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   Music Review : Ru-Ba-Ru

Director :
Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Arjun Bali
 Sameeruddin and Satyadev Burman
 Aditya Narayan, Shuja Haider, Soumik Sen and Arjun Bali
 Randeep Huda and Shahana Goswami.

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view RU-BA-RU videos

view RU-BA-RU videos

RU-BA-RU (meaning soul facing soul or face to face), a film about love relationships is one such musical bonanza that propels out multifaceted emerging names from musical fraternity. This Percept Picture Company's presentation is high on its melodic quotient and experiments out with three music directors - Sameeeruddin, Satyadev Burman and rock band "Speed of the sound" delivering out blend of music. It follows the route of some really popular film albums that believes in delivering out complete musical entertainment through fabulous audio packaging (12 original soundtracks) with efforts from shades of talents. Does RU-BA-RU have that soul-touching ire in it? Let's make a close introspection of it!

It's great to hear the title track "Ru-ba-ru" ushering out resplendently with varying musical talents and foraying into every trendy musical genre with such aplomb. The first version arrives is from talented Shuja Haider in typical "bhangra" lingo and moods where zealous beat patterns and frenzied rock arrangements really sets the mood on fire. It's mix and match of hip-hop, Sufi, rock and pop and together they collage to give fervent enthralling impact. Vijay Prakash comes behind the mike for the second version where Sameeruddin's different sounding composition works like sensuous evening night track. It's sluggishly touches has "lounge" musical feel where seductive feminine chorals adds fuel to the fire in making it an alluring background score. Finally, its potentially gifted Jaspinder Narula coming with feminine "bhangra" interpretation (similar to Shuja Haider's version) that enthralls all the way. It's an uproarious composition by "Speed of the sound" that is highly catchy and attractively pulsating to set the pace for an engrossing promotional act for this flick.

Ranjit Barot had some great trendy musical compositions in HOLIDAY (2006) that were sensuously westernized in its compositions and arrangements. This time composer Satyadev Burman makes him sing the way he did splendidly in tracks like "Neele Neele Ambar Par" and "Aashiyan" (HOLIDAY) with an all together serene and mellowed baritones in the track "Tham Ja Ruk Ja". The song gets high on senses with its sensuous overtones and intimidating arrangements that erupt out a fore for scorching "love chemistry".

Satyadev Burman makes another mushy romantic groovy impact in "Mitti Ki Khushboo", where Kunal Ganjawala smoothening and Sunidhi Chauhan's oozing voices works appreciably with the romantic feel of the film. Soumik Sen's squashy wordings in lovable phrases peep into senses with pleasing tranquil musical arrangements.

It was soul-enchanting to hear tracks like "Phir Dekhiye" and "Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein" (ROCK ON) and the similar westernized "rhythm and soul" mood unravels to extra territories in equally enticing "Na Dekho". Suzanne D' Mello making all vociferously sensuous moves with her svelte touches in a backdrop of sluggish tempo instrumentals. Sameeruddin's quintessentially westernized composition is alluring in its flows and enamors out Arjun Bali's modest wording with ease. Lovable!!!

After racy title track "Ru-ba-ru", Shuja Haider and "Speed of the sound" propels out with another zingy and zany track in "Tere Woh Pyar" in the compassionate vocals of Shreya Ghoshal. This female solo track is an enchanting rock composition and sounds analogous to impressive sounding "Jaaniye" (SUMMER 2007). The added rap lyrics in flows of subtle arrangements exude different shades in a love relationship. Shreya Ghoshal mesmerizes out in a sportingly different westernized singing avatar with her varying pitches and modulating tones to deliver a true rollicking impact. Great singing!!!

"Yeh JoPal", a motivational soundtrack about the cherished moments of life maintains the rock music impulse in racy baritones of new talent Akshay Verma. Sameeruddin makes hitherto attempt in camouflaging all elements of rock music instrumental to makes this an everlasting background score for the flick. Akshay's sonorously penetrative voice matches up well with the varying shades depicted in the tracks and makes this a lively affair.

Sunidhi Chauhan jesters up the proceedings for a happy-go-lucky vibrant song that progresses in a typical "nursery rhyme" format in inspiring "Tere Bina Hori". Satyadev Burman's composition is melodramatically delightful as it switches moods and genres from typical Bollywood song to chirping "kiddie" song where kid singers Sneha Suresh and Shravan Suresh join the fun with great enthusiasm. It's great to hear Sunidhi singing with such ease as well as zeal in a mild tempo that might be going well with family audiences.

If you are keen listener to Sunidhi's "Sajna Ve Sajna" (CHAMELI) then the next track "Manchali" will surely be brightening up senses for you. Once again its great team-effort from Satyadev Burman and lyricist Soumik Sen in delivering out a "disco-qawalli" that works heavily on catchy wordings and enthralling music.

Krishna takes a typical Sufi rock singing mode in serenading out heartrending emotions in Hindi and Punjabi lyrical flows by Arjun Bali in noteworthy "Jogi". Sameeruddin's music works well in ushering out the titillating guitar and keyboard notes in mellowed arrangements that gives it a touching impact.

Finally, the final blow "A Beautiful Day" by Chester Misquitta comes out as an English number by Sameeruddin in a soft rock ballad mode. This enticing lovable number has an arresting feel that should be working well in the compassionate moments of the film.

RU-BA-RU guarantees a 100 per cent entertainment as there are hardly anything mediocre in the album and every composer delivers the needful in the album's exclusive packaging. The album succeeds appreciably in showcasing upcoming talents prowess with worth-hearing tracks. RU-BA-RU will surely be adding itself in the music lover's collection and the producers should be lauded for delivering an honest effort in making this a multi-dimensional musical affair. Low promotion and bleak face value will be its biggest hurdle but still it works exceeding well for its quality contents.


Rating 3.5/5

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