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   Music Review : Kahani Gudiya Ki

 Kahani Gudiya Ki
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Prabhakar Shukla
 Vivek Prakash
 Madan Pal
 Divya Dutta, Arif Zakaria, Seema Biswas, Rajpal Yadav

By Satyajit, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

Realistic cinema is gripping hard and is getting even more rational with real life characters getting portrayed into big silver screen. The trend has also encouraged women oriented subjects as one of its sub-genre in the marquee in present multiplex era. KAHANI GUDIYA KI, a film inspired from real life characters is one such example that brings out the melancholic flavors of “ghazal-gayaki” from the maestro Ghazal singer Jagjit Singh. Despite some touching and heartrending poetic impulse, the album comes out as unwanted guest for its lackluster melodramatic musical moves. Like couple of unimpressive new composers this year, new composer Vivek Sharma fails to strike any chord with his set of outdated compositions that proves too incompetent in present context.

“Dard Apna Likh Na Payee”, an intrinsically poetic and expressive work about pain, sufferings and trauma of the desolated protagonist brings out the vocal finesse of Jagjit Singh in fine package of sentimental wordings. Madan Pal’s lyrical expressions are praiseworthy that sincerely permeates into the compelling moments of aggrieved and impoverished protagonist. It’s an exceptional (if not extraordinary) musical piece that may be finding itself unfit in film album but still will be finding its major takers among patent “ghazal” listeners.

After an amicable “ghazal” number, it’s a complete disappointment in shoddy and worn- out traditional marriage number by Sadhna Sargam in “Jis Rut Mein Choodiyan”. It’s sheer displeasure to hear fatigued and sloppy composition in such competitive musical segment and with an equally imperfect vocal rendition, it’s an avoidable affair. Skip It!!!

Jagjit Singh’s vocal finesse gets into another somber mood by being characteristically penetrative about the lead character “Gudiya” in distressing and painful sounding “Gudiya Tujh Par Ek Pal”. The song is autobiographical vocal gesticulation about the gloomy and distressed protagonist’s heartfelt emotions embroiled in simple wordings. It’s situational to the core in its offerings but do enjoy some mesmerizing singing moments emoted out by Jagjit Singh in this nine minute plus soundtrack. The “instrumental” version comes out as perfect flute rendition by Rakesh Chaurasiya with added elements of synchronized violin works. It’s a primarily background score work that emanates out the fluctuating facades of miseries and desolation felt in typical Bollywood musical mode.

After an outstretched gloomy musical decorum, mood shifts to spirituality in harmonic textures of “qawalli” where traditional “qawalli” singer Habib Sabri sings out “Dua Qabool Karo”. It’s a modest submission all-together with simple traditional instrumental works but the penetrative impact of touching soul is strikingly missing.

Jagjit Singh’s third soundtrack “Har Ek Faisla Imtihaan” maintains the gloomy ambience of the album with another set of outmoded and weary musical flows. It’s presumed to be background score number where the protagonist’s sufferings gets highlighted in its somber contours of painstaking wording and distressed vocal renditions. It’s again a strictly situational affair but this time even Jagjit Singh’s impressive work fails to create any emotional impulse.

KAHANI GUDIYA KI comes to be complete “washout” with none of its soundtrack showing promise of either entertaining or touching listener’s hearts or minds. It promises no big surprises and neither delivers it but shares some melancholic moments in Jagjit Singh’s renditions. The under-performance can also be attributed to its low budget as well as its low profile but still it works in minuscule distressing prosaic moments.

Rating – 1/5

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