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Music Review : Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

 Mere Brother Ki Dulhan
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Ali Abbas Zafar
 Sohail Sen
 Irshad Kamil
 Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif and Ali Zafar, Arfeen Khan, Kanwaljit Singh, Parikshat Sahni

By Satyajit, Glamsham Editorial Send to Friend

Marriage season never ends in Yash Raj Films (YRF) always charters new territories and fun always remains unlimited. Feverishly loud thumps of BAND BAAJA BAARAAT had blown winning trumpets for YRF and MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN, promises to live up to the legacy. Sohail Sen, a newbie and latest Ashutosh Gowarikar's favorite holds the musical fort for the first time in YRF, with a promise of delivering out a "cool"urbane friendly numbers. Fuelled with bankable star-cast (Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif), it enjoys a momentous support from this enormously prolific banner, who has superb musical track record for fun-filled romantic comedies. With moderate success of previous albums (WHAT'S YOUR RAASHEE? and KHELEIN HUM JEE JAAN SEY), it's a biggest possible endeavor for Sohail Sen to make his commendable presence in the music world. Can he do it this time? Will this be another scorcher and chartbusting feast from the stables of YRF? Let's attend the musical extravaganza of this matrimonial feast and see what's in store for us...

Matrimonial services here I come! New-age matrimonial services turn mobile with chirpy with loquaciously naughty endeavors getting into play in fun-filled title track "Mere Brother Ki Dulhan". Immensely catchy in its infectious "bhangra-beat"stylized arrangements, its scores maximum in fervently "mazeedar"wordings by Irshad Kamil that finds the support of KK's peppy singing in mischievously loud engaging tones. In hot pursuit of finding a suitable bride, the song punches out some cheery SMS- shayari type wordings ("Kaam mein jo na ho lazy, Ho jis mein 3G ki tezzi, Aur ho shhok si adaa (soniye), Relation samjhe jo ladki, rahe na ego mein badki, Jo laaye good luck hi good luck sadaa...) that gives optimum space for on-screen histrionics. Like YRF's vibrantly "filmi"number "Phir milenge chalte chalte"(RAB NE BANA DI JODI), the song has vitalized to its maximum for lead actor to impersonate all three big Khans and so far has fetched rave reviews in all its promos. Sohail Sen's bouncy "n"catchy may not be "cut-above-rest"but the upbeat frothiness has that required punch that can really turn eyeballs on big screen, all thanks to blazing concoction of vivacious singing, "tongue-in-cheek"lyrics, "dhol"beat arrangements with electronically tuned synth beats that works bombastically. As records goes promisingly for all title tracks for YRF, this one too promises substantial success in days to come. Catchy!!!

Rocking magical spell begins! Lady rock-star is all set to bloom, Sohail Sen hits a bull-eye this time as he aggressively pulls out an "arena-rock"anthem track with ballistic Sufi-rock thrive and grueling vocal thump in "Dhunki"(meaning "magical spell"). Neha Bhasin, one of the vocalists of "girlie"band VIVA, taxes loud and high her huskier tones with compassion and deliver out a rollicking hard-rock feel track. Extremely grungy electronic guitar riffing, strumming and jamming are its striking highlights that sets pulses high and jester out a fun-loving campus-caper enjoyable feel. Sohail Sen's adroitness in tangy mix "n"match of guitar play colliding high with enthused percussions, delivers out a compassionate hard-rock metal feel that works. Hugely promoted and catching fast among urbane listeners, it can be probably the most happening youthful anthems of this year to strike marquee and by far the trendiest appearance by the composer so far. Like her compatriots (Anushka Manchanda, Mahua Kamat), Neha's toil in serenading out a typical Indi-Pop stylized rock beat number works , it matches strength to strength to her previous numbers like "You and Me"(PYAAR IMPOSSIBLE) and "Kuchh Khaas"(FASHION), an snazzy hi-impulse "club-house"remix version should have added more spice to the show. Rocking!!!

Pop funk adds to the rock feel and together it gel out affably with likable vocals in fun-loving duet track titled "Choomantar". Like mischievously vocal "Chor Baazari"(LOVE AAJ KAL), this one too has funky pitched orchestrations and narrates out carefree spells of magical communion of two lovers in various playful moods with relatively routine sounding wordings. Benny Dayal soothing voice delights and so do Aditi Singh Sharma's cute feminine tone and together they ends up like fun-loving lovey-dovey singing pair. It's animatedly funk-ish sounds and chorals of "Oh-Baby-Oh"have that desired "Barbie-doll"added cuteness that should be adding mushiness to the situation. This sugar cum saccharine urbane - friendly number gets into disco-beat groovy textured feel in hip-shaking "Choomantar"(by Joshilay), a fiery pitched "club remix"feast that should be going well with party animals. Lovable!!!

Down memory lane, we had the title track of BUNTY AUR BABLI with a radio announcement featuring the main players; the similar inquisitive feel about "what-happens-next" makes its way for a quintessentially soft Sufi "qawalli" in "Isq Risk". Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's domineering presence in classical singing is at the helm of affairs with a customary "sarangi" cum "santoor" jugalbandi, giving it an archetypical Bollywood romantic appeal. Despite its "heard-before" feel, the song is a "must-hear" from the quality inputs that it generates from descriptive wordings ("Naina laagey toh jaage, bina dori ya dhaage, Bandhte hai do naina khwaab se...), contemporary arrangements and refined singing. Sohail Sen's modest composition brings out the melodramatic appeal with desired shades of romantic hues, an amiable musical piece for the compelling climax moments of the flick. "Isq Risk (Risky Mix)", a (Remix by Joshilay) deliriously loud UK disco-beat stylized "club-remix" number comes in anthem-ic frenzied mode, a "yuppie" friendly version that mixes "masti" of DJ antics with rigorous flow of enthused singing. Sreeramcahandra, Neha Bhasin along Joshilay seems to be enjoying this British-disco beat number that should be going well with young listeners, overall a good improvisation with gadgets and gizmos.

Ode to beautiful "Madhubala" or Chhora Ganga Kinare wala! Sohail Sen's bon-voyage has been sound on versatility so far and now it adds 70's "filmi-masti" that gives many reasons to shake leg on floors in highly entertaining "Madhubala". Similar in feel to "Khaika Pan Banaraswala" (DON (old)), "Jai Jai Shiv Shankar" (AAP KI KASAM) and YRF''s very own "Dhadak Dhadak" (BUNTY AUR BABLI), it's a complete riot in racy mood changes and brings out feel of bygone era of Laxmikant-Pyarelal, with a rigorous concoction of drums, "dhol", "manjeera", mixing well to give out a vibrant dancing feel. Ali Zafar's solitary presence as soloist is really enjoyable with patchy mood changes, exuding out a quintessentially "filmi" decorum of singing-dancing that should be adding to the "amusing quotient" of the flick. Shweta Pandit's supple cum tangible voice is interspersed well in middle interludes, giving out an extra space for the female lead in this lavish colorful feast, overall it's a fine amalgam of catchiness and vibrant thrive with old-fashion musical packaging. Go for it!!!

Going by the fun-frolicsome feel of an enthralling popcorn entertainer, the last outing comes out like a situational chirpy "qawalli" sung with "boy-confronting-girl" type of feel in average sounding "Do Dhaari Talwar". It brings out upcoming talent Shahid Mallya along with Shweta Pandit with contemporary sounding arrangements and routine wordings in this five minute plus soundtrack. Like couple of engrossing "qawalli" numbers, it entertains but does not promise anything strikingly fabulous, its overall an okay situational number that should be fun-feature in the narration of the flick.

MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN is a fun-loving urbane-friendly massy album with fine bunch of entertaining soundtracks in its audio packaging. After moderate success of WHAT'S YOUR RASHEE? and KHELEIN HUM JEE JAAN SEY, Sohail Sen's graduate well into cadre of promising composers and promises couple of big chartbusting hits. Highly promoted soundtracks like "Mere Brother ki Dulhan" and "Dhunki" ensures big commercial success while there is lot of frolicsome surprise element in "Madhubala", "Choomantar" and "Isq Risk" with no rough patches or mediocrity. Impressive face value, hi-production value coupled with aggressive promotion will add up for a much deserving commercial success for this album, a probable box-office success will further add up to the magnitude of success.


Rating - 4/5

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