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Music Review : Teen Thay Bhai

 Teen Thay Bhai
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :
Starring :
 Mrigdeep Singh Lamba
 Ranjit Barot and Sukhwinder Singh
 Om Puri, Shreyas Talpade, Deepak Dobriyal and Ragini Khanna

By Satyajit, Glamsham Editorial Send to Friend

view TEEN THAY BHAI videos

view TEEN THAY BHAI videos

Three's a company or crowd! Who cares...there is TEEN THAY BHAI to answer? Riding on high tides of comical waves, prolific filmmaker Rakesh Omprakash Mehra delivers out an "un-brotherly" comical bumpy ride titled TEEN THAY BHAI. Fuelled with reliable acting antics of theatrically friendly actors, it promises truckloads of hilarious drama with music that is likely to be catalyzing out the frothy amusing feel of the flick. Experienced campaigner Ranjit Barot along with talented Sukhwinder Singh leads this musical bandwagon with spicy lyrical tinge of notable Gulzar, as the promising ensemble of musical team. The musical successes of well-crafted comical flicks like KHOSLA KA GHOSLA, OYE LUCKY LUCKY OYE, DO DOONI CHAAR and recently released F.A.L.T.U. has made it clear that low-profile comical entertainers can be a reliable bet on musical charts, so expectations are practically optimum from this humorous fun-fare. Can we expect another comical caper to be hitting high on musical charts? Pep up the volume and gets into its musical facts...

"Pigeon Kabootar, Choose Chuno...Teen Thay Bhai!!!" Gulzar's linguistically productive "mumbo-jumbo" of English meeting Hindi verbatim is chirpy cum quirky in nature to sketch out the caricatures of three brothers in this entertaining "bhangra-beat" title track titled "Pigeon Kabootar". It sounds like a hilarious sequel to producer Mehra's very popular "Masakali" (DELHI-6) but this time the feel is quintessentially theme-oriented and it gist out more like a funky background score rather than a conventional number. Daler Mehndi's immense vocal energy (who is also a guest composer) is racy as well as entertaining to lift up the spirits and creates out a whacky picturesque of hilarious on-screen happenings. The promotional song feature, featuring the singer and leading actors has already created sufficient buzz, a promising box-office will surely be helping this number in becoming probable chartbuster in weeks to come. "Pigeon Kabootar (Full on Mix)" comes out in 80's disco-dancing "club-remix", a rhythmical hip-hop jiving mixed with spicy Punjabi flair to serenade out a booty-shaking treat. The frivolous Daler's voice gets amiable support in Hard Kaur's snazzy emceeing and together they set out tempo for a really big uproarious dancing feast for the floors. If aesthetically shot and placed, this number can probably be the next "Chak De Phatte" (KHOSLA KA GHOSLA) in the making with promise of creating positive "word-of-mouth" for the flick.

Unraveling into flavors of 90's Punajbi folk base where Gulzar's lyrics made breezy presence in hilly music in couple of hit tracks of MAACHIS (1996), Sukhwinder Singh's vocal resilience recreates magic again in this genre and makes mood frenzy in "Chakar Chakar". It's simplistically suave in emotions and works primarily on folksy instrumental base that connects well with earthen Punjabi feel with least modern improvisations. Sukhwinder's throaty voice is the gleaming factor that gives it a strikingly rich natural appeal and makes it a notable situational score for the flick.

The fun enters into DJ's zone with its "club-remix" that comes in the styling of "Bhai Ke Chakkar (Fultu Mix)", a trendy hip-hop jiving number that comes with added vocals of Hard Kaur. The remix version is enthralling, a promising promotional element that should work positively in creating buzz for this frothy comical caper.

view TEEN THAY BHAI poster

view TEEN THAY BHAI poster

Music turns comical now, as now physical humor takes its positive stance in creating hilarity in amusing sounding "Main Chalna Bhool Gaya". The song is moreover a chirpy chatter, suiting well to the situational needs and pulsates out to be more of visual feasting number. Mohit Chauhan's soothing baritones are at the helm of affairs with sensual feminine back-up vocals of Suzanne D'Mello, giving it an urbane-friendly outlook. Gulzar's quizzically wordings create humor and gives adequate substance for physical humor to happen on big screen, do enjoy when it strikes rich on theatres.

After entertaining "Chakar Chakar", Punjabi folklore base music returns in Sukhwinder Singh's voice in "Aar Dariya". This song belongs to typical Yash Chopra's Bollywood style of Punjabi music where one expects bevies of beauties, dressed up in colorful dresses and dancing in richly harvested "sarson-ke-khet". Despite the fact it is Sukhwinder Singh's solo track, it works intrinsically as women-centric folk song (somewhat similar to "Sasural Genda Phool" (DELHI-6)) that paints colorful cultural picture with resounding chorals to support. Like all previous numbers, it has situational appeal that has quality works and should be having big takers from North Indian listeners.

"Teen Thay Bhai (Full Mood Mein)", a relaxing and fun-filled title track version, brings back jovial sounding Daler Mehndi to the fore. It comes out like a parody where plight of three "un-brotherly" brothers succumbing to the pressure of the unwanted situations is mentioned in modest wordings. Daler's deliriously punched voice evokes humor and has the support of soft-rock-cum-Indian classical music in the backdrop. The satirical tones of stringed instrumentals (electric guitar riffs, sitar-vaadan) gives it added hilarious tinge that moves progressively with the descriptive flows of the song.

TEEN THAY BHAI is an above-average musical album that has a bunch of engrossing situational scores to its merits. The album satisfies with quality works from all departments (composing, writing and singing) but lacks novelty and falls short of one potential chartbuster hit soundtrack. The pick of the lot is Daler Mehndi's rendered "Pigeon Kabootar" and "Chakar Chakar", while rest of them works mechanically with the situational feel of the flick. Against all odds, substantial box-office success, positive word-of-mouth and aggressive promotion will surely make things better for this album.

Rating - 2.5/5

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