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Music Review : Aao Wish Karein

 Aao Wish Karein
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Glenn Baretto
 Ankur Tewari, Xulfi
 Ankur Tiwari, Xulfi, Danish Khan
 Aftab Shivdasani, Aamna Sharif, Johnny Lever

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view AAO WISH KAREIN videos

Aftab Shivadasani's AAO WISH KAREIN is his first maiden production venture along with reputed corporate, Mumbai Mantra, and for that Aftab has chosen two relative newcomers to handle the music department. One is Ankur Tewari, who made quite a name for himself with EK CHALIS KI LAST LOCAL and the other is the composer-singer from Pakistan, Xulfi, who was quite promising in Aftab's ALOO CHAAT and EK CHALIS KI LAST LOCAL. Both the composers have once again got a chance to showcase their talent and naturally one can expect something out of the box from these two very promising and innovative composers, especially in view of the fact that AAO WISH KAREIN is a romantic flick with a backdrop of fantasy as well. Let's see if they are able to make our wish of a melodious outing come true through their cumulative efforts.

First to come up is 'Sabse Peeche Hum Khade', originally written and composed by Ankur Tewari himself for the OST of LET'S ENJOY and one may find it strange how the enchanting song finds its place here. Well the makers have chosen this song because AAO WISH KAREIN was originally titled SABSE PEECHE HUM KHADE during the initial schedule in the picturesque Shimla (we had broken the news- Aftab-Aamna Shariff's SABSE PEECHE HUM KHADE- September 9, 2008), and therefore this number can well be called the title song too. Coming to the song itself, the sound of simple guitar strums and whistling was never so pleasurable as Kunal Ganjawala takes over in his characteristic and at times slightly base (on purpose) vocals. The uniqueness of the song lies in its straight one track melody which is so very hummable, and the background arrangements relying on guitar, clarinet, saxophone lend it that rock and roll touch of the sixties. All credit to the programming and arrangements by Mikey Mccleary. The song has all the basic ingredients to make it a hit but needs promotion.


Sunidhi Chauhan gets the livelier and merrier version of the song aptly titled, 'Sabse Peeche Kyon Khade', and the soft melody gets a kick in the right direction, as the heightened tempo matches with the festive mood of the song.

Then there is the slower version, 'Sabse Peeche Hum Khade-Reprise' sung by Kunal Ganjawala where he simply excels as this version is the one with minimum music in the background and this too is quite a treat to the ears but the first version is definitely the best.

It's now Xulfi's turn who presents us with 'Reh Jaane Do', which commences with some good fusion of guitar and cello sounds. The emphasis is on lovely background musical arrangements consisting of some amazing display of violin by Javed Saab, cello by Pappu Bhai and guitaring by Xulfi. The composer showcases his versatility through some superb lyrics which are semi-philosophical as well as partly romantic. The song on the whole is wonderfully packaged but the basic tune is slow, which sort of makes it less commercially viable.


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A joint composition by Ankur Tewari and Mickey Mccleary, 'Tum Mere Ho' is a pleasant sounding love song with a nice, soft melody. Kunal Ganjawala and Sunidhi lend their vocals to this dreamy love ballad where both of them are simply excellent as their voice modulations are perfect and they sing in superb harmony, especially during the serene sounding chorus. Yet again we are treated to some lovely background music accompanying a very beautiful song. Ankur's lyrics though are filmy and routine.

Once again guitar and cello sounds commence Xulfi's 'Kuch Aisa Ho Jaaye'. Easily the best track of the album, it sums up the theme of the movie which is all about believing in fairy tales and making wishes coming true. The swinging tune which was lacking in Xulfi's previous song elevates the composition to the levels of brilliance. Xulfi's vocals are sugary sweet and they have the simple charm that attracts the listeners. Xulfi's dedicated team of musicians work up the magic with some lovely background arrangements which work as a decorative gem in this enchanting gem of a number. Lyrics are a combined efforts of Xulfi and Danish Khan and are in sync with the theme of the movie and so go well with the narrative and subject of the film- 'Chhoti chhoti baatoin mein, Sochoon din mein raaton mein, Jo chahoon woh mil jaaye, Kuch aisa ho jaaye.'

The song also appears as a brief sad version, 'Kuch Aisa Ho Jaaye- Sad' which is quite effective.

The album comes to a close with 'Sab Yaahan Hai' by Ankur Tewari and Mikey Mccleary. It is a song aimed totally at the kids who are the target audience of the film, which goes with the tagline, 'If you believe in fairy tales, you will become a part of it.' This is a retro style song of gay abandon, joy and celebration seeing the wishes coming true and the party mood is all set up by the rocking and rolling music (more heard in circus and carnivals) that accompanies the song. Kunal is excellent as he perks up the situation with a joyful rendition and Ankur's lyrics too are good and in keeping with the situation.

On the whole, Aftab's AAO WISH KAREIN may not exactly make his wish of a box-office success come true through the combined musical efforts of Xulfi and Ankur Tewari, as the chartbusters are missing. However, keeping the subject and mood of the film in mind, the music is quite nice and two compositions, 'Kuch Aisa Ho Jaaye' and 'Sabse Peeche Hum Khade' are brilliant. The album needs to be promoted heavily in this era of blitzkrieg marketing for a good response when the film opens on 13th November, just before Children's Day, a good ploy adopted by the makers.

Ratings  : 3/5

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