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   Music Review : Aa Dekhen Zara

 Aa Dekhen Zara
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Jehangir Surti
 Gourov Dasgupta and Pritam Chakraborty
 Sheershak Anand, Irshad Kamil, Syed Gulrez and Prashant Pandey
 Neil Nitin Mukesh, Bipasha Basu, Rahul Dev and Sophie Choudry

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AA DEKHEN ZARA, a sporty action packed romantic potboiler brings Neil Nitin Mukesh back into action along with dusky Bong bombshell Bipasha Basu in the main leads. This directorial debutante by Jehangir Surti gets its title from Sanjay Dutt's 80's acting launch ROCKY (1981) disco song ''Aa Dekhen Zara'' and promises some really edge-of-seat action thrills. After the musical success of DUS KAHANIYAN and SUMMER 2007, Gourav Dasgupta makes a noticeable first presence of this year with Pritam joining the party with couple of engrossing tracks. It also marks the singing debut of blue-eyed boy Neil Nitin Mukesh in the marquee with loads of discotheque musical antics. As soothsayer's believes and promos promises, AA DEKHEN ZARA promises some really cool musical substance in its offering. Will AA DEKHEN ZARA be the much desired musical hit in genre of action packed thrillers? Will Neil Nitin Mukesh singing spree be adding charm to the party? Just find these out as we are all set for real party in town...


Like father, like son! After Abhishek Bachchan's peppy hip-hop jives in ''Ek Main Aur Ek Tu'' (BLUFFMASTER), singing becomes serious business for star-kids as now. Neil Nitin Mukesh oils his vocal chords in living out legacies of his predecessor's in rip-roaring title track ''Aa Dekhen Zara''. Gourav Dasgupta musical aesthetics sticks to ''Panchamda'' (Late R.D. Burman) 80's disco maneuvers with strong inputs of electronically punched disco beat fillers, creating out snazzy discotheque mayhem. Veteran Anand Bakshi's lyrics remains unchanged but there is added dark noir feel of racy pulsating thriller (similar to JOHNNY GADDAR) in intimidating Sheershak Anand's added words that comes in Sunaina's seductive tones, adding to the feast. ''Aa Dekhen Zara (lounge)'' comes more like a surprise as one expected a booty shaking ''club'' remix but it soothes up senses with relaxing ''lounge'' appeal. Dibyendu Mukherji's smoothly textured vocals in supple tones has the seductive tinge with a decelerating tempo that works in tandem with accentuating romantic impulse that stays on mind. Shweta Vijay forms a ''cool'' paramour in her svelte back-up vocals and together they work like an affable sounding pair. In all fairness, Dasgupta makes ''cookies crumble'' in maneuvering out an appealing title track with gusto thrusts that should be alluring out pop genre's listeners and will be adding to flick's glam quotient.

Pritam Chakraborty streams out with full blazing burst in executing love chemistry on floors with yelling Sunidhi Chauhan and youthful Shaan making it a good communion of vocals in ''Gazab''. Pritam charters his peculiar hip-hop cum pop fusion flair as he spices up with folksy lyrical touches (lyrics by Irshad Kamil) in serenading out another entertaining number. Sunidhi makes a striking explosion of emotions in her screechy ''n'' yelling loud tones that can match the success standards of her recent hits like ''Dance Pe Chance'' (RAB NE BANA DI JODI) and ''Lucky Boy'' (BACHNA AE HASEENO). ''Gazab (club mix)'' adds to the party flavor with its thrilling and boisterous disco beat fillers and DJ claps in making it out another party feasting number.


view AA DEKHEIN ZARA movie stills

view AA DEKHEIN ZARA movie stills

Akriti Kakkar's impressive smoothening tones get into soul of pop diva with supple textures of orchestral flows in mushy romantic outing ''Mohabbat Aapse''. Pritam's tender sounding composition sounds shades similar to ''Tinka Tinka'' from KARAM (2005) but with an all together different arrangement. Irshad Kamil's sentimentally squashy wordings (''Sharbati nazaron mein aap hai, Makhamali palkon ke paas hain, Aap to ehsaas hain, Aab khoob hai aur khaas hai...) are the finest in the album that transcends listeners into realms of undying romantic fantasies. Like Dominique Cerejo and Caralisa Monteiro, Akriti's slender vocals are of great asset to the album but the composition fails to be as remarkably noticeable as ''Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein'' (ROCK ON) to leave everlasting impressions on ears.

After showing profusion of ''killer instincts'' in hard-rock thrills in SUMMER 2007, Gourav Dasgupta makes inspiring moves in creating a hullabaloo of ''power'' lusty and thirsty emotions in ''Power''. Like ''Move Your Body'' (JOHNNY GADDAR (2007), it surrenders to the charms of wealth as Dibyedu Mukherji screams out loud ''Paisa Hai Power'' in midst of enthralling hard-rock appealing music. After ''Money Money'' (VICTORY) and ''Jannat Jahan'' (JANNAT), it joins the bandwagon of rollickingly rich rock musical madness where composer have preferred racy ''hard rock'' as the most sought genre to exude greed and lust. Dibyendu makes second promising vociferous move in this album where Dasgupta's pulsating composition has the sufficient ire in burning up ''rock-concert'' floors. ''Power (club mix)'' comes out as much predicted club remix outing that accelerates out the tempo in making it out it a dark ''n'' appealing promotional feature soundtrack.


Gourav Dasgupta maintains high pep factor of the album in ''Rock the Party'' where he rigorously follows the disco-principles of soundtracks like ''It's time to disco'' (KAL HO NA HO). It's an all ''girly'' number where Sunidhi Chauhan along with Shweta Vijay sets the pulses rising with their vocal oomph. Despite some enthralling disco maneuvers, it lacks the ''novelty'' factor in its frivolous thumps with Sheershak Anand's routine lyrics sounding too predictable in the racy binge. For all party animals, it's another Karan Johar's stylized special disco number that goes special for all Sunidhi's fans but nothing something spectacular that can be relished for long.

To cut a long story short, AA DEKHEN ZARA is another audible Bollywood ''party-album'' with all ''disco-dhamaal'' in constructively innovative 80's flavored thriller appeals. Neil Nitin Mukesh singing efforts is appreciable but still not newsmakers to surprise all. Gourav Dasgupta lauds up with couple of spicy and massy tracks like ''Aa Dekhen Zara'', ''Power'' and Rock the Party'' while Pritam makes it a ''decent-hear'' affair with two likeable tracks in ''Gazab'' and ''Mohabbat Aapse''. ''Aa Dekhen Zara'' and ''Gazab'' can be ranked as front runners while rest of them waits for a good on-screen show of the flick.


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