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   Music Review : Billu Barber

 Billu Barber
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Gulzar, Syed Quadri
 Shah Rukh Khan, Irrfan Khan, Lara Dutta, Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav, Asrani, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone

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view BILLU BARBER videos

What happens when the uncrowned commercial numero - uno composer, Pritam (BHOOL BHULAIYYA, WELCOME, RACE, SINGH IS KINNG and GOLMAAL RETURNS etc.), the king of comedies Priyadarshan and the reigning 'baadshah' of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan come together? Well, expectations naturally assume humongous proportions, what with Pritam, Priyan and SRK, all riding high on their spate of successes. Another factor that comes in to play here is that the movie is a Shah Rukh Khan home banner production, and one can be assured that a lot of ground work has been done to make it a superlative one. So, without wasting much time lets get on with the audio of the album of BILLU BARBER.

Bollywood's global superstar, Shah Rukh Khan, playing an extended guest appearance in the film, gets the first four songs of the album. The first three are the much talked about item numbers, featuring the hot and happening top female leads of Bollywood.

Let us get on with the first one, 'Marjaani', which features SRK with his ASOKA babe, Kareena Kapoor (after the DON scorcher), the promos of which have been rocking the satellite channels and FM radio stations. The song has three versions.

The first one is simply 'Marjaani' and itís a very typical Pritam like start to an innovative composition, 'Marjaani' and we have coined a new term (without meaning to hurt sentiments) for it, a sufi-item number! Yes, although the song is a typical item number when it comes to musical arrangements but the lyrics are sufi. At times they are interspersed with Punjabi lingo, to make it more appealing. And they are written by none other than the master craftsman, Gulzar. ďDeed hai theek, Dekh sab kuch theek hai, Paas hai sab kuchh, Rab nazdeek hai, Rab ke hazur mein kasmein bhi khaali, Duniya ki auni pauni rasmein nibhaleen'. And itís Sukhwinder Singh (who shares such strong vibes with SRK) who has been assigned to do the honour, along with the reigning queen of item numbers, Sunidhi Chauhan. Do we need to say that they are simply eclectic together? Well, its a fact that can be taken for granted. Sukhi is still ruling the hearts and charts through his 'Haule Haule' which has become a sort of an anthem. Although this song may not reach that pinnacle of success but it will prove to be a hit number nonetheless and succeed in ushering in the audience, what with Shah Rukh looking absolutely divine and Bebo delicious in a superbly choreographed item number.

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The second version is 'Marjaani (Kilogram's Balkan Mix)' and is remixed by Kilogram K&G. As a variation we have K.K. and Akriti Kakkar belting out this number that has at its base the Russian instrument, Balalaika and its deadly rhythm and its definitely better (due to musical orchestrations) than the first one.

The third version is the 'Marjaani(Electro House)' and has been remixed by DJ Sunil and Spinz and is the usual remix with super fast tempo and dispersed vocals as well as added synth beats.

Pulsating electronic and synthesized beats and vigorous drumming commence the second item number, 'Love Mera Hit Hit' and this number is surely a rollicking one. In fact this number is better than 'Marjaani', and a lot of the credit goes to its lead singer, Neeraj Shridhar, who is absolutely mind-blowing in a number that has all the essential ingredients of a chartbuster. This is the first time that Neeraj is singing for King Khan and he deserves to be showered with accolades for putting in his all. Tulsi Kumar has certainly matured as singer since her ZEHER days and she is not saccharine sweet as she used to be. But itís an item number that is dominated by Neeraj and his brilliant rendition. The lyrics are jointly written by Ashish Pandit and Mayur Puri and must say that they are routine but they do have the capability to attract the youth, who will find it novel and easy to hum. A surefire chartbuster! It will be a treat for all the fans of Shah Rukh Khan as he and his OM SHANTI OM co-star, the hottest new face of Bollywood, Deepika come together to set the floors and in turn, the discos, night clubs and pubs on fire through this number.

The two versions are the remixed one. First up is 'Love Mera Hit Hit (House Mix)' and its DJ Amyth who has been given the responsibility, and though he starts off well and it appears that we are on track for a marvelous remix but he loses way and in the end its a routine job, heightened tempo and beats!

The second version is by the lesser known DJ Chetas and DJ NYK and has been mixed by Gautam Chakraborty, but itís definitely a novel approach to remixing. The song has been spiced up with more thumping beats and musical arrangements that really rock to the core. The introduction part in rap form where SRK, Pritam and the DJs are mentioned is well done. The only grudge here is that the tempo is a tad too fast.

Last (of the item numbers) but not the least is 'You Get Me Rockin & Reeling' featuring Shah Rukh Khan and his beautiful, hot n sexy DON girl, Priyanka Chopra, and once again we have three versions of the track. Letís check them one by one.

The first one is a solo by Pritam's favourite item singer and lucky charm, Neeraj Sridhar. Coming to the song, this number comes as a sort of anti climax after hearing two super fast, heavy in orchestration dance oriented numbers. This one is more in the league of the Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's dance numbers and a hangover to Shah Rukh's own, 'Pretty Woman' music is present. But we should give credit as Pritam has managed to make it peppier, more in sync with today's times by adding the beautiful female chorus and background croonings as well as rap. This is one of those rare numbers where the 'antara' is catchier than its 'mukhda', the 'mukhda' being inspired from S-E-L's own hit title track of SALAAM-E-ISHQ. Neeraj Sridhar is a revelation in this beautiful, melodious track as he sings softly; his hushed, inebriated vocals are a listener's delight. And one person who deserves to be mentioned is the lyricist Sayeed Quadri, whose dreamy, romantic lyrics are enchanting. The fusion of simple English and Urdu is excellent and one can safely say that this number will definitely appeal to the youth and children as well as also to the overseas audience.

download BILLU BARBER wallpapers

download BILLU BARBER wallpapers

The second version (Video Edit) can be classified as a duet as it features Dominic who gives able and ample company to Neeraj and her Angle sized accent is not a put on as she shows off her singing talent with verve.

Third variant is the remixed version by DJ Suketu with its super fast rhythm, added synth and percussion instruments. Frankly the lazy rhythm of the original was classier and better.

While 'You Get Me Rockin & Reeling' can be classified as a modern, Western version, its Indian or desi counterpart is 'Khudaya Khair' as the basic melody remains pretty much the same. Although the instruments used by Pritam are Western (with ample use of Indian as well) here but he has fused these instruments with some lovely Indian feel to it. The commencement of the song with a nice, catchy female chorus with soft 'tabla' beats and guitar strums is beautifully done. The melody remains the same throughout but the lyrics are all Hindi. Hats off to legendary writer-poet Gulzar for some heart warming lyrics. Young singer, Soham, who impressed all in METRO gets to sing the 'desi' version and his sugary sweet vocals are ear pleasing, only his diction needs correction. Two emerging female talents Monali and Akriti Kakkar show their singing prowess while singing in tandem.

Nice guitar strums and the catchy female chorus commence 'Khudaya Khair-Reprise' and it's a warm welcome back to Abhijeet, Shah Rukh's voice in many hit film like YES BOSS, MAIN HOON NA etc. Hearing Abhijeet singing after so long for a King Khan project is a pleasure and all music lovers would like Abhijeet to come out of self retirement and start singing more. This sure is a welcome sign. The melody becomes slower and softer and the version as delightful as the first. No space fillers here!

After three dance numbers we have the song introducing the superstar Sahir Khan (SRK plays a superstar called Sahir Khan ), 'Ae Aa O' which is truly befitting the stature of the superstar himself. The hard rock music in the beginning, a true reflection of the immense popularity, the enigma, the glamorous world of the star which is brought out beautifully through this song. K.K. sails through the song effortlessly, singing with attitude and supreme confidence that of a superstar and giving him vocal support (as chorus) are Rana Mazumdar and Suraj. Once again Pritam takes inspiration from Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy style of rock and another of his inspirations come from our own rock band, Rock Machine's 'Chains and Black Leathers.' Though why, it remains a mystery? Pritam had showed enough rock potential in METRO and this number should have been an extension of his rock songs of METRO. May be the success of ROCK ON inspired him too much! Neeraj Shridhar impresses as the lyricist, though we know that Neeraj has this gift of writing as he has shown in his private albums . All in all, the song, if well choreographed, has the potential to hit the charts.

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DJ Nikhil and Nawed do a tasteful job with the remix and make this rock based number even more rocking. The song can be used in the promos featuring SRK.

Two of the most interesting songs (in terms of creativity) are reserved for last. The first one is 'Jaoon Kahan', and the song that instantly comes to mind is the classic number, 'Jaoon Kahan Bataye Dil' (CHHOTI BAHEN). However this number is another gem by Pritam and we have the prince of soulful numbers, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, lending his vocals to this soul stirring, haunting melody that is situational. The lyrics by Sayeed Quadri are heart rending and can swell emotions, bringing tears to the sentimental ones! Rahat is enchanting and his soulful cry will surely appeal to the masses who feast on sad songs. Cult Pakistani singer, Ataullah Khan's sad songs are an example of how such numbers have the capability of striking gold. Even Sonu Nigam became a household name by singing the cover versions of his songs.

The last in the album is the hilariously marvelous title track, 'Billoo Bhayankar', a song that has the capability of effectively introducing the main protagonist of the film BILLU BARBER, as well as making the audience laugh all the way. It is in the same corridor as the evergreen Manna Dey classic, 'Chalat Musafir Moh Liya Re' (TEESRI KASAM). The superbly rhythmic number has its base in the North Indian villages and so the tune of the most popular folk song and all its musical instruments like 'dholak', 'ghatam', 'ektara', 'pipdi' have been utilized to great effect by Pritam. Anyone who thought that its only Vishal Bharadwaj (without any offence to the great creator) who can compose folk based 'Bhojpuri' numbers ('Beedi') has to hear 'Billoo Bhayankar'. Pritam does the masterful act by bringing in the master lyricist Gulzar himself, who is so adept at writing Bhojpuri and Awadhi mixed lyrics that it appears that he has spent his entire life there! Ajay Jhingaran sounding like Asrani (may be the song is picturised on him, along with other villagers) and superb character artist Raghuveer Yadav (of 'Mungeri Lal' and 1942- A LOVE STORY fame) lend their vocal to this absolutely delightful track that has all the ingredients of a superb masala song that will surely appeal to the masses as well as its patronizers who understand and appreciate the 'ho hulla ' of a folk based track. The song comes to an end with Raghuveer asking all to call Billu, a barber, rather than 'hajjam' is hilarious. A great hearing experience for all.

To sum it up, the audio album of BILLU BARBER is like a gift box of assorted chocolates and candies to cater to different tastes, moods and sensibilities. The album has something to appeal to almost every type of listener, be it item numbers, rock compositions, soulful tracks or folk. With proper and sustained promotion, the album will go a long way in becoming an asset for the February 13 release and even otherwise the album has the potential to rule the popular countdowns!

Rating : 4/5

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