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Music Review : Jashnn - The Music Within

 Jashnn - The Music Within
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Sharib- Toshi
 Adhyayan Suman, Anjana Sukhani, Shahana Goswami and Humayun Saeed.

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For every nobody who wants to be a somebody! Queer as it may sound but that's the tagline of the film JASHNN-THE MUSIC WITHIN. And this applies more to the Bhatts than any other producers in the film industry. Yes, it's indeed true that the Bhatts have certainly made many a nobody, a definite somebody in the film industry. One such example is the highly successful composer duo, Nadeem - Shravan, who they introduced through their superhit film, AASHIQUI. The Bhatts have been known for highly memorable music down the years and any album from their stable is always looked forward to and remains in demand by music lovers, both from the class as well as the mass. However, their last album, RAAZ-THE MYSTERY CONTINUES, had disappointed to a large extent and except for the ''Maahi'' track there was no other composition that impressed. May be keeping that mind, Mukesh Bhatt has roped in Sharib-Toshi to compose for their latest musical offering, JASHNN. So, let's see if the composer duo, with help from the extremely versatile and talented Nauman Javaid and KABHI KHUSHI KABHIE GHAM and CHAMELI composer Sandesh Shandilya give the Bhatts a reason to celebrate (Jashnn!)

Sharib - Toshi choose a very simple but enchantingly melodious composition, ''Nazrein Karam'' to begin the album. Simple, because of the arrangements which rely heavily on soft beats, simple guitar strums and lovely soothing back up vocals. The choice of K.K as the singer surprises, but once when we hear the whole song, we know why! The high octave singing that K.K. is known for comes to the fore beautifully and matching him step for step, from high to low octave is our very own, Shreya Ghoshal, the newly crowned nightingale of Hindi film music. Together they constitute a formidable team as they croon this beautifully hummable song that has chartbuster written all over. Lyrics by Kumaar are filmy but effective. Definitely a superb number first up, and the whole team needs a pat on the back for giving us a fresh, romantic track that would be savoured by the young Gen as well as the die hard romantics.

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The ''Nazrein Karam-Kilogram Mix'' is beautifully done as the essence of romance that dwelled in its relaxed pace and simple arrangements has been kept intact and only the necessary ingredients to spice up the track have been added.

Since the lead protagonist of the movie is an aspiring singer, naturally we have ''Aaye Re'', an out and out dance track that has a nice rhythm as well as some good musical arrangements. The background arrangements suggest that its a stage performance during a rock concert, what with all the claps and whistles and loud cheering. Coming to the song itself, the composer duo have another hit number up their sleeve, and they need to be applauded for some amazing fusion of rock and Calypso beats. The hard rock guitaring is brilliant and lifts the tempo of the track. The master of music concert songs, K.K., does it once again putting in his best. He is simply superb as he sings in the mode of a rock star; his enthusiasm is to be heard to be believed! The lyrics by Kumaar may sound routine, but so is the situation!

The next track, ''Dard-E-Tanhai'', is a trademark number from the house of Raksha and Hasnain, whose debut film, THE TRAIN, had Emraan Hashmi rocking the nation with the super hit ''Zindagi ''. Looks like they have insisted upon another one, as this number too is in the same corridor as its predecessor. And it would be easy to predict its fate; a sure fire hit like ''Zindagi''! Lovely fresh arrangements, relying heavily on piano, guitar and of course drums and plates, having the backing of a superb rhythm, which is the USP of the track, apart from the singer himself, who is absolutely mesmerizing. Nauman Javaid is another Atif Aslam in the making, as his vocals are strong, sonorous and he sings with feelings. The singer has a bright future ahead. Another aspect that deserves applause are the lyrics which are so apt that they fit in like a hand in glove, the situation may be routine but the lyricist, Nauman Javaid is class apart. Appears to be a pro this guy!

view JASHNN-THE MUSIC WITHIN movie stills

view JASHNN-THE MUSIC WITHIN movie stills

The remixed version is welcomed as there can never be too much of a good thing and the ''Dard-E-Tanhai-Kilogram Mix'' is tastefully done, and only serves to better the cause, and the sale volumes!

Some nice guitar strums and synthesizer commence, ''Tere Bin'', a composition that has an old world charm to it, and all credit to Sandesh Shandilya who makes the song even more charming by roping in lead singers Shaan and Shreya. Together they lend the song the requisite air of romance through some full of feelings rendition. The only irritant is the constant, persistent rhythm in the background (accompanying the song), could have done with fresher arrangements. The Blackberry 'shaayer' Neelesh Misra does a fine job, although more is expected of this upcoming talent. A remixed version would have worked wonders for the song, and it's sorely missed here.

Soothing guitar strums and Nouman Javaid's hauntingly strong vocals herald the beginning of another sad number, ''Main Chala''. It has the backing of some lovely guitaring, organ sounds and a nice synthesized rhythm which despite lacking in pace, has the ability to hold the attention of the listener and that's what works hugely in favour of this track. If compared to the first number by Nauman this may not be a chartbuster, but it is definitely a situational number that would work in the context of the film and its script.

The Unplugged version has Nouman's vocals holding fort hard and strong, with just a touch of guitar strums in the background! But better choice would have been a sort of an Oriental remix touch to the number, as the original itself is devoid of much musical cacophony (appreciated by the youth of today) and would have made for a good discothèque/pub number.


The composer duo, Sharib-Toshi end the album with ''Aish Karle'', and this aptly titled song has the brothers literally doing just that, through some lively breezy tune coupled with some highly humorous and at times inane lyrics, that just spices up the track even more - ''Aaja aish karle, Dhadkanon ka fm bajta hai, Aaja tu aish karle, Wallet ke sikke kahte hain, Ja ja tu aish karle!'' The background chorus is a la ''Dil Chahta Hai ''title track. A situational number that would find place in the scheme of things during the good old days of friendship and companionship of the lead protagonists. Musically the song may not be up to the mark but its worth a hear!

On the whole, JASHNN has some quite good tracks like ''Dard-E-Tanhai'' (which stands out), ''Nazrein Karam'', ''Aaya Re'' and ''Main Chala'', which provide the album with a wide variety. But what must be kept in mind is the fact that the Bhatts have gone in for a relative newcomer in the form of Adhyayan Suman and will surely miss their lucky mascot, Emraan Hashmi, whose mere presence is enough to guarantee a good sale for the album. And the claim by them that JASHNN is their best album after AASHIQUI is totally unfounded, as all the songs from AASHIQUI were chartbusters, which certainly is not the case here. However, the album is worth a buy considering its variety and the dearth of good music these days.

Rating - 3.5/5

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