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Music Review : F.A.L.T.U

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 Remo D'Souza
 Jackky Bhagnani, Puja Gupta, Riteish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Sushmita Sen and Angad Bedi

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Youthfully festive, energetically bouncy and thematically gists out the feel of F.A.L.T.U (meaning 'useless')! Farah Khan, Ahmed Khan, Ganesh Acharya and now Remo D'Souza (all leading choreographers of B-town), take challenge of directing full-fledged feature films by pitching out promising young-talents together for this teenybopper's delight flick. F.A.L.T.U makes history of its kind by launching its music on the official website at affordable rates, clearly indicating that this is an upbeat youth-feast that arrives with technical innovation.

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Sachin-Jigar, a prodigal duo who made a splendid debut with TEREE SANG (2009) make a 'cool' splash of musical happenings with this album. In the past, both Remo and producers (Vashu Bhagnani) have a splendid track record of delivering out the best in musical section and so expectations are believed to be mercurial high. Ditto for Sachin-Jigar, who are believed to be finest among budding composers, and have assisted almost every big composer in the marquee? Can we expect this F.A.L.T.U to be racy, peppy and unlike its title ('useless'), a more worthy album in its genre? Dancing floors are ready, mushy romance is about to bloom but can this Sachin-Jigar album have enough thrills to make things happen on your audio players? Let's start the 'faltugiri' by plugging 'play' button on...

Sonorously tuneful! Atif Aslam's extremely likable sonorous baritones are at helm of affairs that collage beautifully with harmoniously tuned hard-metal base composition to churn out a magnificently paced soundtrack called 'Le Ja Tu Mujhe'. It's a song that talks about desires, freedom and hope in its lively wordings with trendy flair of meticulously arranged rock-based orchestrations as its backdrop. Sameer's meaningfully prosaic lyrics ('Ab dabi dabi awaaz hai, Khoye sabi alfaaz hain, Naaraz kyun saaz hai gaanon se mere, Chubh rahi hain woh shikaayatein, Shikaayatein na jaane kyun apni chaahatein, Beshaakh tha iss dard se...) exudes out a liberal-thinking notions of 'breaking-all-the-rules' and creating 'world-of-their-own'. Sachin-Jigar's rollicking composition unravels from grungy distorted electric guitar riffs, impulsive rocking feel to subtle 'sarangi' based instrumental moods, thus creating dramatic undertones for this youthful saga. The soundtrack has 'chartbuster' written all over it and should be having major takers among urbane listeners. Play it cool, play it loud, it has all zeal and soul to be played again and again for your audio players and I-pods, grab-it-soon! Chartbuster!!!

Leave your thinking caps and wear your dancing shoes! Wishy-washy wordings, pulsating arrangements and Hard Kaur's quivering vocals collage well to thrive out a zany dancing number in 'Char Baj Gaye'. Remo prefers it to be a typical choreographer's delight song with synchronized electronic beat fillers making it easier for dancers to shake their legs on the floor. As per its fun-filled frolic feel, it is presumed to be a visual feast with 'gravity-defying' choreographic moves as its major highlights, so do wait when it arrives with actors giving their best on dancing floors.

After deliriously paced dancing grooves, it's genteel Indi-pop romantic hues that come breezing all the way in Neeraj Sridhar's delightful voice in 'Rab Sab Se Sona'. This soft-rock ballad has Pritam's strong melodic feel where English back-up vocals (Apeksha Dandekar) gels well with Hindi cum Punjabi lyrical flows. A few years back, Sachin-Jigar composed 'Rab Milya' (TEREE SANG) that got rave appreciation and this one too impresses in its mild tones.

Voice-over of protagonists! Sachin-Jigar shows their brawny skills this time as they pulverized their dexterity of phil-harmonic displays in motivationally profound theme track titled 'Awaaz'. Jigar's subtly crooned vocals epitomize the feel of listening to your inner-heart feelings that is full of aspirations and having freedom of its own kind. Its hues are soft, inspirational as well as invigorating in its lyrical textures that are amalgamated well with quality displays of traditional Indian classical instrumentals clubbed with appreciable phil-harmonic exhibit (violin chorals and piano drills) in its middle interludes. 'Awaaz' is likely to be the 'pick' of the lot in narration and should be welcome surprise for all those who treasure quality works from this talented duo.

Hard Kaur has something extra ballistic to offer for dancing floors as she clubs aggressively with Mika Singh in delivering out fast-paced dancing track 'Fully Faltu'. The feel is upbeat hip-hop and one expects acrobatic B-boying, stomping moves on floors with groovy feel of rave disco party. Sachin-Jigar's composition is funky and peppy with outlandish wordings ('Aaltu jalaaltu, Aayi bala tu taal tu, Tension vension chhod de baccha, hoja fully faltu...'), giving it a true campus-caper appeal. Like vivaciously loud 'Char Baj Gaye', it's likely to be another choreographer's special number that should be adding to the glam-quotient of the flick.

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Breezy hilly feel, likable voices and above all soothing orchestrations, all constitute to the trademark composing of Sachin-Jigar that makes another impressive dent of happenings in highly inspirational sounding 'Gale Laaga Le'. It starts off impressively with chirpy chorals that sublimes well into 'lounge' textured arrangements, epitomizing out a 'nature-fresh' decorum of delightful hilly surroundings, with a feel of loving life. Vijay Prakash's invigorating voice is motivational while upcoming Priya Panchal's silken-soft is a delight to hear, as the song progresses well in mild orchestral tones. This beautiful melody is in cadre of recently heard 'Awaaz' and 'Rab Milya' (TEREE SANG) and should be adding extra edges to both characterizations and narrations of the flick.

In a youth-oriented flick like F.A.L.T.U, one strongly anticipates concert like rock song with naive vocals that talk of aspirations, carefree thoughts, and new horizons of opportunities with extra zing in the instrumentals. It arrives vivaciously in 'Nayee Subah', a lovable youthful college-concert type of songs with contemporary displays of 'hard-rock' arrangements jostling loud and high, almost an ideal jingle for snazzy commercial advertisements. Jigar's voice is energetic, cool and peppy and so do its melodic feel, a frisky number that should be an entertainer on big screen, a worth-hearing again and again on campus circuits.

Situational and comical! Once again thinking caps take a back-seat as students start jamming together weirdly for a crazy college-fest with crap wordings in 'O Teri'. This time Sachin-Jigar make it clear that this is nonsensically comical with Jigar's crazy voices leading the show. To add humorous spice, this song must be one amusing musical-piece but nothing great in terms of melody or 'masti'.

Fun-filled nonsensical entertainment continues with 'Percentage' and this time the feel is completely crazy and the song talks about the plight of 'faltu' guys. This sounds engrossing as it builds character-graph of lead protagonists but moves out in gibberish lyrical mode. Sachin-Jigar's composition is of 'American Pie' style of snazzy cum rip-roaring stuff and should come out as perky background score in the flick. Neuman Pinto's madcap voice screams out to its best in describing low percentage of 'faltus' and works more like chitchat between them and their 'cool-daddies' in the most frivolous way.

Musical mood takes all together different route as album takes archetypical 70's rock 'n' roll swing and brings a spirit of fun-filled togetherness in 'Beh Chala'. It takes huge inspiration from the likes of Elvis Presley, Shakin Steven style of rock 'n' roll and enthralls in mix 'n' match of hip-hop jives that works sporadically with funky spirits of the song. Neeraj Sridhar enjoys this type of song and so do the lively emceeing that adds to the pep-factor. Sachin-Jigar show their zeal in unraveling indifferent terrains and delivers out a potential soundtrack that should be adding to the 'yuppie' factor of the album.

Satirical mood pulls off the curtains for this youthful album, as the last soundtrack, 'Bhoot Aaya', is not only comical but is also lyrically amusing. It comes out as frolicsome satire on popular commercial ad (Bajaj's 'Jab Mein Chhota Bacha Tha...) and further builds up a loud tempo, both in quizzical wordings and bombastic arrangements. Lehember Hussainpuri's peculiar toned voice is apt for this situation as the song is amalgam of crazy voices, freaky sounds and rhythms that helps in giving it multicolored hilarious shades.

F.A.L.T.U is 'fultoo' entertainment on ears; it's indeed a 'fundoo' album that should be creating sufficient pep-fizz for the flick among young urbane listeners. After a commendable start with TEREE SANG, talented duo Sachin-Jigar pile up another winner by composing out eleven soundtracks that entertain in their own way. If one goes by quality standards then Atif Aslam's 'Le Ja Tu Mujhe' is the finest, followed by 'Awaaz', 'Gale Laga Le', 'Rab Se Sona' and Nayee Subaah'. There is a lot in store to shake booty on floors as soundtracks like 'Char Baj Gaye', 'Percentage', ' Fully Faltu', 'Beh Chala' and 'Bhoot Aaya' are full on energy and create a desired uproarious dancing decorum. Funky theme, youthful genre and high-on-spirits compositions should be enough reasons in making this as another winner. Go for it and add one more worthy add to your music collections. Happy Listening!!!

Rating - 4/5

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