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   Music Review : Straight

Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Parvathi Balagopalan
 Sagar Desai
 Subrat Sinha
 Vinay Pathak, Gul Panag, Siddharth Makkar, Achla Sachdev, Daman Baggan, Ketaki Dave, Anuj Chaudhary and Rasik Dave

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view STRAIGHT videos

view STRAIGHT videos

''Pinu Patel ki Tedhi Medhi Love Story'', a tagline that talks more about wacky straightforwardness in love life of simpleton ''Pinu Patel'' rather than a conventional Bollywood love story strikes as fresh wave of comical madness for multiplexes this season. This Parvati Balagopalan directed STRAIGHT brings out another madcap flavor of hilarious experimental cinema with music that has meaningful hues to the theme than trendy ''remix-culture'' madness in it.

After making insignificant presence in low budget entertainers like BHEJA FRY, MITHYA and SIDDARTH-THE PRISONER, upcoming composer Sagar Desai finally makes his presence felt through this album with the music that promises to connect amiably with its striking upbeat feel of rock music to its prospective urbane listeners. The album tries to be innovative for lauding out the vocal finesse of Suraj Jagan in all five original soundtracks and making it a ''one-man-show'' on credits. Can STRAIGHT be as ''straight to success'' for struggling Sagar Desai''? Does the enthused rock musical feel have the tenacity of making this a ''cut above the rest'' album in its cadre? Let's get STRAIGHT into the musical facts...!


Sagar Desai's tangy youthful rock feel makes the mood merrier in typical Indi-pop musical textures that connect vibrantly with the urbane feel of buddy-bonding in lively sounding ''Saanson Ka Rukna''. Suraj Jagan's impressive maneuvers of club-crooner make the maximum racy impact as it strikes flammable concoction with synchronized rock-music feel. Its vigorous spontaneity excels tremendously in Subrat Sinha's wordings where Suraj's vocals make it an all party soothing number. Sagar Desai's prowess in rock music aesthetics are perfectly balanced with arrangements that amalgamates well within the terrains of well crafted lyrical moves and vocalist pristine rendition. The rip-roaring hook-line (''Pa-Pa-Pa-Ra-Ra'') benchmark's the peculiar ''yuppie'' feel of the flick and its catchiness in rollicking rhythmical flows can well make it the most bankable attribute of this album.

Loud bass guitar riffs along with peppy arrangements sets the pace for a communion of romantic happenings in appealingly soft rock ballad feel soundtrack ''Humse Jo Churaiye Humko Hee''. This situational sounding number works on well versed lyrics by Subrat Sinha with strong rock music instrumental thrive in zany guitar strumming and piercing percussions backdrop. Suraj Jagan consolidates his ''rock-star'' singing spree with the number that can be presumed to be effective background score for the spectrum of emotions it conveys in its noteworthy rendition. It sounds almost analogously sentimental in mood to Pritam's passionately conceived ''Rishtey'' (LIFE IN A METRO) with remarkable command over rock guitar jamming and maddening percussive display.

view STRAIGHT movie stills

view STRAIGHT movie stills

After two competent back-to-back upbeat rock musical stuff, the melodic appeal swivels to the 60's bygone golden era with soothing jazz flows conquering all emotions in the relaxing ''Kya Hua Hoo Hoo''. Suraj Jagan shows his great control in mellowed varying tones as the song unravels many moods and gestures of romanticism. Like ''Muskura'' (DASAVIDANIYA), composer Sagar Desai tries to resurrect Shankar Jaikishen's mystical aura of eternal romance with soft piano drills and trumpet sounds sounding large to evoke pathos.

''Love Love Love'', a partying and feasting fast paced number has an intrinsically ''Goan'' musical thump that exudes the ultimate exultant feel of bunch of youngsters on floor. This time Suraj Jagan's smashing vocals gets into beach-singer composure with a decorum that connects well with the passionate feel of thriving bangs and loud cheers.

The merry-making ''Goan'' beach musical thumps remind couple of Remo's stylized pop songs and this one too captures ecstatic and jubilant moments. It's again a striking situational score that adds to the glam quotient but still lacks the ''killer'' chartbusting feel.

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After outrageously harsh ''Zahreeley'' (ROCK ON), Suraj Jagan makes another ''hard-rock'' hysterical vocal move in boisterously yelling ''Run Run Run''. It goes out straight out for ''hard-rock'' aficionados who have passion for bands like METALLICA, NIRVANA or India's very own INDIAN OCEAN for its enthusiastically inundated rock guitar strumming, riffing and jams that makes violent concoction with ear-splitting percussive moves. Despite its intimidating situational appeal about protagonist running for his destination, it has something to cheer for hard-rock lovers and do play loud if you have passion for ''hard-metal rock'' songs in the past.

Upcoming and promising Sagar Desai has shown skillfulness and ''killer instinct'' to succeed and excel in his first visible and audible solo release album STRAIGHT. Like its peculiarly different sounding simple title, it succeeds to deliver ''hat-ke'' musical substance with music that caters to the likings of urbane youth. Desai has shown dexterity in lauding out quality rock musical works in soundtracks like ''Saanson Ka Rukna'', ''Humse Jo Churaiya Humko'' and ''Run Run Run'' but still falls short much in expectation of making it big on chartbusters.

Rating -3/5

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