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   Music Review : Jannat

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 Kunal Deshmukh
 Sayeed Quadri
 Emraan Hashmi, Samir Kochhar, Sonal Chauhan

By Satyajit, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

Bhatt naturally (read,” But naturally”)! The “natural” basic instinct of Bhatt camp of infusing experimental musical elements and innovative expertise through improvisation maintains its top slot once again in their ambitious JANNAT. Despite the disappointing box office results of their recent bunch of flicks (DHOKHA, SHOWBIZ, AWARAPAAN), their music has never been under-paying or underprivileged in delivering quality entertainment. After the stupendous success of WOH LAMHE, the conglomerate of Pritam and Bhatt camp promises another set of worth-hearing attributes in JANNAT.

Pritam’s new terrain of improvising South Asian stylized rock music into Bollywood musical fling delivers “soul-provider” healing romantic impact in impressive “Zara Sa”. After “Tu Meri Shab Hai” (GANGSTER), KK shoulders another remarkable soft-rock smoothening track but with strong inputs of Indonesian rock musical buzz. The zany chorals, inspired woodwinds works coupled with enthralling stringed instrumental flow embellished in traditional South Asian musical creates an innovative mushy experience of “new-fangled” love. Sayed Quadri’s well-quoted simplistic “shayari” gets another syrupy dosage of romanticism in serene feel in its “power ballad” version. The sluggish tempo in peculiar sounding choral flows lends “lounge” musical impact that can well be materialized into background score needs. It promises another chartbusting success for both singer KK and composer Pritam and do expect to hear it repeatedly on all major radio and TV channels in coming weekends.

After flurry of Pakistani rock talents, Rupam Islam, lead vocalist of Indian Bengali rock band “Fossils” makes his bombastic and sporadic intrusion into filmdom with blistering hard-rock title track “Jannat Jahan”. It has characteristic distorted display of electric guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and drums with big bang that electrifies the “hard-rock” feel in this belligerent sound track. The title track about greed, gluttony and voracity of acquiring “jannat” (“heaven”) has Neelesh Mishra’s modestly relevant wordings. After the unwelcoming response of Ali Azmat’s feverish “Garaj Baras” (PAAP), this racy and outrageous number dares to revisit the unexplored genre of “hard-rock” with flair. Rupam’s boisterous vocals collages effervescently with energizing “solos”, riffs” of rhythmic guitarist while thriving drumming along with forceful baseline catalyzed its harmonic elements. Rupam had immense success in Bengali’s rock music and “Jannat Jahan” will certainly be adding one more notable work in his flourishing listing.

KK, the hot favorite soloist in “soft-rock” mode contorts to Bhatt camp stylized singing in mesmerizing and romantic track “Haan Tu Hain”. The melancholic track has shades of their patent musical style with strong tinge of “Qawalli” rendition flows in its interludes. Like “Zara Sa”, this above average sounding number had shades of Indonesian musical buzz in its serene sounding prelude while the track benchmarks itself to be typical Bhatt camp’s poignant track.

Kamran Ahmed (lead vocalist of rock group “82-rockers”), the second new entrant of the album brings the disco-fervor of Indi-pop binge where vintage melody gets stylized treatment of bouncy beats and eclectic rhythmical works in “Judai”. The “mukhda” of the number is word-to-word lift from “Lambi Judai” (Subhash Ghai’s HERO) while the latter work has “lounge” impact immersed with contemporary wordings and routine electronic rhythmical patterns. This pub-loving and party animals freaking track gets treatment of Sufi music with thriving “club-house” remix impact in “Judai (Kilogram Mix by DJ K& G). It brings memories of some of finest works of Bally Sagoo’s that had strong inclination towards Bollywood’s sentimental tracks. Folksy affluence of Richa Sharma throats out the feminine version of this heart-piercing track into similar wordings in emotionally touching “Lambi Judai”. The added “Sufiana” touches in Punjabi lingo with rhythmic electronic impact catalyze the pathos and suffering of the protagonist.

Rana Mazumdar had impressive but under-heard outing in “I am coming home” (HATTRICK) under his belt and now he comes out with another touching track “Door Na Jaa”. This “viraah” (separation) song has impulsive hard-rock appeal ushered into soft vocal textures of Rana’s mellowed voice that gets resonated to perfection in fine blend of synthesizers, piano and aggressive percussive elements. This situational track sumptuous up with the feel of severance and isolation with appealing words that coordinates well with the enthralling impulse of loud instrumentation.

The teamwork of Pritam, Sayed Quadri, Neelesh Mishra props up with another remarkable album for Bhatt camp in the form of JANNAT. The album ensures itself to be this year’s one of best sellers with tracks like “Zara Sa”, “Judai” and “Jannat Jahan” promising golden results. New entrants Rupam Islam and Kamran Ahmed shows great sparks in their vibrant offering and will be adding to the list of this year’s promising musical discoveries.


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