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Music Review : Runway

Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Sunil Tiwari
 Shamir Tandon
 Shabbir Ahmed
 Amarjeet Shukla, Tulip Joshi, Lucky Ali, Deepal Shaw, Shahwar Ali, Sharat Saxena and Rauf Lala

By Satyajit, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

RUNWAY, an action-packed thriller brings back the likes of Shamir Tandon's music at the centre-stage. This potboiler filled with immense intriguing emotions promises melodious music with Paki rock talent Mustafa Zahid (lead vocalist of rock band ROXEN) making his second major presence in B-town. Tandon, a regular in Madhur Bhanderkar's earlier flicks, made lukewarm presence this year with 99 but RUNWAY tries to be breed apart from all his previous works. Can RUNWAY be run-a-way success for this struggling but promising composer? Can this ''no-expectations'' multiplex thriller be ''full-of-expectations'' on its melodic front? Let's check these facts out by plugging on to ''play'' button''...!

Feel the tenderness of sublime piano drills as they collage with vocal somberness of endowed Mustafa Zahid in rhythm-divine feel of euphoric sanitization of romantic emotions in marvelously composed ''Khuda ke Liye''. It was soft-rock mania in ''To Phir Aao'' (AWAARAPAN) that swept the nation from this Paki rock talent and now its sonorous sounding Sufism mixed with elitism of divinity in contours of romanticism that makes its soulful presence. Shamir Tandon's dexterity with rock genre makes its maximum impact as this composition is tender, suave and mesmeric in its genteel flows. Shabbir Ahmed's lyrical magic in eloquently poetic phrases deserves special mention for adding prosaic grace to this lovable number. Do feel the expressiveness of refined verbatim of emotions in the smoothening passage of Zahid's brilliant vocals that are meticulously pitched with mellow rock-music arrangements in making it one of the outstanding sentimental tracks of this year. ''Khuda Ke Lye'' falls in cadre of tracks like ''Maula Mere Maula'' (ANWAR) where divinity makes its poignant semblance with pious romantic emotions, delivered with quality melodic display. ''Khuda Ke Liye (remix)'' doesn't disappoint but entertains to extreme and add commercial value to the album with some thriving DJ beat-juggling and disc-spinning in making it one hot-shot number for the floors. It's a double treat for urbane listeners and is likely to rising higher on charts in coming weekends. Chartbuster!!!

Hold your breath as the magic is still not over and its two-in-row from Shamir Tandon in another ''feel-good'' soft rock solo ballad in delightfully composed ''Teri Yaadein Leke Main''. KK's charmed voice is at the helm of affairs as it perforates well in tangible electric guitar strumming, rigorous drumming and electronic sounds to create mysticism. It sounds analogous to KK's popular Indi-Pop stylized tracks like ''Aasma Ke'' (Album –Humsafar) in youthful yore and has the catchy binge to allure young listeners. Shabbir Ahmed's wordings are again listening treat for ears and builds castle of eclecticism of varied romantic emotions in its beautifully scripted phrases and verses. For all KK's fans, this upbeat melody makes laudable presence and appreciates the musical strength as well as commercial value of the album. ''Tere Yaadein Leke Main (remix)'' is promotional feature work and is well delivered with rip-roaring electronic beats that makes waves in flourishing DJ claps. The remix version carries the rock-music feel to the dizzy disco heights. Worth-a-hear!!!

After two singing delights, the expectations are soaring high but the good news still continues for the album with affable sounding duet ''Roshan Dil Ka Jahan''. Shaan along with Sunidhi Chauhan gets into the romantic groove in a rock musical mode but the arrangements are sometimes loud and sometimes repetitive. Tandon's composing is again more incline with rock-music ethics but is not at its best this time and works well for the situational needs. ''Roshan Dil Ka Jahan (Dance Mix)'' is an improvised version and this time its Raaj's voice replacing Shaan with loads of disco-beat fillers in atrociously loud electronic beat sounds.

Following the folksy raunchiness of ''Kuan Ma'' (PAGE 3), Shamir Tandon tries to recreate the similar fervor in Sunidhi Chauhan's coarsely delivered voice in average sounding ''Pyaasi Machuriyan''. In terms of melodic quality, it fares lowest and there is hardly any substance that can make it a repeat-hear material. It's moreover a visual spectacle number and can well be evaluated on its big screen show rather than on its musical nerve.

RUNWAY success story has two brief but notable acts to narrate with soundtracks like ''Khuda Ke Liye'' and ''Teri Yaadein Leke Main'' sparkling out with perfection. Once again, the music of Shamir Tandon lacks consistency but one can feel the depth of quality works in these two beautiful compositions. Mustafa Zahid's second spell in Hindi filmdom prospers well and ''Khuda Ke Liye'' is likely to stay for months. Irrespective of flick's performance at the box-office, do expect these two numbers to be running back-to-back on almost every favorite radio FM channels and TV channels in coming weekends.

Rating -3/5

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