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Music Review : Lahore

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Music :

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Starring :
 Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan
 MM Kreem and Piyush Mishra
 Junaid Wasi and Panchhi Jalohnvi
 Aanaahad, Shraddha Das, Nafisa Ali, Farouque Shaikh, Kelly Dorji, Sushant Singh, Shraddha Nigam, Saurabh Shukla, Ashish Vidyarthi, Mukesh Rishi, Late Nirmal Pandey, Sabyasachi Chakraborty and K Jeeva.

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view LAHORE videos

view LAHORE videos

Not many films receive as much appreciation and accolades, including innumerable awards before release as Warner Bros. Pictures (India) Pvt. Ltd and Sai Om films Pvt. Ltd's LAHORE has achieved. The film promotes the cause of humanity and talks of international peace and friendship between countries through a relatively uncommon sport, kickboxing.

To handle the music department, the makers have gone in for the seasoned and the talented music composer, M. M. Kreem, who rose to fame with Mahesh Bhatt's CRIMINAL and his association with the Bhatts has been a long and fruitful one. His most memorable compositions like 'Tum Mile' (CRIMINAL) and 'Jadoo Hai Nasha Hai from JISM (the song that made Shreya Ghoshal a household name), are from the house of Bhatts, although there is no denying the fact that Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chilli Entertainment venture PAHELI was one of his most diversified and memorable works. Providing him company is the highly versatile Piyush Mishra (GULAAL fame) as the guest composer. So, naturally expectations from them to deliver another quality album increase to greater heights. Let's get on and hear for ourselves what's on offer.

K K, Karthik and Kreem, its all men power (and K factor!) that marches ahead with vigour and patriotic fervour in the highly charged and inspirational 'Ab Ye Kaafila'. A song that spreads the message to move ahead in life and aim for the sky and never feel letdown by difficulties. The drill like tune that Kreem chooses here is very easy on the lips, the rhythm is absolutely terrific, the tempo is built up gradually and the climax (consisting of a superb orchestral display) absolutely thrilling. It will definitely be worth a watch on the big screen as the musical arrangements are top notch and lend the song and through it, the movie, a sense of excitement, expectancy and thrill. The lyrics by Junaid Wasi are worth a mention as they not only motivate but also provide an insight into the objectives and aims of the protagonists and their staunch belief in achieving their goal -'Desh ke kaam aaya ek katra lahoo bhi, Sau baras tak hai taaza, Sau baras zinda hai.'

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Close on the heels comes another journey number, as can be judged from the title itself, 'Musafir', which is a slow, philosophically inclined number that may not appeal to those who like fast paced rhythmic compositions, but it is a song that will certainly be appreciated by those with an ear for good quality music. And keeping that in mind the song appears twice in the album; once featuring Daler Mehndi and the second time the composer M. M. Kreem himself does the honour of rendering the song. Certainly and without any doubt, Daler excels when compared to Kreem, reason being that Kreem's diction is bad, and more so as there are a lot of Urdu words in this number. On the other hand, Daler is impeccable. In fact it is difficult to even imagine that it's Daler, who is usually associated with loud, fast paced dance numbers or highly charged patriotic compositions, who has sung this number. His low octave rendition is an eye opener and all credit to the composer who has had the guts to make him shed his popular style and focus on his immense vocal prowess. Panchhi Jalohnvi's lyrics are situational and philosophical- 'Lamha lamha zindagi ka hai aakhir, Musafir hai musafir'- force one to think and they are also motivational. The use of flute, violin, guitar and piano are all in keeping with the somber mood of the situation and the song will find apt usage as a background score.

'Kar le fateh dil pe, O mitra', Shankar Mahadevan exhorts all with his zealous rendition in 'Rang De', a song that has definite snatches of Rahman's iconic RANG DE BASANTI title track, although this is more Punjabi based, and has its own characteristic flavour and spirit. Shilpa Rao joins Shankar in this friendship gesture and renders her part with elan. The opening harmonium piece seems to be inspired by SRK's chartbusting number, 'Haule Haule' from RAB NE MILA DI JODI, which may be unintentional. The 'bhangra' based dance track is highly rhythmic and is very infectious and appealing and will surely spice up the proceedings in the film and serve to lighten the highly volatile drama. A number that may become an anthem for all sports teams that go on tours with the message of conquering hearts and winning the love and confidence of all, which is conveyed effectively and in a very entertaining manner, through the best possible medium, song!

view LAHORE movie stills

view LAHORE movie stills

'Saaware' commences with soft piano and violin notes hinting at the possibility of a melodious but sad love song but does not prepare us for the absolutely gem of a number ahead, a song that dwells long on the minds after its over. The reason being it's simple, flowing melody and MM Kreem's heart rending singing. The song about love and longing, and the situation of 'judaai' has long been exploited and has remained a favourite, and the composer has indeed dressed up this number with all the right ingredients. The lovely blend of Indian musical instruments like 'sitar', 'ghatam' along with western ones like guitar, violin, harmonica is a treat and express the anguish and longing of the protagonists. The excellent lyrics by Junaid Wasi convey this expression of sadness and pangs of separation to the fullest. 'O saaware, Khushiyan gayee sang tere, Lage ab khali khali se kuche, Dikhe ab soona soona sa aangan, Soona sa man ka gaon re.' The end is literally rocking with lots of drums and percussion instruments and this number indeed is a treat to the senses and is akin to a soothing balm for melancholy heart.

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Just two seconds into guest composer Piyush Mishra's 'O Re Bande', and one is absolutely sure of a masterpiece lurking ahead. And a masterpiece it does turn out be! To the average listener the composition may sound like just another 'sufi' based 'qawwali' number, but hey, this is way beyond an average 'qawwali' that one hears at shrines and 'dargahs' of 'sufi' saints across the sub continent. The number has the capacity of moving even the stone hearted with its thought provoking theme about universal brotherhood, humanity and peace. Piyush Mishra's lyrics are masterfully crafted into the melody and are deep rooted in faith and belief. Sample the simplistic but touching lyrics - 'Aasoon sameinte ja raha tha, Aur ghao bote jaa raha, Falsafa tu dekh tune kis kader uljha liya, Bhai akhir prem ki bas ek chhithi pardh zara, Mahsoos hoga ke khuda ne sar tera sahla diya'. Kudos to Piyush, the lyricist! And who else but Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to do justice to the number, as he carries on his uncle, the legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's legacy of 'sufi' singing to its heights and glory. It is a delight to hear him render such a number as up till now he was stuck with the stereotype romantic compositions (not that we mind!) but here he gets the scope to show his talent to the fullest. May be 'qawwali' runs in his blood, like his late uncle! The vastly versatile Shilpa Rao comes in briefly to enthrall with her soulful rendition. The chorus that aids the lead singers too is good. It's the age old instrument harmonium, without which no 'qawwali' is complete, that has been used liberally, although 'daf', 'sitar' and 'bansuri'(flute) too has been used freely. Music has been arranged by Hitesh Soni who does a brilliant job.

Internationally renowned music composer and producer, Wayne Sharpe, who also happens to be the background music composer of LAHORE, has been assigned the task of composing and arranging the haunting 'Lahore Theme'. And this award winning artist keeps his reputation of composer par excellence through the track. The track, although slightly brief is of international quality, the vocals of Lisbeth Scott giving the theme an opera touch is a delight, the orchestral arrangements simply exhilarating. A classy end to a super classy album.

To sum up, we can for sure proclaim that the audio album of LAHORE will definitely be rated as one of the best works of Kreem. In fact Kreem has excelled himself and has not compromised on quality in order to keep the music globally appealing, befitting the score of a movie of international quality like LAHORE. Not to forget Piyush Mishra, who shows why he is revered and is a favourite of filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap. All the songs fit into the movie and add as narratives and it's difficult to pick out any favourites. But this is a routine that we have to follow. 'O Re Bande', 'Saaware' and 'Rang De' are the jewels in LAHORE's precious crown. For the lovers of classy and at the same time supreme quality music, the album is a must buy!

Rating - 4/5

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