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Music Review : Aisha

Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Rajshree Ojha
 Amit Trivedi
 Javed Akhtar
 Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol, Ira Dubey, Amrita Puri, Cyrus Sahukar, Arunoday Singh and Lisa Haydon

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view AISHA videos

view AISHA videos

Youth-power is indeed super-power for the box-office! It has been the thriving force and predictable mantra to have maximum footfalls and eyeballs gazing at big screen. After struggling with big failures like SAAWARIYA (2007) and DELHI-6 (2009), Sonam Kapoor has finally made her foothold with I HATE LUV STORYS (2010) and now AISHA is just another breather that can put her in big league. Based on Jane Austen's 'Emma', it comes with tagging of being 'chic-flick', one such youth-savvy genre that is now making its mark in Bollywood with great prominence. What about the music? It has to be refreshing, peppy, and stylish as well as teasingly vulnerable, one that can really set pulses racing high and evoke out pleasing humor with its every beat and rhythm. Like talented Mithoon, prodigal Amit Trivedi is one such name that has made its significance with the musical successes of DEV D (2009), WAKE UP SID (2009) and recently released UDAAN (2010). For its refreshingly sassy feel, AISHA can be the one desired outing that can really change equations and can really set dices rolling for him. To add feisty buzz, Javed Akhtar's crispy lyrical inputs are there to thrill for this all 'girlie' special musical show. So does Trivedi's music have that pot-full of ammunition to make you dance on floors and give you sufficient mushy moments in its eight original soundtracks packaging? So are you ready for the grind...?

Light-hearted stringy blues guitar riffs, jazz saxophones, rhythmical recurring percussions matched with quivering electronic sounds of varied frequencies comes rolling together as an ensemble of fun-filled happenings in the title track 'Suno Aisha'. It's monosyllabic, upbeat and melodic monologue about snooty girl (similar to 'Alisha' - PYAR IMPOSSIBLE -2010) with youthful rock-beat impulsive feel of tracks like 'Jaane Kyun' (DOSTANA -2009). Amit Trivedi along with Ash King and Nakash Aziz enjoys this subject-oriented track that should be enriching factor in portraying shades of the lead character. Javed Akhtar's breezy lyrics are in sync with the mood and characterization and gesticulate well with every progressive beats and rhythms. Trivedi makes a very promising start and makes it clear that it's going to be joyride all the way. Entertaining!!!

Following the 'bhangra' beat culture of tracks like 'Hikknal' and 'Mahi Mennu' (DEV D -2009), Trivedi sets the similar festive 'dhol' beat flavors in situational sounding celebratory track 'Gal Mitthi Mitthi'. Tochi Raina sings in Punjabi rustic folklore tones with routine sounding arrangements that made its presence in above-mentioned numbers. Flashy costumes matched with synchronized dancing and ostentatiously loud set-up will be its strong support but there is nothing striking new that can be entertained for long.

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'Gal Mitthi Mitthi (the Bombay Bounce mix) is more enthralling and bombastically loud and lifts up the mood with its enthused choral, 'dhol' beats and DJ spins. It's a rapturous outing that should have big takers in DJ marriage ceremonies and a promising feature in the teasers and promos of the film.

Amit Trivedi's musical spell in UDAAN was impeccably high on quintessentially 70's rock music and once again he maintains his top-notch form in impressive sounding 'Sham'. It's a cool campus singing by Amit Trivedi and Neuman Pinto that has remarkable set of acoustic guitar strumming with archetypical country western musical maneuvers in its arrangements. Like melancholic sounding 'Give Me Some Sunshine' (3 IDIOTS -2009), it's a melodic mind-set of touching sentiments that has flair of poetic semblance of romantic evening ('Suhani suhani hai yeh kahani, Jo khamoshi sunaati hai, Jise tune chaha hoga woh tera, Mujhe woh yeh batati hai...') with serene silence in subtle singing mood. Javed Akhtar's lyrics shine the brightest with the punch-line of 'Boom boom para para', making it a special for a youth-feast or as enjoyable bonfire solo track by enthused guitarist. Amit Trivedi deserves special mention for being creatively innovative in delivering out classical rock romantic feel that should be creating ripples in days to come. If you are aspiring guitarist then 'Sham' will be one track that will be of great help in learning out rhythmical chord progression, strumming, riffing and other guitar playing techniques, so give it a thorough hear. Youthful!!!

view AISHA stills

view AISHA stills

Spanish sexy dancing moves invigorates the proceeding and gears up the tempo with sultry-voiced Anushka Manchanda singing her heart out in 'Behke Behke'. It goes out for appreciating out glam quotient with its raunchy musical moves but sounds routine in its reasonably high sounding Spanish arrangements. Raman Mahadevan along with Samrat is the back-up vocal in this 'girlie' special track that is high on its conventional dancing beat moves. Anushka's sultry vocal ooze is the highlight in loud tones while the song sounds more like situational for that special colorful 'costume-drama' dancing night.

In midst of all flashy dancing moves and classical rock feel, there has to be something author-packed and emotionally enriching to give it a feel of 'female-oriented' entertainer. It strikes positive chords to the situational needs in sensuously emoted 'Lehrein' that places Anusha Mani in the seat of reliable soloist. Its mellifluous subtle feel is enchanting and so do the poetic subterfuge of happenings in emotional wordings ('Raah mein kal kitni chirag the, Saamne kal phoolon ki bhaag thi, Iss se kahun kaun hai jo sune, Kaante hi kyun maine hai chune...') with supportive back-up vocals of Neuman Pinto and Nikhil D's Souza that makes it a perfect love ballad. It falls in cadre of impressive soundtracks like 'Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein' (ROCK ON -2008) and 'Kyun' (KAMBAKHT ISHQ -2009) and has that special nostalgia of those nurtured romantic moments that comes back in flash of memories.

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Silken textures of Anusha's voices are mesmerized further as it relives back in 'Lehrein (the Bombay Bounce lounge mix)'. On repetitive playing, it gives out a relaxed musical appeal that can be cherished for long in those morose moments of life. Like 'Suno Aisha' and 'Sham', it's another magical spell by Amit Trivedi-Javed Akhtar that should be adding soul to the theme and substance of the flick. Soulful!!!

Now this should be titled as 'Spirit of Aisha'! Energetically supreme and vociferously domineering, Anushka Manchanda (with Neuman Pinto) is in complete 'rock-star' singing mode as she makes cheerful presence in 'By The Way'. This upbeat track serenades out the feel of 'chic-flick' with stylish rock composition that carries the 'girlie' sentiments with flamboyance of 'party-animal' feel in it. Its striking feature is the enthralling distorted electric guitar riffs that makes eclectic communion with electronic sounds and rip-roaring percussions. Like immensely entertaining but unnoticed '10 on 10' (PYAR IMPOSSIBLE -2010), it carries that snooty girl rock band appeal in it with chirpy wordings ('By the way, On the way, Humko jo mili hai filmi geet gaati hai, Hans ti hai, Pagli si hai zara, Roothey bhi maane bhi, har lamha nayi hai zindagi...') that has urbane 'cool-chic' rave party feel attached to it. For its immensely enlightening musical feel, it deserves to be the prime feature in delivering out 'Spirit of Aisha' and all accolades for the Anushka and Trivedi's efforts in giving it a voguish appeal. Do play it loud to feel the heat!

AISHA is sassy, stylish cool album and has that desired 'feel-good' musical feel to strike chords with pop-genre listeners. Amit Trivedi proves his mettle again and is high on his creative genius with strong inputs and influences of classical rock and youthful peppy feel tracks. Chartbusting success and oodles of entertainment are there in soundtracks like 'Suno Aisha', 'Sham', 'Lehrein' and 'By the way' and makes it sure that it will be positive add-ons to the narration of the flick. As per the present box-office trends, this flick and album has promising feel to lure and all now it needs is strong promotion and positive word-of-mouth to make things happen.

Rating - 4/5

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