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Music Review : Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi

 Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi
Director :  Rakesh Mehta
Music :  Vinay Jaiswal and Pradeep Kotlana
Lyrics :  Vinay Jaiswal
Starring :  Kay Kay Menon, Pradhuman Singh, Ranvir Shorey, Manu Rishi and Neha Bhasin

April 10, 2012 04:35:34 PM IST
By Abid, Glamsham Editorial
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Films with Mumbaiya flavor have always found universal acceptance amongst patrons of the Hindi cinema. RANGEELA, SATYA, HERA PHERI etc. are some standout examples. Music of such films too has been immensely popular, and Mumbaiya lingo too is very popular, and quite a few of its terms and words have been used by people who watch Hindi cinema all over the world. In fact the term 'lagi huyi hai' too, from which the title of the film, LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI, has been derived, is very common and self-explanatory and a situation which many people find themselves in at various stages of their life.

K. Sera Sera banner has always provided scope for those who are creative and believe in good cinema with strong scripts and director Rakesh Mehta's debut film LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI is one such example of clean wholesome entertainment with situational comedy thrown in good measures. Rakesh Mehta may be new to Bollywood but his film KHUDA KHUSHI has won 19 international awards at film festivals. Music is handled by the relatively new composers, Vinay Jaiswal and Pradeep Kotlana, and lyrics by Vinay Jaiswal, and from what we have seen and heard from the promos it appears to be entertaining and has the potential to hit the charts. So let us get things rolling and check out for ourselves how it has been handled.


Soft caressing guitar strums, reminiscent of college fest days commence "Deboshree", which at first appears to be a soft love ballad but turns over its head into a superb rock based heartbreak composition. Lead singer Nitin Bali puts in all emotions that are required to put across the intense feelings of a jilted lover. He has immense control over his deep husky inebriated vocals, which is just excellent for this type of number. The composer too deserves credit for the excellent musical arrangement of superb rock. The lyrics are situational and apt, and gives an insight into the character of the lead protagonist Ranvir Shorey who essays the role of a jilted lover and one is sure that he will definitely do justice to this superb rock song on screen.

The next number, "Haryana Ka Sher" is a situational number that aptly and humorously introduces another lead protagonist, ACP Chautala, the dare devil 'jat' cop from Delhi played by Manu Rishi. A nice combo of folk (Punjabi) and hip hop and rap as well, "Haryana Ka Sher" has a lovely rhythm and a signature tune that is very catchy but of course, it's the King of Bhangra Pop Daler Mehndi who is absolutely endearing as he belts out this track in his most loved and popular style. The multi-faceted Manu Rishi gives good company to Daler, as he puts in his rap and dialogues (Manu says "I'm just a part of the singing team"), in this all situational track. Lyrics are hilarious and situational and introduce the main lead to the audience with an undercurrent of humour. "Main Haryane ka sher, Nikla jo marne raid, Galiyon mein sooni pad jaani hai, Maine jada tha ek chaped". Remix of "Haryana Ka Sher" has heightened, racy rhythm that makes for a livelier and more dance oriented track.

The humorous mood of the album gives way to a somber, serious one with "Galiyon", a totally philosophical and situational number that should be used as a background song during some tense action sequences. Caressing guitar strums and piano notes, which open the song are lovely, but the highlight is the all out rock crescendo that culminates as the 'mukhda' ends. "Aye zindagi main chala, main chala, Ban ke ek zalzala, Aye Khuda raah dhikha, Mujhko mujhi se aaj mila". Lyrics are just mind blowing; the prayer for divine intervention and hope for achieving an impossible mission is superbly conveyed by the lyricist who deserves a pat on the back. Our rock star Suraj Jagan is just the artist to render this number that has vast shades of soft and hard rock and he is simply awesome, though his diction is faulty at times.

view LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI stills
view LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI stills
The next number, "Character Theme Instrumental" is a brief all out rock and roll instrumental reminiscent of the good old times and will be appreciated by those who love retro instrumentals complete with trumpet, saxophone, drums and percussions.

Once again the breezy rock and roll mood gives way to another very dark, serious and somber one with "Zindagi", a kind of unplugged version which is perhaps an anti-climax, as the song talks mostly about death, and Suraj Jagan renders it in very deep husky vocals which are almost conversation like.

Composer and lyricist Vinay Jaiswal takes up the mike for "Saja-E-Maut", an all out hard rock based number that introduces another main lead essayed by Pradhuman Singh who is sort of a philosopher (maut ka, as per the director) and an anti Christ zany rockstar in the film. The singing leaves much to be desired but it will suit the main character on screen.

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Another retro composition in nature, "Mumbai Life Line Instrumental" is more jazz oriented and has a lovely rhythm. The composer has gone in for some good orchestra and the musical arrangements are in keeping with the situation which will find a good place in the narratives as the backdrop of the film is Mumbai.

The album comes to a befitting end with the theme song, the title track, "Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi". As is evident from the title itself, it is basically a theme song that provides the listener with a peek into what can be expected from the film itself. The moods and situations faced are quite hilarious and the situational comedy genre of the film comes across superbly through some apt lyrics. In fact the way that the song commences with the singer conversing with the crowd and asking them "Hello sab theek hai?", one knows that this is a live interactive rock concert with the theme of the movie at its core, a hilarious song indeed that is quite unique with lots of conversations and rap in Mumbaiya lingo. We have had songs with Mumbaiya flavor that have found universal acceptance, and this song might be the one that will appeal.

On the whole one must commend the composer and lyricist for providing songs that are not just situational but extremely entertaining as well, and will naturally serve to make the film more watch worthy. The songs are more youth oriented and the album will appeal to its target audience with rock, jazz and unplugged versions of instrumentals finding a place of pride. Songs have the potential to hit the charts if they are marketed and promoted well and our picks are, "Deboshree", "Haryana Ka Sher", "Galiyon" and the title song, "Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi". An album worth a hear and buy because of its immense variety and class!

Rating - 3.5/5

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