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   Music Review : Mission Istaanbul

 Mission Istaanbul
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Apoorva Lakhia
 Anu Malik
 Abhishek Bachchan, Sunil Shetty, Vivek Oberoi, Zayed Khan, Shriya, Shabbir Ahluwalia

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Apoorva Lakhia, the brainchild behind the colossal success of realistically structured SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA delves into the intricacies of international terrorism with MISSION ISTANBUL. Like all his previous directorial works, this album brings spectrum of music directors, delivering the feel of hi-octane thriller through racy and bombastic musical fervor. If DUS KHANIYAN brought lively Gourov Dasgupta to marquee then MISSION ISTANBUL brings promising composer Chirantan Bhatt to limelight. Veteran Anu Malik and talented Shamir Tandon make appreciable presence while Mika Singh's new avatar of composer works well with ballistic feel of flick.

New composer Chirantan Bhatt sets the floors on fire with all 'boyz' show as he pumps up with all thriving-jiving musical endeavors in the title track 'Mission Mission'. Hamza

Farouqi, vocalist specialized in Arabian stylized numbers shrieks out energetically the emblematic splurge of MISSION ISTANBUL. The viciously violent vocals and bombastically arranged music exude strong touches of a sturdy 'item number' featuring all lead players. It's an out and out disco track that has its heart at right place but the ear-splitting exertion sounds too roaring and thunderous.

'Nobody like you', a 'club' specialist romantic number by versatile Neeraj Sridhar, sensuously eruptive Anushaka and new DJ sensation Ishq Bector is another hullabaloo on floors. It has conglomerate of three different sounding voices that gels animatedly with tangy disco beat fillers, booming electronic sounds and flickering flute notes in delivery funky musical appeal. Chirantan Bhatt makes another substantial move with this 'Hinglish' number that promises some really groovy gestures on floors. It's 'remix' version is even spicier as one can sense the feel of 'grind' in its sluggish tempo. The mood turns upbeat with its Afro-Asian hip-hop binge that maintains its pep factor.

Javed Ali, the fast growing singing sensation makes mood pensive and somber in his modulating baritones that talks more about 'roses' than 'guns' in Arabic stylized power ballad 'Yaar Mera Dildaar'. This melancholically poignant number delivers a traditional Arabian feel through its tangy Arabic instrumental works. Sunidhi Chauhan sings out another impressive love track with her sumptuously oozing voice. Anu Malik impresses with his 'fusion' musical thrust that highlights charms and delights of the city of Istanbul.

view MISSION ISTAANBUL movie stills

view MISSION ISTAANBUL movie stills

The inspirational word 'Mission' finally gets its significance with electronically profound 'trance' music impact making loud impressions in racy 'World Hold On'. Shamir Tandon makes heavy usage of electronic sounds that makes rigorous and pulsating thumps with oozing vocals. Kunal Ganjawala along with Gayatri Ganjawala and Raaj sings out motivational wordings (lyrics –Shabbir Ahmed) that talks relevance, application and importance about our 'kal (past)', 'aaj' (present)' and 'kal (future)' in easy-going wordings. It's likely to spreading the message of worldwide 'peace' but the extra trendy arrangements is again too flashy and urbane. DJ Nawed along with Nikhil Chinappa delivers an extra Turkish-Arabic melodic appeal with thumping disco beat fillers in pulsating 'club-house' musical binge in 'World Hold On (remix)'. It's ostentatiously loud Turkish touches may be working appreciably in making it another promising promotional number.

Surprise!!! The best and most melodious track of the album comes from old-war horse Anu Malik in brilliantly blended 'fusion' love ballad 'Jo Gumshuda'. It is the first number that characteristically sticks to the roots of Istanbul culture in its strong tinge of ethnic Turkish music and lyrical flows. Anu makes remarkable moves by incorporating Turkish romantic folklore in the voice of Ege that collages affably with smoothening vocal textures of Shaan and Mahalxmi Iyer. Sameer along with Ege makes optimum use of their vocabulary strength in making it a delightfully entertaining number. If 'Kaho Na Kaho' (MURDER) has imposing Bollywood-Arabic feel then 'Jo Gumshuda' relates hues of romanticism in touching Bollywood-Turkish overtones. It's 'remix' version has sluggish contours of disco beat fillers that makes mood deliriously peppy on floors. Impressive!!!

After brashly ear-splitting 'Ganpat' (SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA), Mika Singh makes another roguish-voguish vocal gesture in belligerently loud 'Apun Ke Saath'. It's a mix and match of 'Kallu Mama' (SATYA) and 'Ganpat' with an extra hip-hop, reggae and club-culture mix stylized music in it. Like 'Tashan Mein' (TASHAN), this presumed to be effectually brazen background theme track has added svelte rendition of Pretty Priya but the feel is purely situational for this stylized action packed thriller.

MISSION ISTANBUL is characteristically a 'party album' that can be enjoyed overtly on floors for its racy and pulsating musical appeal. Upcoming Chirantan Bhatt makes noteworthy entrance into marquee with two flashy numbers while Shamir Tandon lives up to his reputation. Anu Malik's improvised comeback maintains its top form again with two delightful tracks that will be making its strong presence, both in album and flick.

Rating -3/5

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