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   Music Review : Khallballi - Fun Unlimited

 Khallballi - Fun Unlimited
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Ajay Chandok
 Jalees Sherwani, Shabbir Ahmed
 Nikhil Dwivedi, Chunky Pandey, Rajpal Yadav, Suresh Menon, Manoj Joshi, Mukesh Tiwari, Zakir Hussain, Asrani, Shruti Seth, Johny Lever and Sada

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KHALLBALLI-FUN UNLIMITED, the name itself props out as a bubbly entertainment package that promises ''no brains'' and all laughter for its target set of audiences. After lackluster NEHLE PE DEHLA, Director Ajay Chandhok, protege of entertainer No.1 David Dhawan makes his second consequential cinematic move through this hilarious roller coaster ride. Like all major Priyadarshan super-hits, KHALLBALLI-FUN UNLIMITED too has strong South Indian connection as it comes out as inspirational lift from Telugu hit film EVADI GOLA VAADIDE with a long array of comical actors in its credits. Sajid-Wajid is the ''chosen one'' for this comical bumpy ride and they are the ones to look forward for their zany musical show. MUJHSE SHAADI KAROGI, PARTNER, WELCOME and GOD TUSSI GREAT HO were their great comical musical hits and now they can easily be termed as ''specialists'' in this cadre of flicks. Jalees Sherwani along with Shabbir Ahmed holds the fort of writing chirpy lyrics while the fun continues as the ''play'' button is pressed to relive the magic. Will KHALLBALI-FUN UNLIMITED be creating similar hilarious hullabaloo for listeners? Can this low profiler promise anything spectacular in the marquee? Do check this out!

Sajid-Wajid takes a leaf out of Pritam's book as they pick up his lucky mascot, Neeraj Sridhar to render out the title track ''Khallbali'' in his racy and vivacious voice. It has effective Arabic set of arrangements that gels well with thrilling punch of contemporary westernized orchestrations. Wajid’s enthused back-up vocals spark up aggressively as inspiring hip-hop in its interludes. This frothy cum enthralling number brings memories of Neeraj’s hit tracks like ''Signal'' (BHAGAM BHAG) with an animated stream of melody line that should work progressively in humorous phases of flick. A resounding DJ counts triggers off dancing passion on floors as energetic beat-juggling and DJ claps sets the tempo for a snazzy track in its ''remix'' version. The animated flows of melody punch-lines and funky-paced music will be working great in delivering out a reasonably positive promotional feature to the flick.

Wajid makes a commendable presence in traditional Marathi folk number ''Zhala Menu Zhala'' as soloist in the album that can well be termed as the most ''bankable'' aspect in this low profile entertainer. Jalees Sherwani’s compatibility with Hindi and Marathi verbatim is laudable and delivers out a chirpy tête-à-tête in its middle interludes in making it as snazzy delightful dancing number. Weird animated sounds enthralled with folksy Maharastrian instrumentals give it a spunky outlook that should be working in catalyzing colorful chemistry for lead pair on big screen. After ''Dil Mein Baje Guitar'' (APNA SAPNA MONEY MONEY), this is one special folksy Maharastrian delight that will be entertaining all those who relish traditional festive occasions with such enthralling numbers. Predictably speaking, ''Zhala Menu Zhala'' should be front runners in promos and the brightest aspect in lifting album’s commercial prospects on stands. A racy and pulsating ''club-house'' remix number would have been fuel to the fire and biggest possible asset in making it a likeable commodity among its league.

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Neeraj Sridhar comes back again but this time the mood is mushier and the feel is romantic in pleasingly sounding ''Bhuri Bhuri''. Sunidhi Chauhan comes out with her svelte overtones and makes lovely presence in concocting amicably with Neeraj’s likeable voice. The frenzy Afro-American hip-hop has the trendy impact but it’s the sparkling voices that supreme out confidently in making it an audible affair. This song about adulation about ''brown eyes'' comes out with thriving disco beat fillers and tangy feels DJ impacts in its racy ''remix'' version.

''Yeh Ishq Ishq Hai'', a thoughtfully conceived contemporary ''qawalli'' comes out as refreshing surprise of the album and the much desired entertainment in its cadre. Sajid-Wajid pack all the relevant ingredients of traditional ''qawalli'' elements (synchronized flows of traditional instrumentals mixed with hand-claps) with a strong command over contemporary arrangements in its engrossing melodic backdrop. Sukhwinder Singh makes noteworthy presence as he leads from the front with amiable support of Shadab Sabri and Ad Boyz as vigorous back-up singers. Like all great ''qawalli'' numbers, it talks loud and straight about ''power of love'' and its divine intervention in the world. It categorically makes a resounding impact through effective vocals and easygoing composition and adds one more creditable attribute in the least heard ''qawalli'' segment of tracks.

Govinda’s flamboyant ''latke-jhatkas'' in ''Kisi Disco Mein Jaaye'' (BADE MIYAN CHOTE MIYAN) gets a new age make-over where Udit Narayan again leads the show in flashy ''Zari Di Kurtiyan''. This time he teams with bizarre sounding Khadija Haider in creating fervor for ''disco-dandiya'' but the feel is old-fashioned and lyrics are too clichéd. It can be presumed to be garishly loud romantic duet that might be proving too resplendent in its cinematic viewing.

Sajid-Wajid makes decent efforts in making music of low profile KHALLBALLI-FUN UNLIMITED, an audible affair with its flashy and lively musical packaging. Its strong promises lie in mass-appealing ''Zhala Menu Zhala'' while ''Khallbali'', ''Bhuri Bhuri'' and ''Yeh Ishq Ishq Hai'' shows some resilience and assurance in their outrageously catchy tones and touches.

Rating - 2.5/5

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