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Music Review : Peepli Live

 Peepli Live
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Anusha Rizvi
 Indian Ocean, Bhadwai Village Mandali and Nageen Tanvir
 Swanand Kirkere, Sanjeev Sharma, Noon Meem Rashed and Gangaram Sakhet
 Raghubir Yadav, Omkar Das Manikpuri, Malaika Shenoy, Naseeruddin Shah and Aamir Bashir

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view PEEPLI LIVE videos

view PEEPLI LIVE videos

The audio album of Aamir Khan Productions' latest venture, PEEPLI [LIVE], may not be one that will garner unprecedented hype mainly because of a few reasons listed below. First and foremost, the film does not star actor perfectionist Aamir Khan nor any other frontline actor or actress and secondly it is set in a totally rural background. The base of the story is the impending suicide of a farmer and the great rural and urban divide prevalent in our country, a theme which does not guarantee chartbusting music. However, given the fact that this is an Aamir Khan Production it will not be wrong to expect some innovative and path breaking music from the film, especially seeing the talented composers who have come together for the film.

It's the resonating sweet notes of 'ektara' along with enchanting 'tabla' and 'mridang' thumps that greet the listeners as the first song of the album 'Des Mera' commences. The song features twice in the album. It's not the typical patriotic song that we have been used to hearing but one that surely shows contemporary India in a beautiful light through an absolutely mind-blowing package of great rhythm, realistic and highly entertaining sounds, a superb raga, and of course, lyrics that are simply awesome. 'Des mera rangrez ye babu, Ghat ghat yahan ghathta jadoo, Kahin pahad hai kankad shankar, Baat hai chhoti bada batangad, India sir ye cheez dhurandhar, Rang rangeela parjatantar.' What a superbly intellectual way of expression by lyricist Sanjeev Sharma, and additional lyrics by (Shantanu Moitra and Rajkumar Hirani favourite ) Swanand Kirkere. The catch line, 'Rang rangeela parjatantar' (meaning - A colourful democracy) is a good way to describe the present India that is so diverse and so enchanting. The composition has been created by Indian Ocean, who need absolutely no introduction to the lovers of Indo rock fusion music, as they are pioneers of fusion rock in India and are a legend of sort in that genre. The tune that they have chosen is all Hindustani, based on raga and the instruments used too are Indian keeping in mind that the film is based in an impoverished village. The scintillating 'sitar' display is the highlight of the track .

The second version of 'Des Mera' is slightly different from the original, especially the lyrics have undergone a sea change and even the musical accompaniments are quite different, although still mainly Hindustani.

Talking about present India, it will only be fair to talk about an issue that has been plaguing the nation for quite a while, although it has assumed epidemic proportions of late. And as one can easily guess, its inflation and the song in question is 'Mehngai Dayain', a situational composition that tackles this problem facing a large majority of India in a light hearted, humorous but slightly satirical manner. The song has been sung by the highly versatile and talented Raghubir Yadav (who has showcased his vocal prowess in quite a few films like BILLU). The song itself has it's root in the folklore of North and Central India and has been composed by the Bhadwai Village Mandali who have stood up as support vocalists too and it has been recorded on the spot in sync sound to lend the song an authentic rural touch, like the film itself. Traditional instruments like harmonium, 'tabla' , 'ektara' and 'manjira' have been used to impart that pure 'desi' 'tadka' and the lyrics used are 'khadi boli' and part 'Awadhi'. 'Mehngai' is a highly entertaining effort at putting across a woe that is inflicting one and all and will naturally be loved and appreciated, especially in the present times when inflation has become the major issue of the opposition. In fact even as we write the review we have news that the song has been loved by none other than the original nightingale of India, Lata Mangeshkar. who has also sent her best wishes for PEEPLI [LIVE] to Aamir Khan via Twitter.

view PEEPLI LIVE movie poster

view PEEPLI LIVE movie poster

'Mehngai Dayain-Remix' by Ram Sampat is a super makeover of the original with an eye on the youth. Heightened tempo and use of western instruments make it not only different but highly rhythmic and more pleasing to the present generation who may not identify with or appreciate the rustic beauty of the original. While the original was in pure 'khadi boli' and 'Awadhi' the remix makes liberal use of English with chorus like 'Government takes your money, Recession isn't funny, Can't go shopping honey, Keep on working, Keep on working!'

After the highly entertaining 'Menhgai, the mood gets somber and serious with 'Zindagi Se Darte Ho' and Indian Ocean make their reappearance with this situational, dramatic composition. The song is in full rock mode, a genre that they are masters at and naturally they make a pretty good job of it . A motivational track that will find usage in the tense moments and can be used as a background composition to carry on the narrative and flow with the scheme of things. Lyricist Noon Meem Rashed pens some innovative lyrics which serve the purpose since the film revolves around the impending suicide of a farmer and the media frenzy that this story creates. We have had quite a number of rock based inspirational compositions and Aamir Khan Productions' have used them to perfection quite a few times , the last that comes to mind are compositions from TAARE ZAMEEN PAR which were rock flavoured, although this song may not emulate the success of TZP as it is more intense and heavy and it's appeal will be limited .

Last but not the least, we have Nageen Tanvir, the heavenly voiced theater artist of international repute who was a part of the legendary Habib Tanvir theatre group. The highly gifted artist sings mostly folk based track and the last number 'Chola Maati Ke Ram' too is an all rural based composition which has been composed and sung by her as well. The folk tune has been heard and used on countless occasions in the North, and one very popular wedding song that it reminds of is , 'Babul ka yeh ghar behna, Kuchh din ka thikana hai'. The song itself is deeply philosophical and explores the complexities of life and death and gives a message that the body is made of mud , 'Chhola maati ke Ram' and no one is immortal and even the bravest of kings like Sugriv etc could not lead an eternal life. The lyrics by Gangaram Sakhet are once again in the dialect used in the film, 'khadi boli' with dashes of 'Awadhi'. A 'hat ke' experience indeed, and a song to purify the mind and cleanse the soul.

To sum up, the audio album of PEEPLI [LIVE] is in a way a retro album, a hark back to the days of pure unadulterated folk based melodies borrowed from the villages and small hamlets. Aamir gave a sample of the same in LAGAAN and here we have an album full on rustic flavours of India. Couple of songs like 'Menhgai Dayain' and 'Des Mera' which are the pick of the lot are already getting popular, rest will be appreciated once the film releases. Certainly an album worth adding to one's collection!

Rating - 3.5/5

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