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   Music Review : Jai Veeru

 Jai Veeru
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Puneet Sira
 Bappa Lahiri
 Sameer, Omer Inayat
 Fardeen Khan, Kunal Khemu, Dia Mirza, Anjana Sukhani, Arbaaz Khan and Rajesh Khattar

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view JAI VEERU videos

view JAI VEERU videos

Bollywood's most enduring and immortal on-screen chemistry of ''Jai-Veeru'' (Amitabh Bachchan-Dharmendra in SHOLAY) makes itself loud and clearer as the favorites in the titles of Narendra and Shyam Bajaj's ''buddy-bonding'' enterprising popcorn entertainer JAI VEERU. After the blazing musical success of AKSAR and THE TRAIN, Bajajs promises something special in JAI VEERU, where Bappa Lahiri makes his most consequential debut presence as a solo composer. After mind blowing show in DUS KAHANIYAN and relatively acceptable work in C KKOMPANY, JAI VEERU promises some really party-feast enthrall in its package. It also marks the arrival of latest Pak rock sensation Omar Inayat and upcoming singing talent Saim in album's most hot ''n'' happening numbers. Can this upbeat conglomerate in the credits be able to make itself laudable news among its target listeners? Can JAI VEERU be the much desired thriving thrust of a solo career for talented Bappa Lahiri? Let's get started by pushing up PLAY button and find this outů

Bappa Lahiri's makes prize-winning start with somber South Asian rhythmical flute notes that senses out a tranquil-filled romantic emotion feel in calm ''n'' collected soft Sufi rock ballad ''Sufi''. Saim's sonorously echoing vocals (similar in shades to Atif Aslam's baritones) makes a striking presence in modulating tones. Tulsi Kumar makes a remarkable make-over in her improvised vocal throws that coagulates mellifluously out with the soft cum jazz musical gesticulation of orchestral flows. It's a great toil by Bappa in serenading out a musical composition that has a belligerent romantic tinge in layers of Sameer's expressively voluble wordings. ''Sufi (rock)'' treadmills a ROCK ON path of racy electric blues rock-musical feel with zany electric guitar strumming, effectively rendered vocals and thriving percussions making it special for that special rock-concert feel. Bappa music sounds ''cool'' in its raising high and low pitches of bombastically loud sound arrangements, while Tulsi Kumar maintains her surprised great form in tandem.

Saim gets a ''rock-star'' status as he is conferred to deliver out solo number ''Sufi (male)'' in relatively similar but supple composition. The tender vocal moves in soft rock cum jazz makes it special for those special emotional moments that might appreciate EQ (emotional quotient) of this generously ''yuppie'' flavored flick. Overall all the versions work sporadically in style as well as in substance with the present trend of rock-mania and deserves to be applauded for the quality entertainment that it provides. ROCKING!!!

Omar Inayat, latest Pak rock sensation who made headlines with album, BE THE ONE (2006), with a couple of enthralling pop numbers makes his first dent with improvised version of ''You've got something (Tennu Le Jaane)'' in hip-hop cum trance maneuvers in ''Tennu Le''. The song has infectiously punched trance musical sounds that get sluggish in pace with tempo that well befits the booty-shaking movements of typical hip-hop number. Omar's Punjabi cum English lyrical works brings out a Brit-pop flavors and this might be bountiful in style-statement to lure overseas listeners. The added feminine oomph in back-up vocals and improvised sound engineering works constructively in making it a much better bet than the original pop version. Mood turns bizarre with rollicking ''club'' remix elements making a thriving addition for a party rendezvous on floors in ''Tennu Le (remix)''. It's a prosperous addition in DJ's collection but an impressive ''rock version'' could have been a better option in usurping out the potential pep factor of the album. Impressive by DJ Akhil Talreja and DJ N. Y. K (NTeDIT)!!!

view JAI VEERU movie stills

view JAI VEERU movie stills

After two remarkably exciting rock numbers, the genre turns into typical ''filmi'' sounds and rhythms with contemporary folksy boyish ''masti'' in ''Dhun Lagi''. Raja Hassan is racing fast into Sukhwinder Singh's shoes for his impressive folksy vocals throws with Mika Singh getting better with every number. It can't be termed as anything trendsetting for it's overtly heard musical substance but has the zeal of making it big on visuals. ''Dhun Lagi'' is an amusing situational frolicking track that has its heart at its right place and rightfully gets spiced up in two different sounding remix versions.

DJ Akhil Talreja and DJ N. Y. K forms as the boisterous disco specialist back-up vocalist, who along with their pugnaciously loud fillers sets the floor on fire in stylish ''club'' remix thrust in ''Dhun Lagi (Progressive Dance Mix)''. ''Dhun Lagi (Electro Mix)'' works more on perpetual drumming patterns and electronic trance sounds that make lead vocalists more audible and this might work better as effective promotional feature soundtrack.

It's time for some ''girly'' partying time with pop sensation Hard Kaur making mood merrier with Reema Lahiri in upbeat sounding hip-hop cum pop number ''Aisa Lashkara''. Bappa gives it a stylish ''party'' album look with an excessive disco and pub dancing feel in those fast-paced trance appeal that collage well with hip-hop emceeing. Like ''Dhun Lagi'', it's an out and out ''masti'' filled situational track that should be eye-candy for viewers and entertaining for all those who gets entertained with party albums like VIBES 3 etc.

Bappa Lahiri's gets generous as well as inspired in making two reality show singers (Mauli Dave and Raja Hassan) singing out a ''Kajrare'' (BUNTY AUR BABLI) stylized ''dhin-chak'' entertaining number in enthralling ''Agre Ka Ghagra''. Javed Ali's reliable voice forms the back-bone of this fun-filled chirpy ''jugalbandi'' but the surprise comes in the form of talented Mauli Dave's yelling tones and Raja Hassan's folksy thrive that works impressively with the raunchy feel of the track. Sameer's jumbling of words (''Agra'' with ''Ghagra'') with couple of engrossing phrases raises the tempo but still it falls short in contents and amusement as compared to the chartbusting ''Kajrare''. Both Mauli and Raja Hassan gets the sufficient exposure through this appreciable number and its flashy on-screen flamboyance should be making things better for them as well as for the album.

To sum it up, JAI VEERU is an all out entertaining fare with no dull moments or mediocre works that may prove to be spoilsport for album's bright prospects. Bappa Lahiri's makes a resounding (if not earth-shattering) debut as solo composer with two sure shot chartbusters in tracks like ''Sufi'' and ''Tennu Le''. Even the remaining numbers ''Agra Ka Ghagra'', ''Aisa Lashkara'' and ''Dhun Lagi'' has that youthful zing that can be mood-swinging for any party and surely be proving helping hand in getting the flick its due at the box office. It's likely to be working well among young listeners with ''Sufi'' and ''Tennu Ley'' becoming the next new entrants on musical charts.


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