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Music Review : New York

 New York
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Kabir Khan
 Pritam Chakraborty, Pankaj Awasthi and Julius Packiam
 Sandeep Srivastava and Junaid Wasi
 John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Irrfan Khan

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view NEW YORK videos

view NEW YORK videos

Director Kabir Khan showed his brawny strength in unconventional KABUL EXPRESS and his debut also made waves for its innovative music that made fortune for promising Raghav Sachar. Kabir's second directorial venture, NEW YORK, is one of the most awaited releases with music that promises to be in tune with present day Gen X listener's taste. Expectations! Yes, there are humongous, both in terms of box-office as well as for musical success! Pritam comes out to be captain of the ship along with two upcoming composers in the form of Pankaj Awasthi and Julius Packiam to deliver the needful. Pritam’s consistency and hi-profile is at stake while two composers are striving to find foothold in marquee. Can NEW YORK be the new ''el-dorado'' for listeners as well as for producers and composers? Does NEW YORK have the tenacity to match the success standards of producer's last big musical hits? Let's not be alien to this NEW YORK and do find citizenship of this hot ''n'' happening city by plugging onto its soundtracks in one-go...

Youthful to the core and pulsating to the last beat, Pritam makes a chartbusting start to the album in a lovable soft-rock ''buddy-bonding'' soundtrack ''Hai Junoon''. KK's most accomplished work of this year makes most gleaming presence in Sandeep Srivastava's lighthearted cum cheerful wordings that are aesthetically pitched with hook-line ''Hai Junoooonn'' making it a peppy pop anthem. Feel the breeze of cheery youth that comes smiling in synchronized country western guitar strumming forming engaging prelude that collages with ''cool'' rhythmical pattern in making this a pleasingly audible ''happy-go-lucky'' song. KK's remarkable rendition in modulating mode from high to low octave singing is praiseworthy and surely be putting him in the bracket of ''Best Male Playback Singer of the Year''. Pritam piles up one of finest composition of this year by varying up tempo, timbre and orchestrations, epitomizing out various moods of youth brigade of the flick. This joyous number has been in promos for several months and it's simply delight to hear the original soundtrack.


''Hai Junoon (remix)'' is surprise and break from regular DJ stuff where Julius Packiam comes out with mix and match of ''lounge'' and ''club-house'' elements in making it one hot-shot promotional feature track. Do play it loud and feel the resonating disco splurge that comes out with KK's booming voice and enthralling rock musical arrangements. Chartbuster!!!

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy did a tremendous experimentation in quintessentially feminine ''Yeh Tumhaari Meri Baatein'' (ROCK ON) that set new success standards and now the mushy feel of ''cherished paradise'' makes another dazzling presence in beautifully composed ''Mere Sang''. The soulful chorals with tender orchestral flows makes a sublime prelude and later the mood turns enthralling in rigorous rock-mode deliverance to metaphor varying romantic sentimental shades. Sunidhi Chauhan gets into classical western pop singing (similar to couple of Mariah Carey's emotional tracks) with flair to mesmerize out an optimistically woven ''feel-good'' background score. Pritam's consistency in composing and imbibing traits of classical pop music scintillates out with perfection. Like the recently heard ''Khabar Nahi'' (DOSTANA), one can expect an engrossing on-screen syrupy chemistry between the lead pair (Katrina-John) with glimmering foreign locations in the backdrop. Julius Packiam makes his second presence in ''Mere Sang (remix)'' with some really foot-tapping disco-beat fillers that sets the tempo high and pulsates out senses with great zest. It's a substantial commercial move by inculcating flashy elements of bombastic ''club'' remix elements that rechristens this mushy number out into upbeat disco-loving track. Do feel the impulse!!!

download NEW YORK wallpapers

download NEW YORK wallpapers

Pritam completes a hat-trick of hits for this hi-profiler with melancholic ''Tune Jo Na Kaha'', a poignantly expressive number showcasing out the desolation of protagonist in foreign land. After chartbusting success of ''Masakali'' (DELHI-6), Mohit Chauhan is in great form again in this solemnly persuasive song with narrative lyrical works - ''Ab na pehli si baatein hai, Bolo to lab thartharatein hai, Raaz yeh dil ka na ho baiyan, Hoga na ab asar humpe nahin, Hum safar mein to hain, Hums afar hai nahi''- that gives it ground support in voice-over of sequence of events. The composition has peculiar country western flair that goes in tandem with beautiful humming by Mohit and makes it realistically melancholically melodious for ears. Sandeep Srivastava's lyrics echoes maximum pathos in reciting out morose sentiments of loner trapped in dilemma and gets fine trapping of well conceived arrangements and brilliant vocal display. It's an all-together win-win moment and all those who cherish quality somber numbers, this will add to their collections. Soulful!!!

Form modernity to traditionalism, the mood as well as composer changes as Pankaj Awasthi takes the charge with Sufism flavors in modest sounding situational soundtrack ''Aye Saaye Mere''. Junaid Wasi scripts out this compelling number that has shades similar to ''Maula Le Le Meri Jaan'' (CHAK DE INDIA) with intense Arabic string instrumental flows. Awasthi efforts in ANWAR (''Dilbar Mera'' and ''Jo Maine Aas Lagayi'') were overshadowed by Mithoon's brilliance and this one too sounds tailor-made than melodic for ears.

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Julius Packiam reintroduces himself in the league of composers and pitches two lively instrumental works in the form of ''Sam's Theme'' and ''New York Theme''. ''Sam Theme'' has nostalgia of emotions in sensual humming by Caralisa Monteiro (similar to ''Haan Maine Chukar'' (BLACK) with effective piano chorals movements that flow in tandem. It carries a haunting spell of emotions with silence, drumming, flute notes and together they are compiled well into an awe-inspiring symphony. ''New York Theme'' is moreover a thrilling instrumental that works on musical ethics of an international action-packed potboiler. The intimidating impulse is evident from the first beat and develops well with progression of instrumental display (especially racing electric and bass guitar displays) to accentuate out series of spine-chilling events.

NEW YORK ends the draught in musical fraternity and comes out as one promising super-hit album that should be big chartbusting success in coming days. Pritam maintains his high standards and delivers formidable set of soundtracks like ''Hai Junoon'', ''Mere Sang'' and ''Tune Jo Na Kaha'' in making this a hot-favorite album for listeners. Julius Packiam makes consolidated moves with ''full-of–life'' instrumentals and adds to the gleam of the show. After the musical success of RAAZ-THE MYSTERY CONTINUES and DELHI-6, the music of NEW YORK will be the one offering that should be finding maximum takers while ''Hai Junoon'' is likely to be next new pop anthem for the nation.


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