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   Music Review : Shaurya

Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Samar Khan
 Adnan Sami
 Javed Akhtar
 Rahul Bose, Minissha Lamba, Kay Kay Menon, Javed Jaffrey

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view SHAURYA videos

view SHAURYA videos

“Shaurya Kya Hai?” It comes out like a tough quiz master question or thought-provoking talk show discussion but do find its reply, meaning and relevance in the audio packaging of SHAURYA. Adnan Sami makes another notable move as composer with some lovable and heart-rending musical work. Director Samar Khan’s musical aesthetics worked wonder in KUCH MEETHA HO JAYE and now it maintains its top form in SHAURYA. The album stands out as one of the admirable works of this year in genre of meaningful and thought-provoking cinema.

Soothing Adnan Sami’s sentimental connotations mesmerized with shimmering overtones of Sunidhi Chauhan flows synthesizes mellifluously into mushy love talk of silent love in well-penned track “Dheere Dheere”. Its serene and somber romanticism has glimpses of Sami’s most cherished melody “Shaayad Yahi to Pyar” (LUCKY – NO TIME FOR LOVE). Sami’s conquers heart with his smoothening compositions as well as with his gifted vocals while “silky-smooth” Sunidhi delivers her first memorable melody of this year. The soft rock feel submersed in “blues” and “jazz” crescendo jester out a rhythmically paced beat patterns that amalgamates well into the cohort of alluring wordings. This smooth and tranquil feel squashy melody will surely be escalating out the beauty and romance quotient in this warrior’s saga. Worth-a-hear!!!

Sami maintains the decorum of similar musical binge in a song of friendship, commitment with a spirited feel of companionship in a tangy flow of upbeat rock concert orchestrations in impressive sounding “Dosti Kya Hai”. Veterans Abhijit and Udit Narayan emote out with their impressive vocal modulations and variations in singing out the considerate bonds of communion in contemporary Bollywood’s “dosti” lyrical works. Sami lives up to the needs of trendy musical fancies by infusing out affable arrangements in sensible sounding composition.

“Jaane Kyon Jaaneman”, the feminine seductive outrage brings out the ire and compassion out of svelte songstress Sunidhi Chauhan in typical disco mode. It delves into stereotypical raunchy disco tracks terrain where racy hip-hop along with bouncy disco beat fillers hits the floors with big bang. This “cool” chic number has sensuous binge with enticing wordings that can be sum up as a jovial entertainer for feisty party animal’s delights.

view SHAURYA movie stills

view SHAURYA movie stills

Its party time folks as Sami shakes up proceedings with booty-shaking thriving dancing floor antics with loads of hip-hop disco beat fillers in “Ghabra Ke Dar Dar Ke”. Sunidhi Chauhan maintains her brilliant form in this energizing peppy track with oozing Sami’s rendition mixing well with groovy beats, sensuous chorals, electronically punched orchestrations that makes mood bizarre. The song is expected to be flaring up screen with all its flashy charms and likely to be adding to glossy quotient of the flick.

The title track, “Shaurya”, brings out the first thematically inclined vociferous burst about the gallantry; chivalry acts in an upbeat collage of vibrant orchestral displays. Kunal Ganjawala’s gruffly voice exhibits preachy attitudes and the significance of “shaurya” (bravery) in life, career, work and attitude in its well-versed wordings. Do expect several sentimental and breathtaking moments glaring high, zooming in and out, on silver screen during its thunderous rendition as effective background score.

Shahrukh “King” Khan has been benevolent for being sharing his presence and talent for fellow beings as now he turns vocal in narrating the meaning and significance of “shaurya” in “Shaurya Kya Hai”. Like “Sattar Minutes” (CHAK DE INDIA), this comes out as sonorously voiced caper about the vicissitudes of confronting every grim situation on battlefield and the relevance of “shaurya” (bravery and courage) in common men life. Javed Akhtar’s momentous wordings have philosophical, truth-seeking and soulful impact in lines like “Majhab ke banaye dayere ko tod kar, Kisi ka haath tham lene ki himmat, Goliyonn ki betahasha shorr ko, Appni khamoshi se Chunauti de pane ki himmat, Marti maarti is duniya mein nnihaathe datte rehne ki himmat, Shaurya Kya hai?” We wish that these quality wordings in “Do (two) Minutes” track turns out to be another “Sattar Minutes” for this war-espionage melodrama and an invigorating catalyst for its resounding promotion.

After praiseworthy LUCKY-NO TIME FOR LOVE and impressive MUMBAI SALSA, Adnan Sami cuts out a remarkable album that should be finding its big takers among Gen X listeners. Soundtracks like “Dheere Dheere” is a sure super-hit track while “Dosti Kya Hai”, “Jaane Kyon Jaaneman”, “Ghabra Ke Darr Darr Ke” and “Shaurya” works out appreciably as noticeable situational tracks. Shahrukh’s impressively rendered “Shaurya” will surely be a surprise package but wait till it arrives with its full packaging on its D-Day.

Rating : 3/5

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