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Music Review : Rann

Director :
Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Ram Gopal Varma
 Dharmaraj Bhatt, Sandeep Patil, Jayesh Gandhi, Bapi-Tutul, Sanjeev Kohli and Amar Mohile
 Vayu, Sarim Momin, Sandip Singh and Prashant Pandey
 Amitabh Bachchan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Paresh Rawal, Mohnish Behl, Suchitra Krishnamurthy, Rajat Kapoor, Gul Panag, Neetu Chandra, Rajpal Yadav

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view RANN teasers

view RANN teasers

RGV's peculiar cinematic aesthetics has always defied stereotypes and made bold style statements of its kind. RANN makes a consolidated introspect into fast growing TV journalism and enters into the under belly of media-politics nexus. Barring the exception of weirdly made RGV KI AAG, thespian Amitabh Bachchan has excelled every time (SARKAR and SARKAR RAJ) in his films as a domineering character with positive response, both commercially and critically. RANN (meaning ''war'') empowers him as ideological head-honcho of a TV channel and predictably music has enforcing rather than enthralling appeal to give narration a fiercely impeccable feel. This may sound strange but a long list of composers (Dharmaraj Bhatt, Sandeep Patil, Jayesh Gandhi, Bapi-Tutul, Sanjeev Kohli and Amar Mohile) are engaged for eight thematically aggressive situational scores. Even the line-up of lyricists (Vayu, Sarim Momin,Sandip Singh and Prashant Pandey) makes sure that the album speaks ferociously to evoke the feel of this socially relevant saga. As far as musical success is concerned, RGV flicks have been low key affairs for the past few years and so expectations are likely to be miniscule. Against all odds, can the music of RANN be a runaway success by this team of composers? Does it have that ballistic ire that can really give the narration on fire? Let's check this out...

''Rann hai rann hai, satya siyahi ka rann hai...'' The mightier strength of ''pen'' over ''swords'' gets a befitting poetical tribute to serenade out politically volatile soundtrack ''Sikkon Ki Bhook''. Lyricist Vayu's agonizing words are appealing and so are the belligerently loud arrangements that give it a profound melodramatic appeal. Composer duo Dharmaraj Bhatt and Sandeep Patil gives it a theatrical ''street-play'' outlook where linguistically fiery idealistic wordings exhibit out meaningful messages. Vayu's razor-sharp wordings gets deserving vocal supports in the form of Vardan, Shadaab Faridi and Aditi Paul to make it engaging background score for the flick.

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After intimidating dark tones, satirical moves takes over with ''Breaking News'', ''TRP'', news anchors voice-over etc making dramatic communion in average sounding ''Remote Ko Baahar Phek''. Jayesh Gandhi sings as well as composes this ''mocking-shocking'' overview of news channels that believes in sensationalism rather than reality to raise their mantle. Sarim Momin's lyrics are loosely packed with upbeat hip-hop stylized arrangements hardly making any big impact.

After mish-mash wordings, haphazard phrasing, ''poetry-in-motion'' finally makes it through likable vocals of Sukhwinder Singh in ''Kaanch Ke Jaise''. It's more like melancholically distressing ''monologue'' about honest person entrapped in deceitful world. RGV's favorite Bappi-Tutul get the bigger chunk of the cake for delivering out the most striking number with thought-provoking lyrics in sluggish tempo. Sarim Momin's lyrical tinge is sharper this time (''Kanch ke jaise saaf ansoo, kanch ke jaise toot gaye, ankhon mein vishwas jo tha, chubhane lage uske tukade...'') with ethics being compared poetically to fragility of glass. This wave-storm of emotional turbulence is presumed to be principal factor in the narration and surely be the most promising melodic attribute of this album.

Sanjeev Kohli sings out his composition ''Rann Hai'' with angry agonized baritones that gist out the theme of the flick. Sarim Momin's well scripted realistic wordings (''Zameer jo na bechey, khud woh hi bik jaatey hain, dil se jo koyi soche, dil mein hi pachhtaate hai...) are subjectively poignant to emote out the protagonist's excruciation. Sanjeev Kohli's voice may not be as thumping as one assumes it to be but overall this works as resounding background score for the compelling moments. If shot well, this can be a bitter kaleidoscopic attribute in catalyzing narrative flows.

view RANN movie stills

view RANN movie stills

If one traverses back to 60's and 70's election days, there were two major visual factors, one Doordarshan's music streaming out for election news and another popular slogan (''Gali Gali Mein Shor Hai...'') used by political parties for opposing leaders/parties. ''Gali Gali Mein'', an Imran-Vikram composition is heavily loaded with electronic arrangements in belligerent display with hot-headed lyrics. It works in similar melodic mode as ''Dhandha Hai Par Ganda Hai'' (COMPANY) with deteriorating political scenario getting blacklisted and cuss words getting beeped at regular intervals. Jojo along with Earl D'Souza gives it trendy look while Sandip Singh's harsh wordings give it an overall ''hate-anthem'' appeal.

The acrimonious rage of ''Hate Anthem'' continues and carries forward with another hostile sounding brash soundtrack ''Besharam''. Bappi-Tutul makes their second outing with Prashant Pandey's outrageously preachy wordings, listing out malfunctions and shortcoming of modern society. Abhishek Nailwal, a regular in RGV's album throats out in vociferous outrage but again it's too dark and loud as background score. Its instrumental version works like a gripping musical piece with varied pitched instrumental works.

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As predictable, the finale comes as another ''Hate-anthem'' with hard-hitting assertively one-liners punched together in one stream of emotions in ''Mera Bharat Mahaan''. This works as ''spoof'' on popular slogan ''Mera Bharat Mahaan'', showcasing double standards and hypocritical attitude of country's big wigs. Kunal Ganjawala sings out sporadically this hatefully emoted track, composed by Amar Mohile and lauded with repulsively agonizing lyrics by Sarim Momin. Strictly situational!

RANN fights its battle on words rather than on its music and so it boasts situational soundtracks that befit its challenging and unexplored subject. It works in bits and parts with soundtracks like ''Kanch Ke Jaise'', ''Sikkon Ki Bhookh'' and ''Rann Hai'' showing gleam of effective background score for the film. Like RGV's last success SARKAR RAJ, this album too has potential of depicting story line but there's nothing spectacular to be entertained or expecting bigger shelf for the album in coming days.

Rating - 3/5

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