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Music Review : Let's Dance

 Let's Dance
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Aarif Shaikh
 Vipin Mishra
 Prateek Bhardwaj, Ashish Khazanchi, Vipin Dhyani, Vipin Mishra and Virag Mishra
 Gayatri Patel, Maser Aabhaas, Paras Arora, Aquib Afzal, Ajai Chowdhary, Nikunj Pandey, Anjan Srivastava, Sugandha Garg, Asif Basra and Abhaas Yadav

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view LETS DANCE movie stills

view LETS DANCE movie stills

Following the triumphant box-office formula of Hollywood's blockbuster dancing flicks like FLASHDANCE (1983), FOOTLOOSE (1984) and DIRTY DANCING (1987), Advait Entertainment Pvt. Ltd takes an artistically audacious step by plunging out with different breed of entertainment in LET'S DANCE. So what do we expect from it! Motivationally resounding theme, outstanding choreography, breathtaking music and gifted performances! Indeed, experimentation is the mantra of modern cinema and we have a pleasant surprise waiting in the form of new starlet Gayatri Patel, a dancing wonder to lead the show. Editor-turned-director Aarif Sheikh promises spectacular on-screen amusement for all where array of leading choreographers (Saroj Khan, Longinus Fernandes, Pappu-Malu and Rajeev Goswami) makes their hitherto effort in making it a grand visual spectacle. After promising ALOO CHAAT, Vipin Mishra gets major opportunity in ushering out an album that is thematically inclined to the musical ethics of dancing. National Award winner Tarali Sharma shows her prowess in the background score and together they try to create a musical bonanza. The soundtracks work comprehensively on all major trendy dancing forms b-boying (hip-hop dancing), popping (type of street dance), house dance and set of acrobatically perfect floor dances) with dash of romanticism in it. So let's get started to feel the heat of the music...!

Rollicking and hot-headed with enormous passion, the title track ''Let's Dance'' brings 80's rock/pop fervor in volatile and belligerent crooner style of singing by Sunidhi Chauhan. Vipin Mishra makes penchant pop moves by inducing electronic rhythmic elements, catchy 80's stylized disco hooks and inspiring chorus that rhythmically connects with the verses (Prateek Bharadwaj's lyrics) of the track. This is an overwhelming choreographer's song where acrobatic floor dancing moves with the rhythmic beat sets the mood of awe-inspiring dancing night. Sunidhi's snazzy pop vocals bring memories of Nazia Hassan's 80's singing with peculiar sounding Kirti Sagathia giving it a theatrical ending. ''Let's Dance (remix)'' by DJ Kunaal Sharma has that extra drum-beat that comes in recurring flows in loud DJ spins and claps. It's a ferocious maneuver on the floors with disco-beat culture that strikes flashing all the way with throbbing drumming and electronic sounds. Rocking!!!


Sunidhi gets into svelte tones and sweetly emotes out optimistically romantic song exults about dreams and stars in shimmering sounding ''Taare Todh Ke La''. The tempo is sluggish and the tender rhythmical patterns are synchronized with the choreographically swift moves with numerous sounds adding to the funk of the song. Vipin Mishra makes affable vocal efforts in middle interludes with Marianne and Joy emceeing up the proceedings. Ashish Khazanchi's wordings have that freshness and innocence that enamors with ''cool'' singing in mild tones. Overall it leaves out a gentle romantic impression that stays out in mind till the last beat.

Atrociously loud drum-beat dancing commotion returns with bang and again it's Sunidhi Chauhan racing up her gruffly boisterous voice in hot-tempered ''Sansanati''. The number had the feel of togetherness of dancers rejoicing in the middle and feeling the hot breeze of hip-shaking thumping groove. ''Sansanati'' works sporadically as visual spectacle than listening delight and the collage of many electronic beats and rhythms makes it hot-shot for floors.

Kirti Sagathia gets into soul of leading vocalist along with Suzi Q sensuous serene singing in stereotypically conceived westernized love ballad ''Tumse Iqraar''. The solitary duet of the album works on ethics of conventional Hollywood romantic soundtracks where slow beat drum beat works in tandem with varied electronic sounds. Sagathia shows maximum promise in his gyrating and resonating voice that cast spells of romanticism in simplistically penned words.

download LETS DANCE wallpapers

download LETS DANCE wallpapers

Sugandha Garg who plays Anoushka, Suhani's roommate along with Nikunj Pandey, Asif Basra and Abhaas Yadav (the street boys) complete the cast. Sugandha was last seen in JAANE TU... and she carries off her good performance to this film as well.

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Highlights of the film: The subtle romance between Suhani and Neil; the bond between Suhani and the kids; her holding of principles against RJ and the other of his ilk who 'request' their pound of 'flesh'; and the well-choreographed dances and easy on the ears music.

Flaws: Believe me, you will not mind them, because what stands out is the sincerity with which the entire unit has worked as a team.

Jai ho! Or should I say, Rock On!!!

Rating - 2.5/5

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