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Music Review : Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge

 Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Nupur Ashtana
 Raghu Dixit
 Anvita Dutt Guptan
 Saqib Saleem, Saba Azad, Nishant Dahiya and Tara D'Souza

By Satyajit, Glamsham Editorial Send to Friend


Gen they come! The sporadic rise of social networking websites has finally hit the doors of Bollywood with a bang. MUJHSE FRAAANDSHIP KAROGE, a new offering by Y-Films, is one such endeavor that explores the pros and cons of the proposed 'fraaandship' networking in our lives. Packed with a new bunch of acting talents, it experiments with the likes of Raghu Dixit, an upcoming talent in Indi-pop folksy rock music with Anvita Dutt penning up peppy lyrics for this "yuppie" friendly flick. After moderate success of Y-Films first release LUV KA THE END, it's a second major move by the esteemed YRF to woo urbane viewers with musical feel that brings an array of 'hot-n-happening' new singing talents. Will they make big this time? Let's build a bond of "fraaandship" with them and hear what they are singing for us...

Party theme songs rocks the floors in the first musical outing as it strikes vivaciously with chirpy "n" slipshod wordings in crazy sounding 'Dheaon Dheaon' (sounds of gun-shots). The song works on Karnataka's impish "street-dancing" beat patterns, an experimental maneuver by Raghu Dixit, where Anvita Dutt's outlandishly smart wordings (Bubblegum poppings ah, Hip hip hoppings ah, Bangkok shoppings ah, La di dah di dah dah, Pink pink frockings ah, Tight tight stockings ah, Heart is rockings ah, Dancing samba...) makes a commotion of earsplitting happening on dancing floors. Vishal Dadlani's coarsely vocals gels well with screechy voice of Aditi Singh Sharma and evokes out the musical confrontation in Hinglish "hip-hop" melodic mode. The surprise element is rap works with "Machas with Attitude" that energizes the tempo and supplements with zany one-liners, epitomizing the gist of the title of the flick. 'Dheaon Dheaon (The Seeti Seeti Bang Bang Mix)', the infectiously loud remix version accentuates the fun with added electronic flute works, mixing well with added disco beat fillers. On creativity front, Raghu Dixit tries out a "different beat" in Hindi filmdom, a slick cinematographic and flashy choreographically profound moves will surely fuel passion on floors.

Refurbishing an upbeat Hollywood-ish "teen-movie" ambience, the dreamy romance bon-voyage in 'Uh-Oh Uh-Oh' makes mood somber and adds sobriety of emotions with a dosage of breezy vocals. Ash King's cool-breezy voice gets into the sauntering paced arrangements where he is ably supported with slender vocal throws of Shilpa Rao. This time Anvita Dutt's lyrics sounds meaningfully pleasant and strikes chord with the "innocent charms" of "boy-meeting-girl", where the composer shows his dexterity in transiting from varied sounds and rhythms, as the mood changes. Overall speaking, it's a decent presentation that should be connecting well with the targeted sect of listeners and will be showering substantial lovey-dovey moments in the flick. 'Uh-Oh Uh-Oh 2.0' packs a zany-paced electronica musical madness into this "yuppie" friendly number, where vocals resonates well in midst of sluggish paced disco-beat fillers and DJ spins. It transit moods to light-hearted dancing and glorifies the electronic flute rendition in flair of funky pitched composition.

After a mushy love-communion of young hearts, it's all about mating-dating that comes into play in campus-caper friendly sounding 'Baatein Shuru'. Raghu Dixit's Hinglish toned composition maintains the prevailed tonality and adds a bit of substance with funky soft-rock ballad hues, giving it a desired youthful appeal. Shefali Alvaris's peculiar nasal twang rendition sounds different but works positively in making this an edgy but joyful love duet. On the flip side, Joi Barua's boyish tones are loud and collage well with grungy electric guitar riffs, giving it an urbane friendly outlook. It breaks loose from contemporary Bollywood love duet and tries to impose a new convention with positive results.

Inspirational and still rocking! Suraj Jagan, the "rock-star" material in tinsel town, makes the most ballistic of hard-rock metal base happening in album's most enthused soundtrack 'Choo Le'. It raises pulses with gyrating arrangements that makes piercing concoction with vocalist aggressively pitched voice. Raghu Dixit's exhilarating composition treadmills a conventional hard-rock journey, where an immensely proliferated bass-lines, matched with perfection with heavy duty bass guitars and distorted electric guitars collage energetically to deliver out a rollicking composition. On conceptual front, It strikes similarity with 'Aashayein' (IQBAL), a song about reaching heights of aspiration, but works prosperously with the ethics of a well conceptualized hard-rock song. Suraj Jagan shows his zeal again in rendering out his favorite genre and succeeds to a great extent in delivering out a potential sounding soundtrack for all his hard-rock fans. 'Choo Le (The Big Bang Mix)' contorts to the disco-culture music, where the mood transits from concert-magic to dancing mania in rigorous flows of "club-remixing" antics. It's a pale comparison to the original soundtrack but still a worthy addition for DJ's on their desks. Rocking!!!

Sufi-rock genre is one breed of music that has been an enlightening factor in every upcoming composer style of music. It's now Raghu Dixit's turn to make his stake by rendering out a conventional Sufi-rock sentimental song in impressive sounding 'Har Saans Mein'. It brings out memories of 'Sayonee' (JUNOON, Pakistani Sufi rock group), where upbeat electronic synthesizers and guitar riffs combine well with "qawaali" arrangements. It's one of the favorites of Raghu in concerts and has so far fetched him a great appreciation from his fans. It breaks loose from the "yuppie" feel factor of the album and adds quality and substance of affable music to ears, overall an impressive outing that should be attracting classy listeners.

MUJHSE FRAAANDSHIP KAROGE tries honestly to build a bond of friendship with its set of urbane listeners and succeeds to a large extent in delivering it. It may not sound the best in its genre but is a better product than LUV KA THE END, the first outing of Y-Films. Raghu Dixit's experiments well with his style of music and delivers out potential set of offering in songs like 'Dheaon Dheaon', 'Uh-Oh Uh-Oh' and 'Baatein Shuru', that promises a great acceptance from teenyboppers in days to come. In terms of quality performance, Suraj jagan's 'Choo Le' makes the maximum impact while Raghu Dixit shows his brawny melodic skills in 'Har Saans'. Overall it's a decent-hear "yuppie" friendly album where there are no major blemishes which may ruin the box-office prospects of the flick.

Rating - 3/5

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