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   Music Review : Raaz The Mystery Continues

 Raaz The Mystery Continues
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Mohit Suri
 Sharib and Toshi, Raju Singh, Pranay M Rijia, Gourov Dasgupta
 Sayeed Quadri, Kumaar
 Emraan Hashmi, Adhyayan Suman and Kangna Ranaut

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RAAZ-THE MYSTERY CONTINUES is one spine-chiller that has been awaited with baited breath by all musical freaks. Bhatt's loudly pronounced it to be another show-stopper from their clan that is likely to be writing new set of records. The connoisseurs have an 'ear' for melodies and this made many upcoming talents groomed in the filmdom. Unlike all their previous endeavors, Bhatt's have preferred an array of upcoming Indian musical talents rather than successful Pakistani rock bands or singers for this 'edge of seat' thriller. It has one of the longest possible queue of composers comprising of Sharib-Toshi, Raju Singh, Pranay M Rijia and Gourov Dasgupta making their present felt. Does this 'young brigade' have enough fire and zing to fire up the proceedings? Will the gamble of selecting four different composers prove a profitable preposition for them? Can the album be living out another fairy-tale for producers who have been delivering out back-to-back musical hits in recent times? It's time to hear the album loud and really find the answers…

It was mesmerizing to core to hear soul-stirring 'Jaage Hai Muddat Se' (SUMMER 2007) but unfortunately it went unnoticed and unobserved. The magic that was ushered in a couple of reality shows in the form of Sharib-Toshi bounced back again and this time the impact was bountiful in all ways in 'Maahi Ve'. Bhatt's make generous vent into budding Indian talents rather than introducing new Paki rock stars and the bargain is indeed fruitful. Toshi's placidly booming baritones may be next big choice for somber tracks as he makes striking presence in this tear-jerking Sufi number. Sayeed Quadri's poetically influential Urdu wordings correlate the somberness and gets instinctive with its hook-line ('Dil roye ya ilahi Tu aaja mere maahi') as the song reaches to its last note. Sharib-Toshi gets a major leap as composers by this track that mixes many electronic sounds and upbeat orchestrations. It stands out as one of finest distressing romantic ballads of this year and will be great boost for the duo. There is major surprise for rock-music lovers in 'Maahi (Rock with Me)' that almost come in 'unplugged' version in its prelude and then rises to highest octaves in its latter half. The composition may be contemporary but the impulsive thrive of percussions and a jazz element (saxophone notes, soft drums) in rock music feel is expressively resounding.

After Sharib-Toshi's brilliant melodic show, it's time for another promising composer Raju Singh to make an everlasting dent with a mellifluously divine soundtrack 'Soniyo'. It's a gem of composition that has Indi-Pop hues in its westernized sentimental sparks with an austere Bhatt camp's sweet 'n' saccharine (similar to 'Lamha Lamha' (GANGSTER)) appeal that is melancholically soul-enchanting. Sonu Nigam delivers one of his greatest works of this year with his yore and yells emoting out an everlasting love relationship. Neeraj Sridhar's English rendition in the prelude subjugates it an international feel in serene addictive melodic attire. To add more sugary vibes, there are dollops of tender moments in Shreya Ghoshal's slender vocals that make it a picture perfect sentimental love duet of the album. Kumaar's modestly communicative lyrical works are great asset that are easy-on-ears as well as soothing enough to make it a sure-shot chartbusting material.

Raju Singh's musical magic continues in its second version 'Soniyo (From the heart)' that comes out as solo soft rock ballad with minimal orchestration. Krishna sings out this in varying pitched with an intrinsically 'country-western' rock feel with an outstanding display of guitar works. It's another uncut diamond for all those rock-music lovers and an added ideal soundtrack that can well be practiced in guitar-learning classes. Just try to play its chords in synchronized way and sing aloud and feel the impulse that can really make out an articulate singer and a proficient guitarist in you. Outstanding!!!


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Raju Singh's rhythmical aesthetics in composing and choosing perfect vocals scores gold again as he pitches loud and boisterous to make the mood merrier in a thriving dance floor track 'O Jaana'. KK's frivolous tempo is red-hot fiery and blazes out with pulsating arrangements that are fuelled with booming electronic sounds, thumping percussive elements and rigorous drumming. It sizzles out an animated outlook of discothèque (similar to 'Kaho Na Kaho' (MURDER)) that grows louder as it passes many ups and downs of notes and rhythms.

DJ Suketu delivers out a really pulsating disco-beat 'hot-shot' thriller in its 'club' remix that grows vigorously with electronically punched beat patterns. It's one of those rollicking 'remix' numbers that are likely to energize up pulses and is likely to be appreciating out pep factor of the album.

RAAZ-THE MYSTERY CONTINUES inundates out its third big prospect in the form of new composer Pranay M Rijia who sets up spine-chilling fervor of thrilling horror flick in the title track 'Kaisa Ye Raaz Hai'. KK makes another influential style statement in his modulating tones that speaks about the mysticism, intrigue and passion in its serene cum volatile wordings. Sayed Quadri's impulsively overwhelming lyrical working gets subjugation of daunting composition that picks up well on senses. KK has another winner up on his sleeve that completely signifies out the horror flick chill with impressive flow of haunting orchestrations. It can be presumed to be one 'edge of seat' thriller that is likely to set up a euphoric feel in its resonating deliverance on big screen.

Spiritualism comes out as the concluding chapter in this album that brings out fourth composer in the form of promising Gourov Dasgupta in semi-classical Sufi soundtrack 'Bandaa Re'. Like 'Maula Mera Maula' (based on twelfth century poet Baba Farid's preaching (AWARAPAAN), this devotional offering brings out philosophical healing about the universal presence, grace and might of God Almighty. Krishna vociferously sings out some of Kabir's everlasting verses that are initiated in its prelude and mixed with divine Gita 'shlokas' to depict out the might of supreme powers over evil forces. The song has typical boisterous Indi-Pop flavors where thunderous sounds collage effectively with classical musical attire to emote out divine ambience. Its loud binge is all set for theatricals that will be effective enough to laud the spiritual feel in the compelling situation for this intimidating spine-chiller.

Bhatt camp delivers what it promises and rightfully RAAZ-THE MYSTERY CONTINUES has the affluence of chartbusting substance that can elate out their strong presence in the marquee. It works out as multi-colored potpourri of upcoming talents that shows a gamut of emotions as well as excellence in their melodic works. The album will be hitting high on charts with soundtracks like 'Maahi Ve', 'Soniyo' and 'O Jaana' while the remaining two tracks are intelligibly high on contents. RAAZ-THE MYSTERY CONTINUES comes out as the last possible Bollywood album of this year that is likely to stay long on stands and its flourishing numbers will be making loud noises on all promotional circuits. Grab it!

Rating – 4/5

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