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Music Review : Pyaar Ka Punchnama

 Pyaar Ka Punchnama
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :
Starring :
 Luv Ranjan
 Clinton Cerejo, Hitesh Sonik, Luv Ranjan and Ad Boys
 Luv Ranjan
 Kartikeya Tiwari, Rayo Bhakhirta, Divyendu Sharma, Sonalli Sehgal and Nushrat Bharucha

By Satyajit, Bollywood Trade Editorial Send to Friend

New bunch of actors, team of promising composers, and a set of reliable singers with first-time director, all packed in one unit to deliver out a funky punch of entertainment, which is humorously titled PYAR KA PUNCHNAMA (meaning "post-mortem of love").

In the cadre of most bankable genre (youth-centric rom-com), this low profile laugh riot makes its presence with almost nil expectations and mediocre promotion. Clinton Cerejo, a reliable singer for years in Bollywood makes his formidable presense as composer along with promising Hitesh Sonik, Ad Boys and director Luv Ranjan as co-composers for this album.

Against all odds and expectations, recently released F.A.L.T.U was a musical success and hopes are pinned on this boyishly toned rom-com too. Does the musical power of all these aspiring composers have sufficient "punch" to make PYAR KA PUNCHNAMA as another surprising musical hit of this year? Let's get started to find its musical facts right by plugging "play" button...

Feel of companionship, bundles of masti and frolic of carefree life, all combine together in bedlam of snazzy rock musical maneuvers to deliver out a package of amusement in highly entertaining "Life Sahi Hi". Like immensely "yuppie" sounding "Hai Junnon" (NEW YORK (2009) and "Jaane Kyun" (DOSTANA -2008), it packs up all the upbeat melodic spicy tinge of fetish Hollywood's rom-com's in thriving out feel of impish boy-bonding. To the listeners delight, this grooming-brooding composition has the perfect conglomerate of A-list singers like KK, Vishal Dadlani, Benny Dayal and upcoming Sidd Coutto in delivering out craziness of enthused boyhood. Clinton Cerejo graduates prosperously from vocalist to composer, by conceiving out a delightful signature tuneful impact ("Ho-ho-ho...) blended with perfect uber-cool rock arrangements that are fuelled with wild distorted guitar riffs and jamming that collides aggressively with racy percussions and passionate voices. Director cum lyricist Luv Ranjan's youthfully mischievous one-liners try to be enterprising but sounds roguish at times. KK excels to the maximum in his outrageously peppy singing, followed with Vishal and Benny's infectious back-up supports while Sidd Coutto's fervent English wording give it a classic rock number feel. It's indeed a surprising five minutes package that should lure urbane listeners. Peppy!!!

Sauntering with romantic emotions in almost "unplugged" version, impressive Suraj Jagan's enlightening vocals makes breezy concoction of sentimentalism with archetypical rock exploits in "cool" sounding "Koi Aa Raha Paas Hai". Upcoming Hitesh Sonik plays experimental as well as judgmental in inundating out it in soft "unplugged" version and delivers out a likable situational romantic background score. On contrary, "Koi Aa Raha Paas Hai (revisited)" by Clinton Cerejo, a contemporary sounding soft-rock composition, brings out a feel of smoldering hot love-relationship in infectious Sonu Nigam's vocals. It shapes more in Indi-pop styling of work, Sonu revisiting his "Deewana" (Album-Deewana) with back up supports of sleek sounding Rachael D'souza and appealing Neuman Pinto voices. Despite some fine singing and amiable romantic feel, this Clinton's composition sounds contemporary and repetitive but still is a decent addition in the credits of the album.

Roguish, controversial or do we say again, "subject-ki-demand-hain"! After crap-worded hit item number "Mit Jaaye Gum" (DUM MAARO DUM), the next to arrive with bunch of controversy inviting one-liners and cheeky expletive is Mika Singh's solo track titled "Kutta". Luv Ranjan is the composer cum lyricist of the song that talks about the plight of hapless boys who are treated like "kutta" (dog) by the girls. As far as composition and performances are concerned, it's a mediocre situational score that should be attracting small sect of masses who are always enthralled with lewd wordings in fast-pitched songs.

After hearing a mixed bag of soundtracks, the album contorts towards "party-album" mood and its party-specialist Ad Boys who delivers out this hot-steaming discotheque number titled "Chak Glassi". The song has that infectious word "Glassi" word attached to it, a word that has been the "catchiest" of the lot in almost dozens of private remix and party albums. Monali along with Suzanne D'Mello vocally confronts it out like a belligerent cat-fight and together their racing voices pumps up tempo to the highest. For all party albums, this one is really rocking as it embroils the "bhangra-beat" punches in racy disco beat fillers to deliver out an entertainer for the floors. Ad Boys relives the decorum of flashing lights gunning high and low on crazy mob of youngster on floors with loads of DJ masti in the backdrop. Monali as well as Suzanne are the perfect choices to deliver out this hot-sizzling track that will presumably be the eye-candy of the lot. The second version by Ad Boys is like similar sounding "male version" and comes more like in format of typical UK bhangra number. It sounds pale to the earlier version but still works with the youthful feel of the album.

In a youth-centric film album, it is almost predictable to accept an Indi-pop stylized country-western rock number that has romantic or motivational "blues" attached to it. It arrives and arrives impressively in Clinton Cerejo's booming vocals with melancholic tones attached to it in somber wordings in track titled "Baanwre". This time Hitesh Sonik's composing aesthetics impresses to the core as it impersonates sobriety in the form of tuneful whistling and aggression in belligerently punched hard-metal base arrangements. Luv Ranjan's depiction about inspirational hues of a lonely protagonist has poetic cum sadistic base that works with the varying mood of the composition. Clinton's resonating and thriving loud pitches appeals and works in making this as one of the finest hard-metal rock composition of this year. Rocking!

Hilariously Boyish! Mika Singh's mischievously crooned nasal twang is at the helm of affairs again but this time the composition is immensely catchy and mood is feverishly bizarre in entertaining "Ishq Na Kariyo Kakke". Clinton Cerejo has another ace up his sleeve as composer as he pitches the cockishly animated tuneful setting to this track with catchy "bhangra" beat patterns that gels well to rapture out a thriller on the floors. The song has preach-ish youthful tones and suits to the singing style of Mika, who delivers it in pompously funky style. For all its catchiness and hilarity-in-motion, this song is presumably the most favorite to be chartbuster in weeks to come; a strong promotion will surely add fuel to the fire. Chartbuster!

PYAR KA PUNCHNAMA "punches" hard to makes it's "naam" (name) on the marquee and can be counted as one of the likable surprises in the genre of the youth-centric entertainers. Despite of its low profile and almost nil expectations, it delivers out some fine vocal performances matched with perfection to its corresponding rocking and amusing compositions. Clinton Cerejo succeeds both as a composer as well as vocalist in the album and impresses the most with two of the finest soundtracks of the album in the form of "Life Sahi Hai" and "Ishq Na Kariyo Kakke". Hitesh Sonik makes his mark with "Baanwre" while Ad Boys sets pulses racing with "Chak Glassi", overall it's an enthralling youthful experience that will be alluring its target set of listeners. After the musical success of recently released F.A.L.T.U, it's another youthful fun "n" frolic album that will be adding sheen to the commercial prospects of the flick. Go for it!

Rating - 3.5/5

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