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Music Review : Golmaal 3

 Golmaal 3
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Rohit Shetty
 Pritam Chakraborty
 Mithun Chakraborty, Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade, Kunal Khemu, Ratna Pathak, Johny Lever, Sanjay Mishra, Vrajesh Hirjee, Ashwini Kalsekar, Murli Sharma and Mukesh Tiwari

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view GOLMAAL 3 videos

view GOLMAAL 3 videos

Sequels galore...! Bollywood has basked glories under "sequels" and they have found their way to big successes. GOLMAAL 3 is proud to be first among sequels in its third version with similar star-cast, same director and carrying similar anthem-ic music feel from its trusted music director. Rohit Shetty, the brainchild behind these madcap frolic entertainers, promising bigger entertainment this time, and so expectations from its musical department will also be higher. In its last two prequels, Pritam did reasonably good job in nurturing out potential melodic treats that have complemented the slick pace of all slapstick eventful happenings. GOLMAAL 3 is likely to be another frolicsome fun musical ride and so music is presumed to be funkier and peppier with no space for thinking caps. Mithunda's added galore of "Disco-Dancer" brings his glorious 80's days with couple of rehashed versions of his most successful flick DISCO DANCER. Commercially and critically speaking, slapstick entertainers have always been moderate or low on melodic quotient but still expectations will be soaring high, all thanks to huge expectations and bankable leading star cast of the film. Can Pritam create frolicking pep-factor for nutty slapstick humor? Just get plugged-in to find its musical facts...

Go go Golmaal...! Vishal-Shekhar's created anthem-ic signature tune for GOLMAAL packed with Anushka Manchanda's trademarked voice and improvised funk-ilicious peppy arrangements creates bedlam of madcap happenings in the title track "Golmaal". Pritam's racy and vigorous composition brings out the enthused singing fervor of choral singing with hip-hop emceeing, belligerent electronically mastered fillers, creating a rip-roaring melodic feel. With ground support of tuneful and accepted signature tune of GOLMAAL, it is fuelled energetically with KK's "yuppie" voice, exemplifying all playfulness with Monali and Anushka's feminine vocals, breezing out a cavalcade of mischievousness. It's catchiness in frothy jives and animated punch-lines are likely to creating big roar for flick's publicity and creating "feel-good" factor in flick's narration. Spunky DJ flair fires all cylinders in its "remix" version with spirited disco-beat fillers, DJ scratches and beat-juggles, creating a rapturous decorum for the floors. It's a well crafted DJ antic, a wholesome entertainer for party-freaks that not only entertains but also creates a "word-of-publicity" for flick's title.

Jovial, carefree with loads of fun-fare, Pritam's music adds class of symphony pitched orchestra, carnival-spree festive moods and spirited vocals to deliver out a real winner in "Apna Har Din". Shaan's sporty enthused voice is affluently grounded with cheerfully arranged instrumentals, boisterously crooned chorals and "cool" sounding Anushka Manchanda. Like the much-accepted "Signal" (BHAGAM BHAG -2006) and "Baamulaiza" (DE DANA DAN -2009), this Pritam composition boasts of a grandiloquence of affairs for big screen and has great influences of 70's Boney M's Calypso vibrancy. Kumaar's "happy-go-lucky" is lucidly worded and gels with the "yuppie" thrive of this lively soundtrack. Presumed to be a scintillating situational score, its "remix" version adds cheery DJ spins, electronically tuned fillers with accelerated tempo to deliver out a reasonably frothy dance number for floors. Rohit Shetty's aesthetics will be big decider in giving it finesse of happenings and positive teamwork of actors and technicians will shower great entertainment for cine-goers.

view GOLMAAL 3 stills

view GOLMAAL 3 stills

Pritam, a true entertainer and consistent performer, makes innovative moves to establish the genre of "Europop" in creating another peppy dancing merry-making soundtrack in "Ale". It has funky paced connotations of "Europop" where feel of European club pop music makes loud choral anthem-ic sounds of "Ale" in the backdrop. This song bears a look of European football carnival fest with energized Neeraj Sridhar going full throttle with subtle sounding Antara Mitra. For all listeners who have cherished soundtracks from pop group like "Aqua" and "Pet Shop Boys" in the past, the melodic ambience song of this song will be big delight. It may not sound as great as Pritam's finest funky tracks but deliver enough pep-fizz with animated thrive that is surely going to take listeners on bumpy-rides on big screen.

After "Desi Girl", it's "Desi Kali"! From varied international genres of music, the fun-fare turns "desi", but the mood is still frivolously animated and amusement continues in the last original soundtrack "Desi Kali". Neeraj Sridhar shoulders this joyful song with zest and delivers it out with Sunidhi Chauhan's zingy paced voice. Like all four previously composed numbers, it has the framework of pompous situational number with added romanticism sprinkled in it. It's a decent effort but not ground-breaking and all it demands some fine scintillating on-screen visual spectacles to pump in extra life for viewers. "Desi Kali (remix)" is upbeat and foot-thumping and plays vigorously to the desires and moods of party-animals. Like zillions of heard-before "club-remix" numbers, it has thrive and should be spicy add in the promotion of this laugh riot.

The addition of 80's disco king Mithun Chakraborty in GOLMAAL clan boasts 80's retro look and two of most accomplished soundtracks ("I am a Disco Dancer" and "Yaad Aa Raaha Hain" (DISCO DANCER -1983) gets refurbished with similar wordings and composition. Bappi Lahiri, the original composer of these two soundtracks sings out "I am Disco Dancer" (originally sung by Vijay Benedict) with zeal while Sudesh Bhonsle variable tones do full justice to the emotional mellowness of "Yaad Aa Raaha Hai".

GOLMAAL 3 is "fun-never-ends" album with all four original soundtracks contributing to the entertaining comical feel of the flick. Pritam justifies again being a reliable composer and leaves no dark patches of mediocrity in the album. It may not be roaring chartbusting commercial success but will be catching fast on ears with flick's probable success at the box office. There are moments of madness in "Golmaal", carefree zeal in "Apna har din" and "Ale" and frolicsome feel in "Desi Kali", and together they pack a punch for a dependable slapstick comical entertainer. Do give it a try, you won't be disappointed...

Rating - 3/5

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