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Music Review : Yamla Pagla Deewana

 Yamla Pagla Deewana
Director :
Music :

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Starring :
 Samir Karnik
 Laxmikant Pyarelal, Anu Malik, Sandesh Shandilya, Nouman Javaid, RDB and Rahul B Seth
 Anand Bakshi, Dharmendra, Anu Malik, Irshad Kamil, Nouman Javed, Rahul B Seth and RDB
 Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Anupam Kher, Kulraj Randhawa and Johny Lever

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Director Samir Karnik has long been associated with the Deols, and his last outing, HEROES, which was received with much critical acclaim and was partly successful too, saw some memorable songs by Sajid- Wajid and Monty Sharma. This time however the canvas gets bigger and things even more exciting as the three hunks, the original he man, ageless Dharmendra, macho man Sunny and handsome Bobby come together to bomb blast the screen with their aptly titled YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA. Last time when the trio came together in the hit family cum action drama, APNE, the music by Himesh Reshammiya became quite popular. This time however, YPD promises to be a rollicking roller coaster fun ride and the music album of the film promises some fun filled invigorating 'dhol, taashe' laced Punjabi flavoured songs, more 'desi' rather than metro centric. And we are sure, especially after the scintillating musical success of BAND BAAJA BAARAAT audio, Punjabi is the flavour of the season. Not entrusting one composer, the makers have gone in for as many as five music directors. We will know the reason after listening to the album but we are quite sure that the amalgamation of the new and veteran composers will give us music lovers a wide variety of songs to listen to and savour. So let's get the ball rolling and see what they have in store for us!

The starting is on the expected line with the iconic Mohd Rafi, Laxmikant-Pyarelal number, 'Main Jat Yamla Pagla Diwana' originally by Laxmikanth-Pyarelal with lyrics by Anand Bakshi (titled 'YPD Title Track (RDB) Version 1') with which Dharm pa ji has come to be associated with ever since the superlative success of the film, PRATIGYA, and it's song which still remains evergreen in the minds and hearts of music buffs. Naturally the song has been rearranged (by RDB) and resung by Mohd Rafi's new avatar, the highly talented Sonu Nigam, who does full justice to the composition and giving him able company is Nindy Kaur. Not much 'chhed chhad' has been (thankfully!) done and the old world charm of the composition has been retained thanks to RDB, who do their bit to refurbish the track with additional lyrics and lively background music arrangements. Nostalgia revisited indeed!

'Charha De Rang', the first original track of the album has been composed by Nouman Javaid and this number features as many as four times (Original plus 'Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Version 2', 'Pervez Adlib Version' & 'Rahat Adlib Version') in the album. There are different versions of the same song but there are no remixes. Although there is a slower version (sans any musical backing up) which is quite brief as well. Quite a few singers have been shortlisted for the song and prominent amongst them are Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Rahul B. Seth, Shweta Pandit, Mahalaxmi Aiyer and Ali Pervez Mehdi, all of whom do a splendid job. This song too has an old world charm about it considering the immensely sweet melody that encapsulates the song. The use of Hindustani music instruments like flute, 'daf', 'sarangi' etc lend a surreal classic touch to the song. Though quite heavily loaded with Punjabi lyrics (by Nouman Javaid and Rahul B Seth) the song should find its patrons because it is a highly classy number and the use of 'heer' (in portions) which is a sad Punjabi love note by male singers (especially Rahat!) is simply superb. The female singers pump up the proceedings with vigorous singing naturally Punjabi ishtyle!

Veteran composer (cum lyricist here) Anu Malik, who has composed quite a few chartbusters especially for Bobby and Sunny, gets another chance with 'Tinku Jiya' which if classified is an item/dance number where Anu fuses the new with the old. Its like 'Munni Badnaam Huyi' meeting 'Sarkailo Khatiya' (RAJA BABU), more precisely the song is folk inspired and the number that comes to mind is 'Phulori Bina Chatni Kaise Bani'. However the song will definitely appeal to the front benchers who are the real target audience here. The trump card is Mamta Sharma, the superstarni of Bhojpuri item numbers and after 'Munni' quite a name in Bollywood too. We are sure that her presence here along with the sweet sounding vocals of Javed Ali will definitely help the song achieve a hit status. But one wished that Anu had come up with something more original and catchy especially since the tune that he uses has been done to death



Another veteran composer, Sandesh Shandilya, gets to showcase his class with the next number, 'Sau Baar', a love ditty that might come as a surprise to many. However people tend to forget that all the three Deols may be full-fledged 'masala' action heroes but they have quite a few memorable love songs to their credit, especially Dharmendra and Sunny. Coming to the love ballad, it's a gem that will be loved by die hard romantics. The melody is superb, the catchline, 'Sau baar ye kahe dil ke aaja tujhe pyar karein' is worth repeating all over. Irshad Kamil's lyrics are simple and effective and succeed in invoking the eternal feeling of love. Promising singer Omar Nadeem is good but in parts he sounds (or tries to) like Atif Aslam, but who cares as long as the track sounds good! Giving him apt company is melody queen Shreya Ghoshal, who is superb as always.

The makers putting a lot of faith in Anu give him a second chance (both as composer and lyricist) and once again it's an all out dance number cum 'qawwali', 'Chamki Jawaani' sung by Mamta Sharma, Daler Mehdi and Master Salim. However despite the presence of these highly talented singers the song fails to impress and it's the composition that fails, not the singers who do a fabulous job. The problem lies with the composer who simply mixes and matches several tunes (few that come to mind are, 'Husn Waalon Se Allah Bachaye'-Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, 'Sharma Ke Agar Kyun Pardanasheen)'(CHAUDHVI KA CHAAND), 'Chalat Musafir Moh Liya Re'(TEESRI KASAM) to come up with a medley of sorts that unfortunately does not deliver at all. Even Dharmendra's superhit love song, 'Chalkaye Jaam' finds a place but to no avail. Anu has tried all the tricks in the book to conjure up a 'dhamaal' dance number, the intension is loud and clear but it fails to entertain overall and might just click with the audience of interiors , especially the Bhojpuri belt of UP - Bihar.

As if two dance numbers were not enough, there is a third one which is 'Son Titarya' but this time, it's by Rahul B Seth and Nouman Javaid who are credited as both composers and lyricists. Once again targeting the interiors, this song is folk based and sung by Krishna Beura who has in the past shown that he is a name to reckon with in this genre. To the credit of the composer duo, this number is catchy, the lyrics more decent and cute, this time they are in 'Awadhi' rather than Bhojpuri . 'Hamri saari herogiri to bas dhari rah gayi, Uske roop ke sagar mein to tel laga ke bah gayi.' The 'nautanki' feel of the composition is kept alive by rampant use of harmonium, 'dholak' and lots of 'seetees' (whistles) in the background. The song will definitely look good on screen if picturized well.

All those who were missing an all out 'Bhangra' dance based number, the makers have certainly saved it for the penultimate song as we have, 'Kadd Ke Botal' composed by Rahul B Seth which can also be called the title track and is a fun celebratory number. Written by Dharmendra who had also rendered it in one of the award shows, the tune of the song is based on a very popular Punjabi folk on which quite a few Hindi film songs too have been based. In fact Sunny Deol's DILLAGI too had a similar type number, although this song is more 'desi' flavoured with lots of Indian musical instruments. Sukhwinder Singh, who has been a favourite with the Deols, puts in a much required appearance and he certainly helps the cause with some highly energetic rendition which is required in these type of songs. He is well supported by Harshdeep and Rosalie Nicholson who provide the song with the much needed oomph.

Winding off the album on holy note there is a brief 'Gurbani' rendered excellently by Shahid Mallya. In the past we have had a few Gurbanis and the last that we can remember is 'Shabad Gurbani' from Ajay Devgn's HALLA BOL The devotional track is composed by Sanjoy Chowdhury and as it is a 'gurbani' it's naturally picked up from the holy book , Shri Guru Granth Sahib. A song to calm the mind and cleanse the soul. A lovely and serene end to the album.

The music album certainly is a mix bag with some very hummable and enjoyable tracks like the title tack, 'YPD Title Track (RDB) Version 1' (so what if it's rearranged), 'Charha De Rang' and 'Sau Baar'. Anu Malik's 'Tinku Jiya' has the capacity to pull off a surprise and 'Son Titarya' has its own cute charm. Worth a buy just for nostalgic reasons, if nothing else.

Rating - 3/5

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