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Music Review : De Dana Dan

 De Dana Dan
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Pritam Chakraborty and RDB
 Sayeed Quadri, Irshad Kaamil, Sameer, Ashish Pandit
 Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Sunil Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Neha Dhupia, Sameera Reddy and Archana Puran Singh

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view DE DANA DAN videos

view DE DANA DAN videos

Comical bandwagon...can't be better and bigger than this!!! Eros Entertainment's DE DANA DAN packs hilarious triumvirate trio of our generation (Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal), bevies of beauties (Katrina Kaif, Neha Dhupia and Sameera Reddy) with directorial expertise of dependable Priyadarshan in promising a frothy livewire entertainer. To spice up the proceedings, Pritam Chakraborty along with RDB sets the funky base to this comical caper with songs that suit the bizarre comical taste of this frolicking fun flick. In the past, the conglomerate of Pritam and Priyadarshan has delivered super-hit musicals like BHOOL BHULAIYAA with string of above average to mediocre musical releases.

Comedies has never been promising musical fun-fare but DE DANA DAN has all the commercial "masala" to raise big expectations. Can this iconic pairing of successful HERA PHERI in this rib-tickling comical fare be a big musical delight for listeners? Let's find this out...


Mellowed and subtle melody in the form of "Rishte Naate" reignites the flare of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan-Pritam combo with strong influence of westernized melodic touches in Bollywood's contemporary romantic tones. This relationship based love track has contemporary Bollywood's melody flair rather than peculiar Sufism as signature rhythmical patterns. Suzanne D' Mello's anglicized accented English phrases in the prelude gives it an urbane feel and mixed and matched with Hindi poetic wordings (Sayeed Quadri), it carries as supportive gestures in the middle of latter interludes with ease. Rahat's voice dominates in soothing 70's arrangements with catchy fling that gives it impressive modest outlook. Overall it has tempo, feel of Pritam's hit "Tere Bin" (BHAGAM BHAG -2006) while the latter phase has closing similar to "Teri Ore" (SINGH IS KINNG -2008) and is sentimental core of this glitzy laugh riot.

For all dancing freaks, Kunal Ganjawala takes the centre-stage with his sensuous baritones to ooze out with frenzied beat-juggles and DJ claps in "Rishte Naate (remix)" to pump out rocker for the floors.

With triumphant comical phase of Akshay Kumar, RDB has too become an iconic singing sensation in B-town and together they strike their third consequential blow in massy "Paisa". This Akshay Kumar-Katrina Kaif's highly publicized track has added feature of Manak E and Selina with added support of glossy costumes, synchronized dancing beat steps matched with strong intrinsic rustic flair of Punjabi folksy beats with crustily loud vocals. Pitched to woo masses, its glitz "n" gloss in picturisation, bankable face-value, aggressive promotion coupled with electronically profound composition is likely to entice pub-culture dancing crowd. It may sound bleak comparison to RDB's colossal hit "Singh is Kinng" (SINGH IS KINNG -2008) but has that UK "bhangra" fusion appeal that can strike chords with listeners.

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"Paisa (club mix)" is frenzied title track, epitomizing the money-crazy folly of lead pair with bombastic "club" remixing synthesizing well with peppy mood of the original soundtrack.

"Gale Lag Ja", a "feel-good" romantic track unravels some of Pritam's yesteryear soft numbers with no major hiccups in rhythms, sounds or composition. Javed Ali's expressive voice is at the helm of affairs with fresh singing sensation Banjyotsna (sounding like Alisha Chinai) cuddling up senses in Arabic-cum-westernized sounding composition. Banjyotsna's voice impresses in svelte tones, Javed Ali's emotes well but there are routine sounding melodic connotations of depicting romanticism in its zingy composition.

The second version has accelerated tempo, double beat patterns with Dominic Cerejo's anglicized vocals to support and add pep factor to this track.

view DE DANA DAN movie stills

view DE DANA DAN movie stills

The carnival extravaganza time is all set to pulsate up passions with all pompous enthralling Latino sounds, making thriving melodic moves in racy sounding "Baamulaiza". This time Pritam revisits "Signal" (BHAGAM BHAG -2006) with similar Samba-cum-Salsa carnival musical buzz (loud horns, trumpets blows) in caricaturing out livewire events. Dominic Cerejo's svelte voice is comically "tweety" (like "Vengaboys" songs), Style bhai shows snooty emceeing and Mika Singh shows nasal twang gush in making it fun-frolicking affair.

There are all visually delightful antics to lure in this glitzy show and to add to its pep factor, there is "Baamulaiza (Raaga Mix)" blooming out reggae cum hip-hop binge to zeal out passions on floors. This snazzy remix is thriving promotional feature that will be working wonders with all alluring Latino musical madness adding spice to this funky comical caper.

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Pritam made history with "It's Rocking" (KYA LOVE STORY HAI-2007) and the zest followed later in couple of later tracks but the oomph-factor was strikingly missing. "Hotty Naughty", a sensuously crooned dancing number by Sunidhi Chauhan follows the same genre but the spicy tinge, girly mischief and enticing vows are relatively weak in rendition. It ends up as average seductive "item song" with no great shakes in its thumping electronic cum disco beat bangs.

"Hotty Naughty (remix)" by upcoming Kalpana Patwari comes in modish cabaret singing attire with infectious reggae cum hip-hop flare ruling the show. It's again a visually delightful affair with Pritam's composition hardly creating any big waves.

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The finale "De Dana Dan", a conventional sounding title track by Ad Boys, comes in typical Priyadarshan's iconic comical fun-fare with chirpy wording, loud singing and thump-beat enthralling music. Like "Yaara Dhol Bajake" (DHOL -2007), this comes loud to serenade out slapstick entertainment with all three musketeers showcasing madcap mood with booming Punjabi beat music, making it merrier for listeners.

DE DANA DAN has smile, grin and laughter in its musical packaging with soundtracks catering to the slapstick comical flair of the flick. Pritam rejuvenates some of his commercially successful works with success while RDB maintains their UK "bhangra-beat" massy flavours. The album scores in "Rishte Naate", "Paisa" and "Baamulaiza" while rests of them are perfect situational scores. The songs are presumed to be visual spectacle where starry brigade will be flashing up in glitzy costumes, swanky sets and exotic locales to deliver the frothy comical appeal. Do wait till they strike big on silver screen...

Rating - 3/5

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