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Music Review : English Vinglish

 English Vinglish
Director :  Gauri Shinde
Music :  Amit Trivedi
Lyrics :  Swanand Kirkire
Starring :  Sridevi, Mehdi Nebbou, Adi Hussain and Priya Anand

September 14, 2012 07:08:32 PM IST
By Satyajit, Glamsham Editorial
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MIND YOUR LANGUAGE...finally find its "filmi" way in ENGLISH VINGLISH, its all now all about SRIDEVI VS ANGREZI! Whenever there is buzz about comeback of B-town yesteryear glam-diva, it becomes headlines; ENGLISH VINGLISH marks the comeback of versatile Sridevi, an actress who ruled 80's with her talent and charm. Despite the fact that comebacks of other notable divas (Madhuri Dixit (AAJA NACHLE), Karisma Kapoor (DANGEROUS ISHQ)) proved to be a super-dud, this flick promises to be a perfect multiplex entertainer, for its peculiarly conceptualized subject, and comes from the house of filmmakers who created a different success statements on box-office with successful flicks like PAA and CHEENI KUM (director-R. Balki). Gauri Shinde, director of this flick and wife of R. Balki, makes her honest efforts in making this a biopic on her mother's "troublesome-cum-niggling" experiences with English language in a foreign land and also pays an ode to New York, a beautiful city that triggered off her film career. Amit Trivedi, an upcoming music genius, who recently delivered chartbusting hits in albums like ISHAQZAADE, EK MAIN AUR EKK TU and AISHA, composes music for the flick, while poetic genius Swanand Kirkire is at the helm of affairs in the lyrics department. Now even English, considered to be "baap" of all languages desires to be taken seriously on Indian celluloid and so does its flamboyant music, will there be a fun-element in the musical segment? Let's find out...


Vibrancy in moods and enthused in emotions, the first track "English Vinglish", a volubly cheeky number brings out a humorous vivacity of learning "English" in deeply throated vocals of talented Shilpa Rao. It's funky in lyrical settings as it is all about blabbering out in "Hinglish" words and appreciating out all joyous experiences of learning the language. Swanand Kirkire's lyrics delivers a perfect "desi" treatment in cherubic emotions and pitches a fun-loving blend of "Hinglish" words, verses and verbatim at appropriate places. In "Suno Aisha" (AISHA), a female-centric title track, Amit Trivedi delivered a feel of uber-cool trendiness that worked, and this time he delivers an urban-centric feel of New York's buzzing lifestyle, where frothiness in sentiments of the lead protagonist is elated in vibrant vocals and arrangements. Trivedi uses a fine blend of American "country" music instrumentals in exuding out innocent and earthen emotions that collage perfectly with Shilpa's refined vocals. Fun enters into new territories as now "male" version in Amit Trivedi vocals rocks the floors with almost similar composition and lyrical settings. To sum up, it has the fervor of American merry-time countrified punch that is pitched aesthetically to suit the situational moods and is ably voiced by talented singers; overall a well-etched title track that should bring smiles and cheers on listener's faces. Lovable!!!

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"Dhak Dhuk", a track about intimidating feel of being lonely in "paraye des" (foreign land), brings the peppiness of MTV Coke Studio ("contemporary mixed folksy") musical decorum, where there is ambience of folk music submerged in contemporary situational settings. This track brings a peculiar S.D Burman style of composing where refined feel of "Rabindro sangeet" is submerged perfectly in the pensive moods. Amit Trivedi's sonorously husky voice is at the helm of affairs where blend of electronic flute notes, light-drums and guitar riffing are played in tandem as a signature tuneful feel impact. Swanand Kirkire's heartfelt wordings are a great support and brings some fine poetry in lines like "Sehmi si palkein, Moti ek chhalke, Ki tera zikr jab bhi aaye, Thodi fikr chhu ke jaaye haaye hoye haaye, Jiyara Jiyara Jiyara dhak dhuk hoye...", an emotion that also epitomizes the separation from beloved. After hearing out some brilliant tracks of BARFI!, this beautifully synchronized number sounds like bliss to ears, a worthy situational track that deserves a brilliance of filmmaking and cinematography. Impressive!!!

Tall skyscrapers, slick fashion-stores...that's Manhattan for you! To get a kaleidoscope view of Manhattan for B-town listeners, there's a situational track titled "Manhattan" , a number that sounds more like a "guide-map" to all luxuries and happenings of this urban city. Clinton Cerejo's boyish charms and Bianca Gomes's quirky vocals exemplify it in all vivacious and boisterous loud singing modes. The striking feature is Bianca's "Barbie-doll" chirpy singing in listing out all worlds' top-most fashion brands in her "twittering" voice; a cool rendezvous of all flashy visual striking moments of "Manhattan" that are captured in this four minute plus track.


Shilpa Rao's expressively voice deep voice is the "chosen-one" for Sridevi's histrionics in this flick and so it makes another remarkable feature of this album in notably sounding "Gustakh Dil". It brings out soft and somber feel of "R & B" and "Soul" music that enchants in light-hearted arrangements. Shilpa's modulating verves capture all the nervous and sensitive romantic moments well in this "haunting-melody" and amalgamates well with the refined classical western feel. This time Kirkire's lyrics sound contemporary but still impressive, and connect well with the numb-romantic feel of the track; a soothing and sensitive romantic track that deserves to be played again and again. Touching!!!

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A Big Fat "Marathi" wedding in New York.... "Navrai Maajhi" , here it comes! Cherubically feminine and immensely cheerful in "merry-time" folksy punches, "Navrai Maajhi" is a frolicsome celebratory marriage celebration track, enjoyed by an array of potential singers. Sunidhi Chauhan's perky vocals lead this vibrant bandwagon, followed by equally vivacious sounding Swanand Kirkire, Neelambri Kirkire and Natali Di Luccio as strong back-up vocal supports. This "Marathi" marriage feast has the buoyancy and eclecticism of togetherness with strong "cross-culture" touches that impresses to the core, an animated festive feel that can be correlated to Tamil marriage celebration in A.R Rahman's composed "Rukmani Rukmani" (ROJA), and the recently heard in "Taar Bijli" (GANGS OF WASSEYPUR 2). Trivedi sums up the proceeding well with this track, composing out a conglomerate of situational tracks for every mood and situation in this social drama with desired dexterity and affluence. Amusing!!!

ENGLISH VINGLISH springs up a sweet musical surprise, a lovable and adorable innocent feel that not only enlightens up senses but amuses too with its simplicity and modesty. Despite the fact that album lacks the presence of a bombastic chartbusting hit track or honey-coated melody, it still entertains listeners with its quality display in every single track. After showing great promise in hit albums like DEV D, AISHA and ISHAQZAADE, Amit Trivedi reaffirms faith in his potential and prowess again in this album that required a pack of situational soundtracks. Title track "English Vinglish" (both versions)" is the pick of the lot while "Dhak Dhuk" and "Gustakh Dil" shows the depth of potential and experimentation in Trivedi's composing. The fun-element too hold fort in delightful sounding tracks like "Manhattan" and "Navrai Maajhi" , completing out a bouquet of well-deserved musical entertainment that works. A strong "word-of-publicity", aggressive promotions and flourishing run at the box-office will surely be a great help to the album's promising sales prospects.

Rating: 3.5/5

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