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Music Review : Thank You

 Thank You
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Anees bazmee
 Pritam Chakraborty
 Amitabh Bhattacharya, Ashish Pandit and Kumaar
 Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Suniel Shetty, Celina Jaitly, Irrfan Khan, Rimi Sen and Mallika Sherawat

By Satyajit, Glamsham Editorial Send to Friend

view THAK YOU videos

view THAK YOU videos

THANK YOU, this title will surely ring bells for all good and humorous reasons, as it comes from the stables of a filmmaker who has been consistent in delivering out frothy slapstick entertainers. Director Anees Bazmee pitches out another rib-tickler that has all the ingredients to attract footfalls into the theatres. Ensemble of bankable A-list actors, grandeur of exotic foreign locations, crazy slapstick comedy and to spice it all, it has Pritam's peppy music to make everything notable in days to come.

In Bazmee's flicks music has always been mechanical or situational but still have grounded screenplay to its fullest potential. THANK YOU opens to minimal musical expectations but all the above mentioned features makes it as one of most anticipated musical releases. Can this THANK YOU be another WELCOME surprise for listeners? Just check this out...

It all started off with rehashed version of "Apni toh jaise taise" ((HOUSEFULL (2010)), a racy 70's dancing track that stole limelight and was instant big surprise chartbusting hit. What is following next is "Pyar Do Pyar Lo", a sensational 80' disco cabaret hit from Feroze Khan's JAANBAAZ with similar blazing nasal twang of Mika Singh? This soundtrack is amusing "club-remix" style of disco-tadka with initial similar punch-lines but with hilariously bawdy "antaras" to create frolicsome feel for varied comical situations. Pritam delivers an above-average funky number that has archetypical 80's disco feel number that should be fuelling out humor quotient. Mika Singh's vocals works perfectly again and so do its chirpy lyrics, it will really be enterprising to see how it works on big screen.


"Pyar Do Pyar Lo (remix)" by Abhijit Vaghani works and it's because it's a quintessentially disco number and added disco-beat fillers zing adds to the zealous dancing feast. It works for its formulaic massy feel and if "magic" works well in slick choreographic moves or "tongue-in-cheek" humor then do expect this number to be next big thing on the musical charts.

"Munni", "Sheila" and now its "Razia" to create ruckus on floor! Following the guidelines of raunchy "item-songs" with garish rustic feel, Pritam tries to create decorum with situational sounding "Razia". This one comes with more narrative moves and in duet mode with yelling tones of Master Saleem and Ritu Pathak's, varying high and loud. Massy feel galore again in Ritu Pathak's loud-throated voice, it will be again a visual feast type of dancing track that should up all catalyzing commercial prospects by attracting front-benchers. Ashish Pandit's earthen feel lyrics may not be as tangy as one expects but works instinctively with the "crowd-pleasing" mood of the song.

Abhijit Vaghani's DJ antics delivers out another hip-shaking feast in "Razia (Remix)" with infused African tribal sounds, beat-juggles, electronic fillers and DJ spins, giving it a true disco feel.

view THANK YOU stills

view THANK YOU stills

Bombay Viking magic is back! Neeraj Sridhar's Indi-Pop days gets a major boost as this time he gets a chance to rejuvenate golden bygone eras of Bollywood with trendy-feel orchestrations in "Full Volume". Pritam tries to give this a "Zor Ka Jhatka" (ACTION REPLAYY) discotheque feel in Richa Sharma's nasal twang with Hard Kaur's emceeing doing extra bit to give it thriving zest. Neeraj Sridhar's enthused singing is the biggest highlight and it gets a strong support of upbeat hip-hop jives, crazy chorals and infectious drumming at intermittent phases, giving it a cheerful outlook. It's effervescently peppy entertainment on ears; its scintillating "on-screen" display will be adding more colors to this "livewire" feel song, thanks to Pritam's funky tones and Neeraj's lively singing that makes it happen.

"Full Volume (remix)" is peculiar "dhol" beat drumming "club-remix" attribute by Harry Anand that comes with slow-tempo mixing well with voices, chorals with amiable crazy sounds and rhythms, giving it extra hilarious cum amusing tones. A well crafted promotion for this song is highly anticipated!!!

In one of the film awards function, director Sajid Khan mimicked Shabbir Kumar's style of singing and it suddenly transformed into singer's comeback through "I don't know what you do" in HOUSEFULL (2010). This time it's the specialist Sonu Nigam, also famous for his mimicry singing, behind the mike in mimicking out Shabbir Kumar in "My Heart is beating". It's nowhere inspirational to 70's Priti Sagar's sweetly toned track "My Heart is beating" (JULIE (1970)) but a retro feel route to 60's music. Pritam's composition is huge inspirational lift from 60's Mohammad Rafi hits, preferably from vintage romantic tinge of Shashi Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor evergreen numbers. Like spunky caricatured "I don't know what you do", it too carries "teasing-pleasing" musical flair to flare up humor-quotient in the flick. Kumaar's wordings are optimally amusing and gel well with nonsensical comical feel, a witty slapstick hilarious move will carry it to higher limits.

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"My Heart is beating (remix)" comes like a vociferous title track with deliriously snazzy "club-remix" touches, mixing well with the composition. This version is presumed to be tailor made for the ending or beginning titles and should be favorites among film promos and teasers.

Finally some serious music that talks melody! The last attribute of the album comes out in form of "Pyar Mein", a tenderly paced ballad with strong infectious Spanish flamengo feel. Javed Ali along with Neeraj Sridhar soothes this out in nimble tones, where arrangements belong to Enrique Iglesias style of music with peculiar Spanish guitar riffs, delivering out a somber mushy appeal. The breeziness in intrinsically Spanish musical appeal delivers out spells of romantic mushiness that works out progressively with likable voices. "Pyar Mein" may not be as sporadically catchy as Pritam's earlier ballads were, but this has creative finesse of chartering out new genre with some quality works.

THANK YOU is reasonably enjoyable massy album that entertains and enthralls. The album may not be the finest from Pritam in recent times but has delivered bountiful of amusing numbers in the form of "Pyar Do Pyar Lo", "Razia", and "Full Volume". It will be really engaging to see all the stars dancing to its bombastically punched tunes and if things works on big silver screen, then do expect a couple of soundtracks making it big on the charts.

Rating - 3/5

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