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Music Review : Speedy Singhs (Breakaway)

 Speedy Singhs (Breakaway)
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Robert Lieberman
 Sandeep Chowta, Anjjan (Meet Bros), Harmeet (Meet Bros) and Manmeet (Meet Bros)
 RDB, Ludacris, Rishi Rich, Veronica, Jassi Sidhu, Kale Wala Sangha, Ajay Virma, Kumaar and Palvinder Dhami
 Vinay Virmani, Camilla Belle, Anupam Kher, Gurpreet Guggi, Russell Peters, Noureen Dewulf, Sakina Jaffrey and Rob Lowe

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Cricket, Hockey, Football and now Ice Hockey! The arena of sport-centric films in Bollywood is fast widening up and is now catching fast with international tastes and standards. SPEEDY SINGHS (BREAKAWAY), a cinematic treat by actor turned producer Akshay Kumar is the next in this cadre that catches all the sporting action live in midst of a storming melodrama. If one goes by the box-office standards, films with sport-centric themes have always been low on success but SPEEDY SINGHS promises something extra. It fuels up senses with international bhangra sensational feel and has the backdrop of unexplored ice-hockey magic on big screen. Sandeep Chowta, an experienced Bollywood campaigner is at the helm of musical affairs along with Meet Brother as the guest composers for the flick. To add up the frolic and fun for bhangra lovers, it is packed with names of international celebrities like RDB, Ludacris, Rishi Rich, Veronica and Jassi Sidhu in its credit listing. Can they together make this one a grand "speeding" success? Let's face the heat of this bhangra masti music feast...

Chivalry of Singhs galore! The roaring tiger of 'Singh is Kinng' (SINGH IS KINNG) yells backs with ballistic bhangra beat hip-hop grooves in immensely infectious 'Shera Di Kaum'. It packs the racy vocal fervor of Ludacris, Manjit Rai, Nav Sembhi, Sarb Sembhi and Nindy Kaur with strong impulses of racy emceeing and electronic synth beats to deliver out a typical UK bhangra beat madness on floors. Conceived in perfection for international audiences, it has the desired catchiness to lure and bombastic disco-beat groovy thrives that will surely work big times in parties and discotheques. Like the awe-inspiring sporty track 'Ek Hockey Doongi Rakh Ke' (CHAK DE INDIA), its highly promoted video is daring and is one of the finest from Akshay Kumar-RDB conglomerate that talks of gallantry and sportsman-spirits in most enthused way. The music video featuring Akshay Kumar and the entire brigade has been a big catalyzing factor and so is Sandeep Chowta's composing skills that has proved boon to all bhangra feasting lovers. Super-hit!!!

Fun-filled romantic antics add to the bhangra musical zesty flavors and the results are again enticing and amusing in 'Ne Aaja Ve'. It has the silken vocal verve of Veronica Mehta who sings her heart out in sultry tones with effective Punjabi wordings sung by H-Dhami in tandem. In terms of arrangements and composition, it belongs to the school of Bally Sagoo and Rishi Rich style of composing where mushy romanticism in feminine tones are interspersed perfectly in ethnical Punjabi flavors. Veronica's "Barbie doll" stylized rendition is a listening pleasure and so are its mix "n" match melodic moods that transits well to the varying singing shades of the singers. For all ardent Punjabi romantic song lovers, 'Ne Aaja Ve' is a "must-hear" attribute and a notable musical feature to boost "glam-quotient" of the flick. Go for it!!!

In the last few years, we all had a spicy taste of RDB's stylized music that has not only been peppy but also had peculiar bhangra funk. Whether it was 'Paisa' (DE DANA DA), 'Om Mangalam' (KAMBAKHT ISHQ) or 'Aloo Chaat' (ALOO CHAAT), the music of RDB has epitomized pure funky fun on floors, and the show continues well with equally pulsating sounding 'Sansar'. In terms of arrangements, it comes closer to 'Aloo Chaat' (ALOO CHAAT) and has the racy amalgam of crazy voices of RDB, H-Hind, Kat Eyez and Smooth. Like previous numbers, it maintains the decorum of typical bhangra pompous frolics with an international musical feel that should work well in the overseas markets. 'Sansar (instrumental)' breaks away from the routine musical decorum and is the only instrumental feature of the album. This version works on sauntering electronic synth beats that collages moderately with customary Punjabi stringed instrumentals (preferably 'ektara'), recurring pitched percussions to deliver out an emblematic feel for the desired situation. Impressive!!!

view SPEEDY SINGHS poster
view SPEEDY SINGHS poster
In year 2005, International bhangra sensation Jassi Sidhu made a huge impact worldwide with his album 'Aawan Ni Aawan' where super-hit soundtracks like 'Aawan Ni Aawan', 'Ishq Wich Jogi' and 'Veerji Vyon Chaleon' created ruckus among listeners. For this album, Jassi Sidhu came up with an improvised version of marriage celebration song 'Veerji Vyon Chaleon' in 'Veer Da Viya', a musical offering that is loaded with friendly boliyaan, infectious bhangra beats and roaring back-up vocals. It was already a big rage in Punjabi wedding celebrations and this version will surely add more dancing "item" space to DJ's collections. Just feel its rhythmical pompous thrives and join the celebrations to feel the heat...indeed rocking!!!

Guest composers Meet Brothers makes their special presence as they spice up tempos in contemporary Bollywood dancing moods in 'Chaddi Wale Yaar'. The soundtrack is all about true bosom friends and has shades of earlier heard 'Sansar'. It's iconic about 'Speedy Singh' and moves euphorically with punch-lines "We are brothers from different mothers", where riotous voices of Meet brothers, Josh and Rup Magon entertain with their vocal dynamism. Unlike previous numbers, it has that typical Bollywood's bhangra beat flavors and should work progressively as effective background score. 'Chaddi Wale Yaar (international mix)' brings back the fervor of UK bhangra beat magic and is tunefully synchronized with upbeat electronic beats, crazy beat-juggles and DJ spins, followed with equally roaring bhangra drumming. It's a "worth-a-hear" DJ offering to the album that should deliver everything promising in the promotions of the film. Rollicking!!!

Marriage celebrations do not end with 'Veer Da Viya' but get along with some extra steaming energy with traditionally Punjabi pompous song titled 'Rail Gaddi'. The song is all about togetherness in celebrations and getting along like a speeding "rail" in the festivities of the occasion. Jassi Sidhu's extremely stimulating voice is pulsating as it get along with ballistic dhol drum beats and energizing arrangements to deliver out a complete riot on floors. For all those who are relishing Punjabi festive tracks, this one is an added attraction and will be a big rage in all wedding seasons, do expect your DJ's of playing this track loud and high. Pompous!!!

SPEEDY SINGHS is an assortment of energetically conceived bhangra beat numbers; a fun-filled musical package that is expected to have a large fan base in North India (especially in Punjabi speaking regions). The producers have played aggressively in lauding out improvised versions of hit Punjabi tracks as well as delivering potential numbers with an international bhangra feel. Sandeep Chowta delivers out a pure "fun-filled" musical masti in this album where soundtracks like 'Shera Di Kaum', 'Ne Aaja Ve', 'Sansar' and 'Veer ji Da Viya' are likely to be getting major response from the target listeners. Meet brothers do deliver out a surprise in 'Chaddi Wale Yaar' and the end result is a paisa-vasool entertainment for ears.

Rating - 3.5/5

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