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   Music Review : Aasma: The Sky Is the Limit

 Aasma: The Sky Is the Limit
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :
Starring :
 Rohit Nayyar
 Sajid-Afsar, Xulfi (Call -the band)
 Shahab Allahabadi
 Shubh (introducing), Mansi Dohval, Hrishitaa Bhatt and Ramkishore Saxena

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Peppy youthful music scores have always been symbolized as epitome of fresh musical breeze that has ushered new talents. AASMA breaks free from conventional mode and tries to regenerate that special feel with its new set of tunes and rhythms. AASMA, frothy youthful love adventures brings promising duo Afsar-Sajid to the fore with the music that guarantees a "cool" urbane musical "masti" and zing. Xulfi (CALL-THE BAND) and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan are the two Paki talents who further accentuate album's prospects with their attributes. Can AASMA be as perky and youthful as DIL CHAHTA HAI? Can Afsar-Sajid promise to be another probable name in the list of promising music talents? Let's gets started by pushing up "play" button...

Pakistani rock bands created rage in last few years and the fervor is still not over as Xulfi (CALL-THE BAND) makes big splash of cherished moments in meticulously composed "Ye Pal". After the stupendous success of "Laare Choote" (EK CHALIS KI LAST LOCAL), breathtaking vocals of Xulfi make a striking poise with breathtaking rhythm guitars strums, rigorous percussions, and slender chorals with melancholic violin works to usher out a "dreamy yuppie" feel. Soft and sonorous in sentiments, this youthful melodic presentation has beatific charm that can be felt in its tender violin notes and echoing vocal effects that serenades out an unending tranquility. Disco lights and scorching disco beat fillers sparkles out flamboyancy in air as mood ruptures into full bloom in "Ye Pal (remix)". The resonating and bombastic DJ "club" thumps along with Xulfi's hi-tempo adds substantial pep factor in making this Shahab Allhabadi track a funky track. If you are really for some freshness in sentimental tracks then "Ye Pal" has enough ire that can make mood merrier on any lovable evening. Youthful!!!

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Afsar-Sajid makes a bombastic entry through "rock-concert" mania binge as they pile up oodles of rollicking beats and rhythms in the title track "Aasma". This perky cum peppy rocking feel signifies out joyful ambitious of reaching "seven skies" with impressive composition taking over stage in stream of youthful wordings. Irrespective of its conventional "rock-music" outrage, there are loads of energies that are pumped in by the talented Shaan, KK and Mahalaxmi Iyer racing vocals to make it a lively treat for ears. "Aasma" can be "chosen one" rock number" that will likely to be having many takers in campus circles and should be hot favorites in college "rock shows". There are Bollywood sensibilities added (through emotional phrases, "bhangra" beats) to make it on-screen friendly but still "rock-music" mania persists loudly in its thriving displays.

"Aasma (club mix)" sticks to the roots of westernized disco-beat culture but the tempo is relatively slower and sentimental. It's likely to be consumed as promotional feature and unlikely to be hot favorites among party animals.

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Kailash Kher makes remarkable presence felt as his folksy vocal throws makes melancholic melodic passť of broken dreams in "Aasma (sad version)". Shahab Allahabadi makes the maximum as lyricist with tearful connotations of flick's thematically driven theme of reaching "seven skies".

If Mithoon made himself an effervescent prodigy with "Maula Mera Maula" (ANWAR) then Afsar-Sajid makes the most remarkable and everlasting impact with "Mann Bawra". Rahat Fateh Ali Khan pristinely classic vocals make soulful impression with mellifluous display of impressive "tabla" that gels amicably with upbeat arrangements in the backdrop. Shahab Allahabadi beautify every tear-jerking romantic moment with painstakingly expressive penning up of thoughts that gets glorified manifold with communicative phrases and verses. Afsar-Sajid has almost made a career by being so meticulously meaningful and melodically intellectual with this composition. It's likely to be soaring high on quality music listeners and critic's choice and rating and should add colossal emotional value to this teenybopper's favorite flick. This soulfully penetrative melody gets heavy dosage of resounding "lounge" music impacts in it's 'lounge remix" version where tranquil mood is intensified with impressive bass playing, echoing impacts to deliver out a soothing impact but original version sounds much better. Soulful!!!


"Chalte Raahein", a sprightly youthful soundtrack maintains the vibrant jocular mood of the flick and the surprise element in it is talent-hunt find Debojit who fulfills every promise with his gifted voice. After couple of forgettable maneuvers in marquee, Debojit finally finds the right "sur" as he collaborates energetically in peppy mood with Mahalaxmi Iyer in emancipating out "carefree" campus-love feel. Afsar-Sajid maintains the vivacious decorum of rock musical mania in its thriving instrumental display but one finds a strong element of "High School Musical" type of musical madness in its treatment. After hearing it again and again, one can find new propping prodigy in Debojit singing and there is bountiful in this track that can make this album youthful and peppy.

After hearing to some soulful youthful scores in Shankar Ehsan Loy's LUCK BY CHANCE, AASMA opens up new horizons for freshness and peppiness in Bollywood music and makes itself as promising entrant amongst youthful musical entertainers of this year. Afsar-Sajid props up as the first promising musical directors who dare to be different as well as entertains with their lively works. Shahab Allahabadi's penetrative and meaningful lyrical works deserves special mention while Xulfi makes his second remarkable presence in Hindi filmdom. AASMA promises two chartbusters in the form of "Ye Pal" and "Mann Bawra" (if promoted aggressively) while the rest of the youthful tracks have that catchy "yuppie" feel to attract large sect of prospective urbane listeners.

Go for it!!!


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