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Music Review : Wanted

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Starring :
 Prabhu Deva
 Jalees Sherwani, Sameer, Arun Bhairav, Wajid, Shabbir Ahmed and Salman Khan
 Salman Khan, Ayesha Takia Azmi, Mahesh Manjrekar, Asseem Merchant, Sajid, Vinod Khanna, Mahek Chhal and Prakash Raj

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view WANTED videos

view WANTED videos

After the enormous success of GHAJINI, Bollywood is reigning high and supreme with South Indian remakes. Boney Kapoor's WANTED joins this league by being an inspirational though official lift of Telugu super-hit POKIRI (2006) with macho-man Salman Khan leading the show. The box-office success of TERE NAAM (again a remake of Tamil hit SETHU) has made Salman the hot-favorite lucky mascot (with similar on-screen name ''Radhe'') for this ''remake'', with ace choreographer Prabhu Deva wielding the microphone for the first time in Hindi cinema. As predicted, Sajid-Wajid are the ''men of the show'' with the soundtracks that reflects the persona of the male lead and ushering out oodles of ''dhin-chak'' disco-beat ''masti'' for this spunky album. The duo have made themselves the hot-commodity for Salman flicks with chartbusting music (MUJHSE SHADI KAROGI , PARTNER ) but lately they are lacking the ire of making it big with average albums (HELLO, GOD TUSSI GREAT HO). WANTED can be termed as ''acid-test'' for them and big stakes are there for their supremacy in Salman's flicks. Can they deliver the needful with elan? Just get into the groove of it and find out the musical secrets of this ''most wanted'' album...

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''Love Me Love Me'', the first bombastic blow of the album comes in typical Calypso-cum-reggae musical works in the voices of Wajid and Amrita Kak. Wajid impersonates Salman's style of snobbish diction, where there is immense wooing of girl in Jalees Sherwani's cheery ''filmi'' wordings. Sajid-Wajid's composition is heavily loaded with repetitive rigorous drumming that sets rhythmical beat patterns for the song with impressive electronic flute in its prelude. Amrita Kak's demure rendition has innocence but it's all-together a ''dhin-chak'' type of dancing track that rules from its first beat in this musical love track.

''Love Me Love Me (Mama Papa Remix)'' has that adrenaline rush that energizes the tempo to extreme in its accelerating ''n'' exciting guitar strumming, booming drumming in rush of DJ spins and scratches. This remix has got that firestorm of emotions with impressive Latino emceeing and together they pile up a hot-stopper for the dancing floors. Go for it!

Remember Kamaal Khan? The first voice chosen as Salman's on-screen vocal impersonation that got thunderous applause in ''O O Jaane Jaana'' (PYAR KIYA TO DARNA KYA -1998) makes a cool rejoinder of affairs in belligerently peppy duet ''Ishq Vishq''. Once again, it's the punch-line (''O-Oh-O-Oh...'') that gets major spotlight throughout the track along with synchronized flows of conventional percussions, synchronized piano chorals and electronically prolific rhythms. Sunidhi Chauhan's sultry paced voice along with sensuous back-up vocals of Suzanne D'Mello adds up as seductive associate with Sameer's routine wordings playing to the catchiness of the composition.

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Nothing can stop this catchy number to be hip-shaking as mood goes out for full blast in ''Ishq Vishq (remix)''. This comes out in ''beach-party'' disco-binge style of works where tempo is accelerated in giving it outrageously flashy outlook. Catchy!!!

Sajid-Wajid's romantic composure has always been affluent on instrumentals and rhythmical flows and they carry their gentility of expressions in album's most melodious track ''Dil Leke''. The song comes out as the finest by the conglomerate of Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal in the last few heard albums as their soothing voice permeates substantially within textures of supple arrangements. Arun Bhairav's predictable wordings may not have heart-piercing feel but the subtleness of flute notes and prolific ''sitar'' displays adds to the serene quotient of this lovable track.

It's ''remix'' is breed apart from the original composition where the tranquil decorum is occupied with loud disco beat fillers adding up to the dancing fervor on floors with predictable bedlam of DJ spins and thrills. Lovable!!!

view WANTED movie stills

view WANTED movie stills

WANTED makes a ''filmi'' nosedive with Spanish flavored climax number ''''Le Le Maaza Le'' where innovative melodic feel makes it an all together experimental. It brings back cinema of yore with Suzanne D'Mello along with Soumya Raoh, Hrishikesh Kamerkar, Nikita Nigam voicing out this peculiar sounding number. Sajid-Wajid tries to create another 'Mehbooba' (SHOLAY) but the overall composition sounds meek preposition and even vocalist sounds too jarring at places.

''Jalwa'', a volatile hot-headed ''thumping'' (hear regular ''thumps'' at regular places) solo track song comes out racing all the way with streams of stringed folksy instrumentals and thriving disco-beat bangs lifting out the mood and appraisal of this musical show. This is presumably introductory number for the lead protagonist (Salman Khan) with flagrantly loud 80's action-packed cinematic appeal. In terms of conceptualization and composition, it can be compared to ''Jagadame'' from POKIRI (Telugu -2006), introduction of Mahesh Babu) and ''Moraya Re'' (DON-THE CHASE BEGINS AGAIN -2006) for festive Maharastrian folksy instrumental politesse in its catchy beats and sounds. Wajid scores utmost with his buoyant vocals that propels well in the racy orchestral beat and Earl making it trendier with his zany emceeing.

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This chartbusting number has all the ingredients in setting floors on floors and the show does not end but carry forward with immense enthuse and conviction in ''Jalwa (On The House remix)''. This infectiously loud ''club-house remix'' works with energized loops, beats and bangs that gets ferociously amalgamated with bouncing beat-juggling impacts, making it extremely likable commodity for dancing freaks. Chartbuster!!!

Now this may be coincidence that the next soundtrack ''Tose Pyar Karte Hai'' is sounding similar to ''Prem Jaal Mein'' (JIS DESH MEIN GANGA REHTA HAI-(2000), both in terms of orchestration and composition with ''Bhojpuri'' affixation in comical attire to woo interiors audiences. Like all previous numbers, this rustic number too bears ''heard-before'' stamp with Wajid taking up the proceedings with Sunidhi Chauhan and Earl. Sajid-Wajid imbibe all desired traits of making it another ''Chora Ganga Kinarewala'' type of dancing folksy number with weird sounds, beats and rhythms, sounding similar to ''Khaike Pan Banarswala'' (DON-1978). It's amusing and mischievous but not enterprising and is well suited to tickle funny bone and entice frontbenchers.

''Tose Pyar Karte Hain (Bhojpuri Makhan Remix)'' disappoints completely and proves to be unwanted guest with extra-jarring funky beats that comes out with crassly weird sounds. Skip it!

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After making notable presence in ''Main Hoon Yuvvraj'' (YUVVRAJ -2008), Salman Khan formulates out another author-backed presence in musical piece ''Most Wanted Track''. The number is no great-hear title track but a promotional feature that describes protagonist traits and characters. Do enjoy it loud if you are Salman Khan's big fan while rest of them can anticipate mind-blowing VFX effects along with some death defying stunts, as it comes all your way in theatres.

WANTED comes out as a Salman friendly massy album, with music that holds no big upsets but is high on enthralling quotient to woo young listeners. Despite overdo of ''heard-before'' syndrome, the album delivers entertainment and prospers with chartbusting hit tracks, thanks to catchy beats and sounds that are likely to be making it bankable affair. Its high points lies in tracks like ''Jalwa'', ''Dil Leke'', ''Ishq Vishq'' while ''Le Le Mazaa'' and ''Tose Pyar Karte Hai'' proves to be average fare. Against all odds, it thoroughly enjoys the power of slick choreography, mind-blowing VFX, aggressive promotion, and above all laudable face value that can be strong catalyzing force in making this an commercially acceptable album.

Rating - 3.5/5

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