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Music Review : Agyaat - The Unknown

 Agyaat - The Unknown
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Ram Gopal Varma
 Imran-Vikram, Bapi-Tutul
 Prashant Pandey, Sandip Singh and Sarim Momin
 Nitin Reddy, Priyanka (Nisha) Kothari, Gautam Rode, Rasika Duggal, Ishteyak Khan and Ishrat Ali

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AGYAAT- THE UNKNOWN, a Ram Gopal Verma conventional ''jungle'' extravaganza, packs spine-chilling drama with varied shades of characters and situations. In recent phases of filmmaking, RGV's flicks have been low affair on musical front (barring the exception of DARLING) and now the expectations are almost zilch when this terror-package (AGYAAT- THE UNKNOWN) hits the marquee. Bappi-Tutul (brainchild behind SARKAR and SARKAR RAJ background score and music) head the musical show along with upcoming composer duo Imran-Vikram for the album. No great shakes and no big anticipation of being chartbusting, but still an RGV film can be a great surprise on its big day. Can AGYAAT be the one to be swimming against the tide? Can Bappi-Tutul musical prowess be again a strong shoulder in making this one a big hit like SARKAR RAJ? Let's find it out...

Like its antagonistic theme, the album picks up outrageously with maddening and rip-roaring festive track ''Jai Shiv Bum Shambu'' with uncharacteristically appealing voices of upcoming Runa Rizvi and Boony in loud overtones. It can be presumed to be situational jungle festive intoxicating gypsy (''banjaran'') number with intimidating noises, aggressive drum beating and thriving beat-patterns, joining the voices in tandem. Struggling composer duo Imran-Vikram gives their sincere efforts and makes it a special RGV number with Prashant Pandey's routine lyrics that simply adds to the needs of this flick.

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Imran-Vikram gets ample exposure to exhibit their prowess in contemporary rock cum pop fusion style of work in seductively crooned ''Kiss U Day And Night''. It has the oomph of ''Zahreela Pyar'' (DAUD) with overtly heard arrangements with tinge of synchronized horns and percussions in sluggish tempo that gives it seductive edges. Bhaven and Banjotsana bizarre voices stems up well with intimidating textures of varied sounds in Sandeep Singh's well scripted lyrics. This soundtrack holds glimmer of hope to strike gold but the prospects are well within the range of its chorographical aesthetics. ''Kiss Mix'', a sporadically vivacious ''club remix'' lifts the tempo of the track with animated DJ claps, spins and haunting sounds that collages together well and create commotion of affairs on floors. It goes especially for all DJ's collector's edition and it surely works better than its original version.

Bappi-Tutul, a recent hot favorite of RGV makes shimmering start with soft and sensuous duet in serene-sounding ''Khoobsurat''. It's a decent vocal performance by new talent Vickeey B Joshi with feminine oomph of Shweta Pandit in strong communion of lovable flute notes in flows of tender electronic beat patterns. Bappi-Tutul composition sparkles to create sensuousness on big screen and sounds analogous in moods and desires to least heard soundtracks like ''Saara Yeh Aalam'' (SHIVA) and ''Cha Raha'' (RGV KI AAG). This number is likely to be fuelling out glam quotient of the flick but it will be exotic locales and sensuality of lead actors that will be appreciating out its worth for listeners.

view AGYAAT-THE UKNOWN movie stills

view AGYAAT-THE UKNOWN movie stills

Bappi-Tutul makes their most prize-worthy presentation of this album by being technically proficient background scorer as well as competent composers in impressive sounding ''Sun Sakte Ho''. The haunting blood-curdling impacts depicted in dark shades are fine piece of instrumental works and its some eclectically vibrant singing by new singing talent Keka Ghoshal along with Bappi that makes it more affable for the daunting moments of the flick. The composition has big inspirational hues from Lata Mangeshkar's everlasting melody ''Kahin Deep Jale'' (BEES SAAL BAAD (1962) that gets intermingled with haunting sounds and voices to create deadly melodic appeal. This is not chartbusting stuff but surely worth-hearing title track that should be justifying the aberrantly bizarre subject of the film. Worth-a-hear!

The merry-making experiences of ''jungle-expedition'' of the troupe come out in vivid melodic shades of amusing as well as in haunting sounds and noises in outrageously racy number ''Jungle Jungle''. Imran-Vikram's composition is too high on belligerent arrangements and sounds harsh in eruptive voices of Jankee Parikh and Imran. Again it's a situational score that can well set the pace for thrilling events in the film and is moreover background score for this death-defying expedition saga.

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Like impressive sounding ''Sun Sakte Ho'', Bappi-Tutul strikes another remarkable frightening score in ''Na Koi'' with concrete backdrop of overwhelming instrumentals and sensitizing chorals. Shweta Pandit comes out to be finest among vocalist of this album with her varying tones that intermingles substantially with grueling mode of the arrangements. The composer duo makes great usage of thriving instrumentation with able support of Shweta's voice in delivering out terrorizing feel with huge petrifying impact.

AGYAAT-THE UNKNOWN is an average film album that supplies the needful for this haunting ''jungle-expedition'' terrorizing saga. As predicted by film's title, it works with impressive sounding terrifying numbers with couple of average sounding romantic tracks in its kitty. Bappi-Tutul makes notable presence in two situational numbers titled ''Sun Sakte Ho'' and ''Na Koi'' while upcoming Imran-Vikram makes positive start to their career with songs like ''Kiss U Day and Night'' and its remix version. This album will be no big threat to best-selling albums like KAMBAKKHT ISHQ, NEW YORK or LOVE AAJ KAL but will be great support in the subjective narration of the film.

Rating - 2.5/5

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