous cranks. Well suited for a nonsensical dancing situation with a mass-appealing feel, it brings out the likes of Daler Mehndi, Sukhwinder, Swaroop and Ritesh Deshmukh as the lead vocalists of the track. Meet Bros-Anjaan rehashes Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's original composition 'UP Bihar Lootne' as they uses the signature tuneful appeal throughout the track with loads of nonsensical wordings, 'dhol' works, claps and whistles, giving it a totally massy feel. The highlight comes in the latter half where Ritesh Deshmukh sings out in Marathi, delivering out a festive 'Maharastrian lavni' outlook in a typical 'Mumbaiya tapoori' tone. Like 'Hum Ka Peeni hain' (DABANGG), this one too goes for some 'mauj-masti' feel for big screen, a likable musical piece that should be catalyzing the hilarious flow in the flick.

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'Volume High Karle', a bombastically high party feasting track follows the diktats of a typical Bollywood's feisty party tracks that have been usurping up the pep-factor of rom-com's in last few years. Neeraj Sridhar's booming vocals sings this in vociferously high octaves and matches well with techno-ballistic electronic arrangements. This time Meet Bros-Anjaan tries to give it a 'Char Baj Gaye' (FALTU) sporting party feel but all it ends up is a rehashed 80's Bollywood track feel ('Pyar do Pyar Lo' (THANKYOU)), a reasonably fervent sounding upbeat number that should be adding to the light moments of the flick. 'Volume High Karle (remix)' is energetically flashy DJ version of this track that not only aggravate dancing feel but adds a desired pumping thrive to the track. Funk-i-licious to core, it mixes the electronica based signature tuneful beat impacts with beat juggles, DJ spins with optimum proportions of echoing and emceeing in the backdrop.

KYAA SUPER KOOL HAIN HUM delivers a 'Kool' pompous thrive of a fun-loving comical joyride. Meet Bros-Anjaan lives up to the expectations of reliable budding composers and delivers pack of frolicsome soundtracks that gist out the comical feel of the flick. On musical quotient, the album does not promise anything earth-shattering but delivers a frisky musical exhibit that should work well in varied situations. Soundtracks like 'Shirt da Button' and 'Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya' are likely to be catching fast with listeners while 'Hum toh hain Cappuchino (UP)' and 'Volume High Karle' should be working well as musical fillers in the narrative flow of this comic caper.

Rating -3/5

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